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  1. Orbit

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    3 апр 2007
    PTGui это действительно лучшая программа (вывод и из личного опыта и по мнению профессионалов) на сегодняшний день для склейки панорамных изображений, позволяет работать как с кадрами, снятыми обычной оптикой, так и с круговыми фишаями, можно использовать также и просто для коррекции (или получения) оптических искажений.
    Если вы занимаетесь склейкой панорам - обязательно попробуйте.
    Текущая версия 6.0.3
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    рабочий комплект:

    пароль ru-board
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    29 мар 2007
    а кубики qtvr она не клеит?
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    3 апр 2007
    После склейки исходных кадров с помощью Ptgui - создаем QTVR в pano2qtvr - бесплатаная версия позволяет это делать. Платная - дает доп фичи, плюс вывод во флеш.
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    3 апр 2007
    Версия 7.0 от FOSI


    Не знал что на форуме есть участники-космонавты :eek:
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    3 апр 2007


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    15 окт 2007
    Вот ссылочка на очень приличное пошаговое руководство по PTGui на русском языке:

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    16 июл 2007
  8. walker

    walker Писатель

    16 июл 2007
    PTGui Pro 8.1.2

    PTGui Pro 8.1.2 | 12426 KB

    # Version 8.1.2 (26 February 2009)

    * Fix: source images with the .hdr extension were not loaded correctly
    * Image with corrupt EXIF data will still be loaded, instead of aborting with an error

    # Version 8.1.1 (24 February 2009)

    * Fix: Project Settings would be reset to the default values after running the Panotools optimizer
    * Fix: Error 'Unknown EXIF Data Type' when loading certain JPEG files

