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    18 фев 2009
    Dating Agent PRO
    Product Information
    Product overview:
    Starting you own dating website may take years of time and thousands of dollars. Dating software development is a long and expensive process. We can help you fast. With our software packages you can create and run a complicated, functional online dating business very fast.
    Our software is customized for personals, dating, and matchmaking sites so you don't have to spend more for custom web development. We provide powerful php solution with fast and secure mysql database management. Our clients can easily implement their own layout because of the use of html based template files.
    Key Features (See Version Info / Development History)
    Download and run on your server, under your domain. All data is kept on your server. (See Requirements)
    Internal messaging system with blind email notification
    Picture management and rating
    Chat area (flash)
    Integrated popular message board
    Comprehensive member profile attributes, including 3 custom fields
    Multiple member types, paid membership upgrades (custom interval - monthly expiration can be set)
    Affiliate system
    Marketing Features
    4 Membership types (Free + Paid: Silver, Gold, Platinum)
    4 Membership expiration types (1,3,6,12 intervals, the interval can be set to a custom number of months)
    Customizable fees, expiration time, membership privileges
    Integrated Paypal, Moneybookers, Authorize.net, e-Gold payment processing
    Custom payment gateway (product/subscription link based)
    Invite friends on signup
    Submit promotional code on signup, multiple promotions management
    Affiliate system with customizable rates for referring
    Mass email with autoinsertion of personal data (antispam)
    Content Features
    Comprehensive member profiles (contact,personal,web identity details)
    3 Custom fields
    Picture uploading and rating, picture top
    Simple/advanced search / search with pictures
    Communication Features
    Internal inbox private messaging with blind email notifications
    Contacts agenda with favourite profiles
    Flash chat area (multiple public channels, secret channels)
    Popular forum integration
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    AlstraSoft E-Friends v4.21


    AlstraSoft E-Friends is an online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Friendster and MySpace. The E-Friends software allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet. Starting a MySpace clone has never been so simple with E-friends social networking script.

    Members can use this abundant network to make friends, find their love ones, locate jobs, buy and sell stuff, locate a roommate, and accomplish much more with the help of groups and individuals who they know and share the same interests.

    With our version 4 release, you can now start a profitable social networking business by creating custom membership packages using Paypal payment gateway and ability for both members to sell vent tickets. In addition, we have added several new exciting features including blogs, forums, text-based chat, events and many more! Enhancements are also added to the admin backend and with our integrated banner ads system, you can earn extra income by publishing paid banner ads on your E-Friends social networking site.

    Start your own social networking community just like Friendster and Myspace in minutes with E-Friends Social Networking Script! Join the already many of our satisfied clients that has been using E-Friends in their sites.

    How does E-Friends Social Networking Script works?
    Well if you have use Friendster and MySpace before, then you should know how our system works. Once members are registered with E-Friends, they will be able invite people they know to join their personal or professional network. A member's friends will come to E-Friends and invite their friends. As the network grows, members will have more opportunities to interact easily with people they know, make friends, and use the E-Friends network to enrich their social life.

    What can members do on E-Friends?
    E-Friends makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before.

    Find a friend - Expand members' social network by using E-Friends to find and meet new friends.

    Dating - With E-Friends, members can find their life partner or just someone to hang out with by becoming part of the E-Friends community.

    Locate/List a Job - Browse through the listing directory and post job listings created by people in E-Friends network.

    Get a roommate - Why live with a complete stranger when members could live with the friend of a friend?

    Buy and sell stuff - Why buy stuff from an unreliable source when members can get it from your friend at a cheaper price? Members can also sell old or unused goods to their friends who will cherish them instead of selling it to someone they don't know.

    Find places to go - Looking for some fun activities to do during the weekend? With the E-Friends, you can search for events in your area or even organize events for your friends to join.

    Create and manage groups of people - Use E-Friends to organize existing groups and/or identify and draw together individuals who share a common interest. These Groups can be focused on any subject, affiliation, or activity. Book clubs, soccer teams, and alumni groups can form their own Groups, as well as family members, hobbyists, or professionals.

