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    Real-time Search and Trending Topics Features
    * The search box is added to Home's side bar.
    * By clicking on the #keyword links will search and list results on your site instead of being redirected to's search page.
    * If the tweet author has twitter account enabled in your site, it will be recognized, so click on the profile will redirect to twitter page on your site.
    * Real-time AJAX fetching trends.
    * Clicking the trending topic keyword will display the results on your site user's Twitter home page.
    Content Auto Tweet (Twitter marketing) Features
    * Auto Tweet with linkback for Phpfox submitted content for the following sections:
    - Blog
    - Listing (classifieds)
    - Event
    - Forum Topic
    - Gallery
    - Group (when new group is created)
    - Group Forum Topic
    - Group Gallery
    - Poll
    - Quiz
    - Video Stream
    - Video Upload
    - PhpSNS Dig News
    - PhpSNS Lightweight Forum
    - vBulletin
    * Auto Tweet API to support 3rd party Phpfox native modules/plugins.
    * Auto Tweet shorten url support via (account registration required). The tweet text will be cut off approriately according to the linkback url length to honor Twitter's 140 character limit.
    Visual Layout and Generic Features
    * AJAX tweet delete.
    * AJAX tweet listing.
    * AJAX tweet updating.
    * Advanced Points module support.
    * For users to follow or unfollow other users' tweets.
    * Translate search keywords that starts with # symbol into links within the tweets.
    * Mention list (your replies).
    * Latest tweet under the update input box.
    * Reply tweets, automatically focuses to the update text input box.
    * Translate @screen_name into clickable twitter profile link to your site's Twitter profile page if the account exists, otherwise it will link directly to the source's profile page.
    * Short url, so now all twitter page URLs will simply be:
    * Shows "Verified Account" badge for accounts verified by Twitter.
    * Display clickable Phpfox user name beside Twitter screen in the tweet list to indicate that the user is also a member of your site. The link will lead to Phpfox's profile page.
    * Twitter pages that resembles original Twitter's "Home" and "Profile".
    * Display "My Twitter Box" at phpfox profile page.
    * Latest new messages are automatically fetched and displayed when users visit Twitter Home, Twitter Profile or Phpfox Profile page.
    * Displays the Twitter profile information and counts for Followings, Followers and Updates.
    * Link to RSS Feed
    * Phpfox profile image and user name information at Twitter Home and Profile.
    * Send message to Twitter in realtime with a 140 character input validation counter mimicking the message update input box at Twitter.
    * Supports Phpfox multi-lingual feautre.
    Cache Feature
    * Fetches all the tweets in the background while the user is browsing the tweet list pages, without using any cron jobs.
    * If Twitter is down or slow due to DDoS attacks or bad connections, it will automatically abort the connections and display friendly error messages to the users. The users will still able to see the tweet list from the cache. This will also prevent your site from hanging wtihout human intervention.
    * Users can refresh their own local cache.
    * Added table indexes to speed up database queries.
    * All messages are fetched and stored in the cache so the information can be preserved and read at any moment, greatly improving the speed.
    * Twitter API request flood control is added to manage time intervals to improve speed and to lessen the server load, so it can handle even the busiest Phpfox sites.
    * Cache handles 2 types of limitations: Requests per hour and updates per day, so it can honor Twitter limitations without getting your site blacklisted.
    User Settings and Features
    * Turn on/off auto tweet by membership type when enabled by site Admin.
    * When settings with Twitter screen name and password are saved, it's automatically checked via authentication, so they can not save the wrong login information.
    * The passwords are saved and retrieved via MySQL AES_ENCRYPT and AES_ENCRYPT function, an additional measure for saving user passwords, so they are encrypted in the database.
    * Enable/disable Twitter
    * Enable/disable My Twitter Box display at Phpfox profile page.
    * Set number of messages to be displayed in the My Twitter Box.
    * Set My Twitter Box display position as left or right column at the profile page.
    Admin Panel Settings
    * Enable/disable AJAX from Admin Panel.
    * Enable/disable Twitter for the site.
    * Allow/disallow guests to access Twitter pages.
    * Enable/disable Twitter by Phpfox membership type.
    * Twitter API requests per hour settings.
    * Twitter API updates per day settings.
    * Flood control settings.

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    Подойдет ли этот модуль для 2.0.5?
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