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    30 янв 2008
    The Web Startup Success Guide (Books for Professionals by Professionals)
    By Bob Walsh

    •Publisher: Apress
    •Number Of Pages: 440
    •Publication Date: 2009-07-20
    •ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1430219858
    •ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781430219859

    Product Description:

    If there’s a software startup company in your developer heart, this is the book that will make it happen.

    The Web Startup Success Guide is your one-stop shop for all of the answers you need today to build a successful web startup in these challenging economic times. It covers everything from making the strategic platform decisions as to what kind of software to build, to understanding and winning the Angel and VC funding game, to the modern tools, apps and services that can cut months off development and marketing cycles, to how startups today are using Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook to create real excitement and connect to real customers.

    Bob Walsh, author of the landmark Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, digs deep into the definition, financing, community–building, platform options, and productivity challenges of building a successful and profitable web application today.

    What you’ll learn
    •How to define the value your web app will deliver to its users
    •Evangelizing your startup via social media—from Twitter to Facebook, from YouTube to your own social network
    •Which web app pricing strategies work, and which don’t
    •What alternatives to traditional business structures will let you launch and run your startup without all the legal mumbo–jumbo
    •What services and web apps exist today to help your startup succeed
    •How to get meaningful online press for your web app
    Plus, interviews with David Allen (Getting Things Done), Rafe Needleman (CNET), Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb), Guy Kawasaki (Garage Technology Ventures), Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups, HubSpot), Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek Software), Eric Sink (SourceGear), Pamela Slim (Escape from Cubicle Nation), and 40 other people who can help your startup succeed.

    Who is this book for?
    If you are a software developer (web, desktop, or mobile—it doesn’t matter) who wants to create successful, revenue–producing web businesses, The Web Startup Success Guide is for you. And if you’re just curious about how someone goes about creating an online business from the ground up, this book is an excellent choice.

    Summary: Entertaining and Insightful Book for Startups
    Rating: 5

    I enjoyed Bob Walsh's "Web Startup Success Guide". He's a very good writer, keeping the tone lighthearted and playful while addressing many of the challenges facing startups. I found the liberal use of interviews to be an unusual approach and startups looking to get a range of perspectives from important people in the biz should pick up a copy.

    Summary: a great handbook for new start-ups
    Rating: 5

    My favorite teacher once said that if you want to be a success at something, hang out with people who are already great at what YOU want to do well. This book is just like that if you're a developer looking to get started to create your own amazing new thing.

    Bob's book is wonderful in that he has put together his own deep knowledge and success with startups, and asked some very smart people for their insight: Pam Slim, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Wibbels, Rafe Needleman, and the like. (and me! I'm interviewed in Chapter 6 about the importance of Community Management.) It's a fun read for those of us who like to skip around in a book and dive deeper into subjects we need to know more about: from raising money to social media strategy.

    Grab this book, your laptop, a cup of coffee, and start making your Big Idea a reality.

    Summary: Great Resource for Tech Startups
    Rating: 5

    As someone who's in the middle of working with several tech startups, I can say that the stories in this book tell the real story of what it means to get a startup launched and the tools that are available. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about starting a software/tech company, because it will give you a great insight into what to expect and where to turn to.

    Three types of people should read this book ASAP -- people who are:
    1. Thinking about creating a tech start-up, or working for one
    2. Want to understand the real inner workings of a tech-startup
    3. Older schooled techies who want to be exposed to the new opportunities in startups

    The book is especially timely in these days of "Web 2010" as we exit the hype of "Web 2.0" and have to start producing results, faster and cheaper. As the hype-to-reality index returns to normalcy, "Web Startup Success Guide" includes many insights about how to give your startup the legs it needs to thrive in the economic downturn.

    Summary: Great book with good resources
    Rating: 5

    I read this book with an intention to read and learn more about author's take and research on what he calls "Hybrid" startup which I understand as RIA (Silverlight or Flex). It is great to read about interviews of the CEO's in RIA field to gain understanding of how other startups are approaching the problems that I am facing. Also, various resources mentioned in "Tools and Groups for Startups" are very useful.

    Summary: Must-have primer for any geek wanting to set up a product-based software business
    Rating: 4

    Bob Walsh's "The Web Startup Success Guide", wisely and following its own advice, is targeted very specifically. If you're a software developer, are thinking about setting up (or have just set up) a product-based start-up, and are prepared to work - damn hard - at something you love doing then this book is for you. Equally importantly, if you're more than a few months into your start-up, or if this is your second start-up, or if you aren't a geek, or if you want to set up a consulting business, or if you want to get rich quick, then this book isn't for you.

    On the whole, this book is outstanding. There is a lot of information here, but its fast-paced, colloquial writing style make it digestible. What's more, the book is well thought-out, balanced, well structured and accurate. It's an excellent combination of fact, anecdote, theory, analysis and practical advice. The interviews alone (Joel Spolsky, Dharmesh Shah, Eric Sink, David Allen and Guy Kawasaki are among the fifty in-depth, thought-provoking interviews in the book) make it worth reading.

    If there's one thing extra I wish this book had, it's more information on sales and marketing. Finding people who like your product and persuading them to actually buy it is the single biggest issue that startups, bogged down in the technology, forget about.

    Overall, this is an excellent, must-have primer for any geek wanting to set up a product-based business. Buy it.

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