    Blogging - Members can share their thoughts and voice their own views on the web through their own online blog be it a personal diary, a news page or a political commentary.

    Messaging - E-Friends message system allows members to send a note to friends, colleagues and people who are listing items that interest them. Members can communicate with their Groups via group message boards and they can also schedule events to inform everyone in their Group of an upcoming event.

    Make Money - With the affiliate module members can now invite friends and earn money when new members signup for paid membership packages! Members can also earn extra revenue by selling tickets for their own events

    Personal Organizer - E-Friends comes with a built-in calendar for members so that they can organize their daily schedules and activities on the go.

    Create Custom Widgets - E-Friends social network features 6 fully customizable widgets for your members to use including photo cube, send cards, countdown timer, crystal ball and create photo borders

    MySQL (version 4 or higher)
    MYSQL database
    PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
    CURL library (Optional for MSN email import)
    GD library for PHP with FreeType enabled
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    aeDating v4.1
    Product Information
    Key Features

    Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL-based online personals community site
    Improved membership, files and profiles fields systems
    Unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization
    Plugin system for easy integration of 3rd party community scripts (forums, chats, etc.)
    Flexible payment system, that can be integrated with different gateway payment providers
    Subscriptions system, credits system, shopping cart
    Scalable users database engine - artificially tested to maintain up to 8,000,000 members
    Voice and video upload, Flash-based IM, live Flash-based chat, ZIP code search
    Personal Blog
    N-steps registration
    Couples Profiles
    Media Gallery
    Customized Unlimited Membership Levels
    Moderators and Friends List
    New design of IM with thumbnail preview
    Double-blind on-site text messages, on-fly photos scaling, advanced matchmaking options
    Convenient admin panel, affiliate module, search engines friendly structure, low running costs
    Who's online, ratings, comments, news, and success stories modules
    Now with 14 design templates
    Admin Panel Design
    US, Canada, UK, Europe ZIP/postal codes search support
    Supports 11 payment providers: 2checkout, PayPal, NETBilling, Authorize.net, CCBill, Tranzilla, GestPay, Yaskifo, PayMate, WorldPay and PaySystems
    Supports recurring billing from paypal
    Supports profiles database transition from datetopia scripts
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    Myspace Gold Edition V8.1 Gold (nulled)
    PHPMySpace Gold Edition is the most advanced social networking software that you can use.

    It has more features and options that any other software of its kind. PHPMySpace Gold Edition even has more features and options for users and the admin, then sites like MySpace.com, friendster. There is literally no other software or site that can offer or compare to the features coded into it. PHPMySpace Gold Edition is also the ONLY social networking site of its kind that actually allow for users to create and edit html pages in the other users profiles. 99% of the code generators that work on sites like myspace.com will also work in PHPMySpace Gold Edition.

    Other software that is available from other sites does not allow for this feature alone.

    Your users will enjoy features like:

    **Personal/private chat
    **Personal/private Blog
    **Personal/private events calendar
    **Upload, share, download, music videos, photos, pics
    using the multi-media features built in.
    **Share,add, edit classifieds,downloads
    **Personal/public Games channel online with favorites and high score
    **Add, remove friends list
    **Personal/private Messages
    **Personal/public Forums
    **Free Live Daily Astrology readings
    **ToolBox (multiple features)

    Plus much, much more!

    The admin can control literally every aspect of the site including:

    **User/IP Banning
    **mass email users, moderators, admins
    **Individual user permissions
    **Individual group permissions
    **Multipl groups,users,permissions
    **Multiple Admins, multiple moderators
    **Custom Blocks, for basic html,php
    **Custom Modules, plugins
    **Features a theme directory - to install more themes
    **Module directory - to install more features
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    Beatz ( Purevolume Clone )
    ( FREE Purevolume Clone )


    Beatz is free opensource online social networking software that allows you to start your own music community just like Pure Volume. Beatz offers you the next generation of social networking platform with out-of-the box features. So, if you are thinking to create a music community portal or artist band, Beatz has it everything.

