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  1. cthvlab

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    22 апр 2008
    demo: http://activeden.net/item/random-characters-text-effect/38788


    Random Characters Text Effect features the cool text effect with random characters forming your text. However, this version is on steroids allowing you to use cool glow and blur effects when wanted! Furthermore, this effect really is extremely easy to implement in ANY Flash project (AS 2.0) without it interfering with the existing Flash project itself. You might therefore implement it in other files from FlashDen to spice things up a little!

    Here are some highlights of this effect:

    Extremely easy implementation:

    * Just include the RandomCharacters library into your Flash project and you’re ready to use the effect on all dynamic textfields in your project;
    * Since it can be attached to any dynamic textfield you are completely free in the look of the textfield itself and which characters to embed.

    Extensive user manual:
    To make implementation even more easy an extensive user manual is included in the package containing:

    * A step by step guide showing how to setup the effect from scratch (starting with a blank Flash project) with printscreens of different steps;
    * A detailed description of all properties and methods available for this file.


    * Set the speed with which the text shows random characters;
    * Set the speed with which the effect occurs;
    * Define whether you want to see slack of the old textfield text when changing to the new text;
    * Set the speed with which the slack disappears.


    * Define a list from which random characters will be picked to show in the new text;
    * Define a list from which random characters will be picked to show in the slack of the old text;
    * Enable a glow in the effect, set its strength and glow color;
    * Enable a horizontal and/or vertical blur in the effect and set its strength;
    * Change the text to any text you want as often as you want!

    Download file contains:

    * The exact source file of the demo as shown here with all code commented;
    * A stripped source file of the demo as shown here with all code commented, ready to be copy/pasted into your projects;
    * A basic source file of the file as used in the step by step guide;
    * The RandomCharacters library with all code commented;
    * An extensive user manual in PDF format!
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