Professional Traffic Exchange Script: $349

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  1. goodvin

    goodvin Человек-Волшебник

    27 июн 2006

    Professional Traffic Exchange Script: $349

    Offer a valuable traffic exchange service and build a busy community interested in web promotion. A WalkerSoftware Traffic Exchange Script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create a membership community fast.

    Your script is supported by the dedicated WalkerSoftware development team. New features and patches are continuously developed and issued free of charge to Professional traffic exchange script owners. To find out what people think of our traffic exchange scripts visit our busy new forum at we believe there is no better testimonial than those from people using our scripts on a daily basis.

    WalkerSoftware Traffic Exchanges are packed with useful features that enable you to quickly and painlessly configure and manage every aspect of your online business.

    WalkerSoftware traffic exchanges are unique
    With the increasing number of options available on the market you have to ask yourself how can I keep ahead of the competition? With a dedicated team of four full time staff WalkerSoftware are able to offer scripts with more features and settings than any other exchange and the list grows continuously. This means that a WalkerSoftware traffic exchange script offers you the ability to create a truly unique exchange unlike an ordinary script where the features and personalisation are limited.

    Modules included in the Professional Version

    * Combined simple & advanced templates - allows the use of most commercial design templates
    * Website approvals manager - manual or automatic for hands off management
    * URL banning manager - use pattern matching to stop certain websites entering rotation
    * Email banning manager - block certain email addresses, domain or patterns from being used to create accounts.
    * Downline program manager - member to member programs
    * Program approval manager - auto login/join programs on offer to your members
    * Front page manager - allows easy modification of the front page using text or WYSIWYG editor
    * File manager - easy access to web files, upload, download, edit etc.
    * System email editor - edit email messages automatically sent by the system (for example the welcome email sent when a new member joins)
    * System menu editor - simplifies menu icons and link editing throughout the site
    * System virtual pages - create newsletters, doorway pages, single page adverts etc.
    * System backup - easy backup for the entire site
    * Advanced SQL viewer - allows advanced users to run SQL directly against their database
    * Competition Manager - Set parameters for top referrer and surfer results
    * SurfBar configuration manager - more design options & security features than ordinary traffic exchange scripts
    * Account manager - choose your own demographics and design membership experience
    * Financial manager - Process Paypal and Stormpay Subscriptions and one off payments. Use the advanced features to use any payment processor for accepting payments. Set as many products and prices as you want.
    * Promotion manager - use any code for displaying ads on your site, for example display Adbrite or Google AdSense advertising to increase your website revenue.
    * Prize module - offer prizes to your regular surfers
    * Cash module - offer cash rewards to your members
    * Banner lite - earn additional revenue by selling site banner impressions to your members
    * Pro accounts - offer extra features for a monthly fee
    * Multilevels module - expand membership rewards to include financial and credit benefits earned from the members they introduce. Unlimited levels! Create as many as you want.
    * Approval module - A fun module that gives your members the power to approve or reject sites with a sophisticated voting system that ensures fair play!
    * Trading module - allow members to trade traffic between themselves or on public auctions
    * Multiple url entry configuration module - if only an ID alters in commonly entered URLs (such as auctions) use this module to simplify and speed up entry for your members.
    * URL shelf life module - pause or delete a url after a specific amount of time, useful for auctions
    * Downline builder module - allow members to share their approved programs with other members
    * Category module - members set categories for their URLs and banners to provide targeted marketing
    * Adclicker module - increase revenue for your members
    * Shoutbox - member to member communication makes surfing more fun!
    * 6 popular surfing games + the games module
    * Hit allocation module - require members to allocate hits across their urls, send warning emails when hits are getting low


    * Email verification
    * Site approval
    * Demographics editor
    * Newsletter mailer (HTML or Text)
    * Database manager, search members, websites and banners
    * Member controlled database and newsletter removal

    Membership Configuration

    * Set Pro memberships only, or Pro plus Free memberships, or Free memberships only
    * Unlimited levels of rewards
    * Unlimited number of Pro memberships
    * Configure settings for each Pro membership level
    * Reward sponsors with hits &/or cash for referrals
    * Set number of free hits for joining
    * Set number of free banner impressions for joining
    * Set number of free hits for affiliate introductions
    * Set number of free banner impressions for affiliate introductions
    * Set free member surfing ratio
    * Set number of pages surfed for a member to become active
    * Set member surfing required information text
    * Set number of inactivity days
    * Set surfing requirement to remain active
    * Set inactivity parameters
    * Set referral hit funding method
    * Set number of URLs for free members
    * Set number of URLs for each level of Pro membership
    * Set number of banners for free members
    * Set number of banners for each level of Pro membership
    * Set page after new member first login
    * Set page after subsequent logins
    * Set downline email address visibility
    * Set demo surf Id's for promotion
    * Set additional membership signup form fields
    * Create custom membership signup form fields
    * Set required fields color
    * Set ordinary fields color
    * Set orphan referral parameters

