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Тема в разделе "Флеш", создана пользователем sevenup, 25 фев 2010.

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  1. sevenup

    sevenup Создатель

    5 июл 2007
    * Installation: I’ve supplied the gallery with an installation application to facilitate your work; You just enter information and everything will be installed and ready for work!

    * Gallery:
    oGreat design and high quality Gallery.
    o Auto positioning to perfectly fit
    o xUnlimited number of images
    o Unlimited number of category
    o Supports Commenting
    o Supports accounts : Login/ registration
    o Menu (contact form , about page, accounts for logged in)
    o Supports Zoom panel
    o Supports Image Rotation
    o Supports Colorization panel
    o configuration( siteColor, siteSecondColor, thumbsBackCOLOR, toolTipTXTCOLOR, thumbsBtnCOlor, descCOLOR, categoryColor, allowMenu , allowAccounts , allowNonRegisteredToComment , allowZoomPanel , AllowColorizePanel , maxHeight, MyEmail)

    * Control panel:
    o - Auto Stage resize and positioning to fit perfectly
    o xml configuration, every tiny detail is customizable via xml files.
    o edit account password
    o edit gallery settings
    o edit about page
    o edit contact form: recipient email
    o Add photos via the control panel
    o php creates thumbs for your images
    o Delete image or comments from the gallery
    o edit existing image
    o add Categories
    o delete categories
    o User management: view, delete user and his commments
    o Change admin password

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