    Beatz Powerful Social Networking Script

    Beatz is a free opensource online social networking community script that allows you to start your own favourite artist band website just like Pure Volume. The script is coded in Php, Mysql and licensed under Creative Commons GPL license. In other words, its an online community script for sharing, discussing and learning about new artists and your favorites.
    How it works?

    Beatz acts as a bridge between the artist and listeners. Beatz, as a powerful music community lets you to share any music related information. Artists can register/signup for free and share their musical experience thru blogs, provide information about up coming shows, add albums, add fans, add photos, add videos, create customized profile page and much more. Similarly, Listeners can signup for free, create a customized profile, add photos, add albums to favorites, comment on blog, music photo and much more.
    We are a fast growing online social network site that caters to musicians, dancers, singers, songwriters, composers, comedians, hip hop rappers r&b singers, country music singers, hip hop dancers, models, actors, & actresses.

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    BuddyZone 2.0 NULLED
    BuddyZone 2.0 NULLED

    Buddy Zone is a social network software or a social network script and has all the features that are needed to run a successful friends community website. The features include the following:

    Current Version : 2.0 (Release Date: 19/07/2007)

    What's New in Version 2.0:
    * Instant Notification on site when you get a mail
    * Instant Notification on site when you get a new friend
    * Instant Notification on site when you get a new testimonial
    * Ajaxified Videos Page
    * Better navigation system for paging.
    * Improved Forums
    * Games Module
    o Admin Can:
    o Add/Edit/Delete Games Categories.
    o Add/Edit/Delete Games.
    o Feature/Unfeature Games.
    o Users Can:
    o Browse Games By Category.
    o Play Online Games.
    o Upload/Manage Their Own Games.
    o Rate/Comment On Other Games.
    o See Top 10 Most Played Games.
    o Ajax Enabled Games Display Page.
    * Photo Albums Module:
    o Users can create their albums as public or private.
    o Store images in those albums.
    o Copy images from other friends albums to their own albums.
    o Send images in an album to their friends.
    o Rate/Comment on images in albums.
    o Browse though public albums uploaded by users of the site.
    * Shoutbox.

    Key Features Include:
    * Import Profiles from Myspace.
    * Youtube like Videos Converstion to Flash.
    o Note: You will need ffmpeg installed on server for this feature to work.
    * MP3 Player for Musicians.
    * Video Blog.
    * Video Code Generation.
    * Profile layouts fully compatible with style codes.
    * Integration with IPB available.
    * Integrationn with PHPbb available.
    * Integration with FlashChat available.
    * Integration with php121 IM module available.
    * Musicians Separate Account.
    * Integration with Paypal available.
    * CSS Based Templates to easily change the layout.
    * Moderators For: (No need for admin to do all work, they can assign regular users moderators for separate aspects of the site).
    o Forums
    o Blogs
    o Pictures
    o Groups
    o Events
    o Classifieds
    o Music

    Rest Features Include:
    * Payment Packages :: Site Owners can add in the payment packages and sell the subscriptions.
    o In admin you can select which parts of the site free users can visit and which parts they cannot.
    o Select how many messages a particular package subscriber can send.
    o Select how many groups a particular package subscriber can make.
    o Select how many events a particular package subscriber can make.
    o Select how many journals a particular package subscriber can send.
    o Select how many addresses a particular package subscriber can add in address book.
    o Select how many blogs a particular package subscriber can add.
    o Select how many classifieds a particular package subscriber can add.
    o Select how many videos a particular package subscriber can add.
    * Account Settings For Users:
    o Privacy Settings
    o Comment Settings
    o Making a profile Public/Private
    o Group Settings
    o Block Users from contacting.
    * Shopping Cart:
    o Allows site owners to sell site goodies like T-Shirts etc.
    * Advertisement Control in Admin Panel.
    * Dash Board in Admin Panel
    o See who is online.
    o See Daily Signups
    o See Total Profile Pictures
    o See New Events Added Today.
    o See New Groups Added Today.
    o See New Classifieds Added Today.
    o Download All Verified Emails