    Site Personalisation

    * Select simple template system for easy design changes
    * Select advanced template system for professional designer use
    * Choose system color templates from Purple, Green, Red, Blue and Gray
    * Use commercial templates
    * Set website automatic or manual approval
    * Set banner automatic or manual approval
    * Enable/Disable the ShoutBox
    * Set administration levels and permissions
    * Set system username and passwords
    * phpBB forum integration

    Maintenance & Management

    * Keep your database in top condition with the System Optimiser
    * Run the following with a button click
    o Repair damaged tables
    o Optimise tables
    o Cut website tracking logs
    o Cut banner tracking logs
    o Remove dead URLs
    o Remove dead Banners
    o Deactivate inactive members (Configurable)


    * Membership database newsletter function (HTML or Text)
    * Edit system wide news section
    * Use your owner banner code for promotion or any other such as Google AdSense, Adbrite etc..
    * Simple entry for 468x60 banner code for main site
    * Simple entry for 468x60 banner code for surfbar
    * Simple entry for 600x120/600x160 skyscraper typically for Google AdSense
    * Edit Keyword Meta Tags
    * Edit Description Meta Tags

    Surfbar Settings

    * Choose colors and design
    * Set default first surf page
    * Set default page to show if none qualify
    * Rotate SurfBar
    * Set Rotate SurfBar rate
    * Set SurfBar timer
    * Set SurfBar height
    * Set SurfBar loading sequence (choose from three different methods)
    * Set the window status countdown message
    * Set the window status countdown end message
    * Choose single button, multiple button or automatic surfing
    * Choose colors for multiple button surfing
    * Set the wait text displayed while loading
    * Set the click text once loaded
    * Choose the surfing algorithm (by last hit or random)
    * Edit SurfBar links
    * Set anti frame breaking behaviour
    * Set frame breaker reporting methods
    * Open page in new window options
    * Choose to extend hit deduction on page open in new window
    * Use pre built javascript functions to enhance SurfBar
    * Edit all text links and frames used by SurfBar
    * Edit SurfBar font settings
    * Edit SurfBar page loader settings
    * And much much more!

    Adclicker Settings
    Adclicking is a new function that enables exchange owners to offer additional revenue to members through proactive advertising reviews. A member visits a website, clicks ads and then moves on to the next site to be reviewed.

    * Enable/Disable Adclicking function
    * Window closer - automatically close a window after review
    * Set number of URLs to be displayed
    * Set time to wait
    * Set final display (allows you to describe reward for action)
    * Set warning message for clicking too fast
    * Set response message to successful advert reviews
    * Finished loader bar message (text on completion of timer)

    SurfBar anti-cheat options

    * Protected against surfing too fast
    * Protected against multiple clicking
    * Protected against robot clickers
    * Protected against auto-refresh browsers
    * Blocks frame-breaker scripts interference
    * Set frame breaker prevention method
    * Report undesirable websites


    * System overview statistics help you to monitor the growth as well as income
    * Animated member statistics show traffic in 3D

    Competitions & Prizes

    * Set competition description text
    * Run surfing competitions
    * Show Top Surfers
    * Show Top Referrers
    * Members win prizes at random for continuous surfing
    * Set the number of pages required to surf for prizes
    * Set the maximum number of credits

    Surfing Games

    * Have fun while surfing
    * Gamble credits for increased interest
    * Set maximum and minimum wins with most games
    * Pontoon - Nearest 21 wins
    * Hi Lo - The game of chance, guess the next card
    * Pong - Classic paddle and ball, pit your skill against the computer
    * TicTacToe - It's an easy game but watch out the computer never misses a trick!
    * Battleships - Defeat the computer to win hits
    * Snake - Avoid your tale but eat the rats to earn hits

    Installation & Upgrade

    * Runs on Linux, Unix and Windows
    * Requires MySql 4.1+, PHP 4.3+ and IIS or Apache
    * Simple installation on 99% of hosting services
    * Free support forum
    * Free bug fixes with regular patch releases
    * Free upgrades (See upgrade policy)
    * Free product enhancements

    Third Party Products

    * Growing list of developers supporting WalkerSoftware Traffic Exchange Scripts
    * Share traffic through VS-10
    * Monitor your sites performance from
    * Use third party website template designs

    Upgrade Policy

    * WalkerSoftware is building a unique common framework that allows many applications to be managed from a single familiar user interface. Your members will find the familiarity and ease of use of your WalkerSoftware exchange welcome and simple to navigate.

    Apart from being an attractive proposition for owners and users of WalkerSoftware exchanges alike it also allows us to offer an extremely flexible upgrade policy.

    The Professional version of the script entitles you to all self install patches, product enhancements, new features and even major script upgrades. If you would like us to perform the installation(s) for you we can arrange that too for a small fee.
    * Be part of the upcoming changes by sharing your opinion in the Suggestions, Feedback & Wish List Forum

    Can I get a demonstration?

    * Click here to login to the website
    Username: Demo
    Password: Demo

    Click here to login to the manager
    Username: Admin
    Password: 1234

    Homepage :

    Download :
    Password un RAR :
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