    # Version 8.1 (19 February 2009)

    * New panorama projections: Vedutismo and Stereographic
    * Compressed projections: Rectilinear, Cylindral and Fullframe projections can now be compressed near the edges, to reduce the stretching effect in extremely wide angle panoramas. See the Projection Settings button in the Panorama Editor.
    * PTGui now uses interpolators with a dynamic kernel size. This ensures high quality interpolation over the entire panorama. For example in a rectilinear panorama pixels in the edges are more stretched than those in the center. The interpolator kernel is now adjusted accordingly, which prevents blurring or aliasing artefacts that would occur with a uniform interpolator.
    * Support for reading most types of camera RAW files. RAW support is provided through the dcraw executable. Please note that RAW conversion adjustments are limited; for full control over the RAW conversion result a third party raw converter is recommended.
    * PTGui Pro: new Batch Builder for automated detection and stitching of a large number of panoramas. The Batch Builder is launched from the Tools menu. Panoramas can be detected based on the EXIF shooting date, or PTGui Pro can create projects for all images in each subfolder.
    * PTGui Pro: new tab: Project Settings
    * PTGui Pro: behaviour of the Align Images function is now completely configurable (Project Settings tab). You can for example tell PTGui Pro not to choose a suitable projection and field of view, but instead keep the current project settings. This is in particular useful when working with templates.
    * PTGui Pro: default output file and folder names are configurable per project and per template (Project Settings tab).
    * PTGui Pro: The Batch Stitcher can now generate control points and align images (if configured in a project's Project Settings tab).
    * PTGui Pro: Batch Stitcher can load and save 'Batch Lists', which contain a list of jobs to be stitched.
    * Batch Stitcher: pause button
    * Batch Stitcher: redesigned Jobs list. When a batch stitcher job is finished, the job is marked as 'done' but stays in the list.
    * Batch Stitcher: in case of an error, the error is logged and the batch stitcher continues with the next job
    * Batch Stitcher: a project in the list of jobs can be opened in PTGui by double clicking, pressing Enter or through the right-click context menu
    * 'Send to Batch Stitcher' is replaced by 'Save and send to Batch Stitcher'. In previous versions a temporary copy of the project was sent to the batch stitcher, but now the actual project file is sent (this is necessary for the batch stitcher to be able to add control points to the project).
    * New menu item: Project -> Send Temporary Copy to Batch Stitcher. This behaves like the 'Send to Batch Stitcher' button of the previous versions.
    * Windows: The smartblend/enblend console windows are now hidden by default (can be made visible through Options/Advanced). This allows PTGui to capture and display any error messages.
    * Crop settings of all images are now linked by default: changes to the crop of one image are automatically applied to all images. One can use 'individual crop' to override the crop settings for an image. Crop linking correctly handles the case where some images are rotated (as is the case when a nadir image is taken with the camera's rotation sensor enabled).
    * If no template folder is configured, PTGui will create and use a default folder in the user's home directory (Application Data / Library)
    * New function: File -> Save as Template. This saves a copy of the project to the template folder but keeps the current project open
    * Control Points / Crop tab: rotation is now done by buttons instead of a drop down listbox
    * Control Points tab: bottom panel can be resized by dragging a splitter
    * Transparency is now indicated by a white/grey checkered pattern
    * Mac: Batch Stitcher and Help window now popup above the PTGui main window, instead of behind it
    * AltiVec / SSE acceleration can be disabled (to work around CPU bugs), see Tools/Options/Advanced
    * Blending in Panorama Editor can be disabled (in the Panorama Editor Mode menu)
    * The menu bar has been reorganized: Utilities menu is combined into the Tools menu; Auto Update Warped thumbnails setting is moved to the Panorama Editor menu; Recent projects list is now a submenu in the File menu
    * Quickly open one of the relevant folders (e.g. source image folder, output folder, template folder) in Explorer or Finder, see Tools | Open Folder
    * Right-clicking in Source Images tab opens context menu
    * New function: Image->Open Containing Folder: shows the source image folder in Explorer/Finder
    * Simplified layout of the Project Assistant tab
    * If the output folder does not exist, PTGui now aborts with an error before the stitching starts (instead of at the end of the stitching process)
    * Option to remove the current PTGui registration key from this computer (About - Register - Deactivate)
    * The registration key for a company license can now be stored for all users on the current computer. To do so, go to About - Register and re-enter your existing registration key.
    * Support for true relative file names for source images. Previously the absolute path of source images was always written to the project file, except when the source image resided in the same folder as the project file. Now relative paths are used when the source image is in any folder (but in Windows restricted to the same drive). This can be disabled per project in the Project Settings tab in PTGui Pro.
    * New configuration file:
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\PTGui\Configuration.xml (Vista)
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\PTGui\Configuration.xml (XP)
    /home/<User>/Library/Application Support/PTGui/Configuration.xml (Mac)
    The registry is no longer used on Windows. When moving PTGui to a different computer, only this folder needs to be copied to keep the entire configuration.
    * Fix: Problem with automatically reloading of source images: sometimes reload would be initiated while the other application is still busy writing the modified image. Now waits until no changes have been made to the file for at least one second.
    * New function: Project -> Initialize and Optimize: this will arrange the images from scratch, based on the control points, and then do a full optimization. Can be used to recover from the situation where the optimizer gets stuck in a local minimum.
    * If the optimization result is very bad, PTGui will offer to do Initialize and Optimize (see previous)
    * New menu item: Project -> Align Images, with the same functionality as Align Images in the Project Assistant
    * By default, images with EXIF 'Orientation' tag are now loaded rotated. Previously the images were loaded unrotated but the roll was set to +/- 90 degrees. The old behaviour is kept for projects originally created in a previous version of PTGui, and in PTGui Pro this behaviour can still be overridden in the Project Settings tab (but only before loading the first image). The new behaviour is compatible with Photoshop and other image editing applications.
    * Warning if expected TIFF/PSD file size is larger than 2 GB, and error if larger than 4 GB
    * Pressing F5 still runs the optimizer but no longer switches to the Optimizer tab
    * PTGui now issues an error message if the output file name is equal to one of the source images
    * EXIF sensor size data for new cameras added
    * Fix: More descriptive error message if the control point generator is run for a non supported lens type
    * Fix: Control point generator failed, or found inaccurate control points, for projects with Viewpoint parameters set
    * Fix: visible line at the 360 degree border for certain projects
    * Fix: keyboard shortcut for 'Generate control points for selected images' was not working; changed to Ctrl+Shift+G
    * Fix: 'always on top' did not work on 64 bit windows
    * Fix: for rectilinear panoramas with a wide field of view, parts of source images could be cut off
    * Fix: Windows: scrollbars in Control Points tab would sometimes disappear after resizing the window
    * Fix: If a project is switched from Advanced to Simple mode, all advanced settings (i.e. the settings that become invisible in Simple mode) are now properly reset to their default values
    * Fix: Stitching 16 bit source images to 8 bit output could result in visible banding
    * Fix: OpenEXR images are now loaded according to the configured display window (previously the data window was used and the display window was ignored)
    * Fix: Mac: drag and drop to batch stitcher did not always work