    * Home Page
    o Shows 3-9 Cool New People.
    o Latest News from the website.
    o Featured Musician Account.
    o Featured Female Account.
    o Featured Male Account.
    o Welcome Message.
    o Member Login.
    o Featured Videos.
    o Sponsors Section .
    * Rate Photos
    o Rate Photos of users on a scale of 1-10.
    o Search for photos from men and women, only men, only women.
    o Search for photos with age groups.
    o Search for photos from particular state.
    o See Top 25 Women.
    o See Top 25 Men.
    o See Most Rated Women.
    o See Most Rated Men.
    o Upload Your Photos.
    o See your photo score.
    * Popular Page - Shows the most popular profiles on the site, with an average from the ratings on photos and rating from profile.
    * Invite Page
    o Send Invites to virtually unlimited friends.
    o See past invites and their status i.e. if they have joined or not.
    o Get your invite link to post on other websites.
    * Mail Box
    o Internal mailing system.
    o Send message to your friends or new profiles you like.
    o Inbox - To see the messages you have received.
    o Outbox - To see the messages you have sent.
    o Deleted - To see the message you have deleted.
    * Blog
    o See your subscribed blogs.
    o See when your subscribed blogs were updated.
    o Check your readers.
    o Add users to your preffered list so they can see your private blogs.
    o Check your blog statistics i.e. how many posts, comments, kudos you got.
    o Post a new Blog.
    o Edit a Blog.
    o Delete a Blog.
    o Add comments on Blogs.
    o and more...
    * Bookmarks - To see the profiles you have bookmarked.
    o Goto your bookmarked profiles.
    o Send your bookmarked profiles a message.
    o Forward a bookmarked profile to your friend.
    o Add the bookmarked profile to your blog's preffered list.
    * Forum
    o See the messages posted by users categorized in a category and a sub category.
    o Post new messages.
    o Post new replies.
    o and much more...
    * Groups
    o Browse Groups by Category.
    o See your groups.
    o Create a new group.
    o Search for Groups.
    o Create a photo gallery for Groups.
    o Each group gets their own bulletin space.
    o Each group gets their own forum.
    o Each group gets their own friends.
    o Each group gets their own photo gallery.
    o Each group has a invite link for users to send invitations to their friends to join the group.
    * Events
    o Search events by Zip Code.
    o Create Event.
    o Edit/Delete Event.
    o See your past events.
    o See your attending events.
    o View events.
    o Leave comments on events.
    o Send RSVP for events.
    * Classifieds
    o View All Listings based on categories and sub categories.
    o See only your added listings.
    o See popular Listings.
    o See Newest Listings.
    o Create your listing.
    o Edit your listing.
    o Delete your listing.
    o Search for listings.
    * Journals - Send Bulletin Messages to all your friends.
    o Add new journals.
    o Delete Journals.
    o Read Journals from your friends.
    * Video Blog
    o Create an Album.
    o Edit/Delete an Album.
    o Upload your videos.
    o See your added videos.
    o Create a playlist.
    o Get code to place on a website for your playlist.
    o See Most Viewed Videos.
    o See Most Disscussed Videos.
    o See Most Favorite Videos.
    o View Videos.
    o Add Comments on Videos.
    o Add Videos to your Favorites.
    o Send Videos to your Friends.
    o Get code for videos to place on your blog/myspace/profile/ebay and more...
    o and more...
    * Music
    o See Music Directory.
    o See Top Viewed Artists.
    o See Top Rated Artists.
    o See Music Shows added by Artists.
    o See Music Features.
    o See Music Classifieds.
    * Address Book
    o Add address.
    o Send invitation to a friend on your address.
    o Import address book from your outlook express.
    * Browse
    o Browse by Zip Code.
    o Browse by age.
    o Browse by gender.
    o Browse by location.
    o and much more...
    * Online Users to see who is currently online.
    * Search to search through profiles based on their school/college/university.
    * Fully Featured Admin Panel to make it easy for you to manage your site.
    * and much more...

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