    # Version 8.0.2 (10 September 2008)

    * Fix: PowerPC Mac only: transparent 'holes' in generated panoramas

    # Version 8.0.1 (9 September 2008)

    * Faster stitching and blending on PowerPC Macs
    * Fix: occasional crash

    # Version 8.0 (2 September 2008)

    * Redesigned memory management, resulting in faster stitching
    * The 64 bit version (PTGui Pro for Windows only) now efficiently uses all RAM on 64 bit Windows systems, resulting in faster stitching of large panoramas
    * Output crop feature: drag the edges of the panorama in the Panorama Editor to crop
    * New blender: faster, requires less memory and gives better blending quality
    * Panorama Editor now shows blended panorama
    * Source images are automatically reloaded if the original file on disk is modified
    * Control point generator is more sensitive
    * Improved blending and exposure fusion at nadir and zenith of 360 x 180 degree spherical panoramas
    * GPS support: If the EXIF data of one or more source images contain GPS coordinates, the coordinates are averaged and copied to the output (currently works for JPEG and TIFF only)
    * Exchanging projects between the Mac and Windows versions of PTGui is now supported by replacing the path separator in file names (slash or backslash)
    * Ability to output 'flattened' .psb and .psd files, with only a background layer. This can be selected by pressing the 'Settings' button in the Create Panorama tab. Please note that Photoshop does not support transparency in flattened images.
    * Options/Preferences: 'Show Exif dialog' option removed (obsoleted by the 'Automatic' checkbox in Project Assistant)
    * Create Panorama button in Project Assistant becomes enabled after applying a template, even if there are no control points
    * After running Align Images in the Project Assistant, the panorama size is set to the optimum size, but limited to 20 megapixels (was 4 megapixels)
    * When optimizing using PTOptimizer, control point errors are now calculated at the 'optimum size' of the panorama. Thus the reported quality of optimization no longer depends on the configured panorama size.
    * PTGui for Windows can now be forced to be running on 1 processor/core only (so called 'processor affinity'). This is a workaround for a Hyperthreading bug in certain older Pentium D processors.
    * Added sensor size data of new cameras
    * Fix: optimizer bug causing failed optimization if the project has images with a pitch close to +90 or -90 degrees
    * Fix: if the size or aspect ratio of a source image was changed after adding it to a PTGui project, PTGui would ignore the change and still use the former size of the image, resulting in incorrect stitching.
    * Fix: Mac: PTGui could hang indefinately while waiting for enblend to finish
    * Fix: Menu item "Generate Control Points For Images .. and .." would sometimes show the wrong image numbers
    * Fix: For line-type control points, selecting a control point in the control point list would not always scroll the control point into view in the Control Points tab
    * Fix: PTGui Pro would refuse to use the Panotools optimizer if one of the images had viewpoint correction enabled, even if 'use control points of' for all viewpoint corrected images was disabled.
    * Fix: PTGui Pro failed to load certain .hdr files
    * Fix: Mac: 'Delete all/worst control points' was sometimes incorrectly greyed out
    * Fix: Occasional crashes
    * Fix: Mac: loading a corrupt or incompatible jpeg file would cause PTGui to crash
    * Fix: Reset button in Exposure/HDR did not reset the Exposure Offset
    * Fix: 32 bit tiff source images were degraded to 8 bit

    Language: English
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  9. fs.mocus

    fs.mocus Постоялец

    19 апр 2009
    PTGui Pro v8.2.1 Retail - профессиональная версия программы для создания панорамных изображений из отдельных фотографий. Обладает очень мощными возможностями и при этом доступна даже новичкам, так как имеет два режима работы - простой, предназначенный для начинающих, в этом случае можно буквально в два клика собрать вполне качественную панораму, и расширенный, рассчитанный на профессионалов. При помощи PTGui можно создавать сферические панорамы, цилиндрические или же плоские. Готовый проект сохраняется в виде многослойного файла, что позволяет в случае необходимости подкорректировать результат вручную. Среди других особенностей программы можно отметить предварительный просмотр изображения с разными настройками без необходимости ожидания, пока будет выполнена обработка фотографий, поддержка формата .psb, сохранение шаблонов с часто используемыми настройками, создание HDR-панорам.

    Возможности программы:
    » Создание сферических, цилиндрических или плоских панорам из любого числа исходных изображений.
    » Полная автоматизация: создание панорамы в несколько щелчков мыши.
    » Предварительный просмотр в реальном времени.
    » Редактор панорам для визуального и диалогового редактирования.
    » Полная поддержка 16-битного режима.
    » Создание панорам, пригодных для обработки в Photoshop.
    » Чтение информации EXIF c изображений, сделанных цифровыми камерами.
    » Определение параметров линзы

    Новые возможности и улучшения:
    » Улучшено управление памятью, в результате чего ускорились операции по склеиванию фотографий
    » PTGui теперь рационально использует RAM на 64 битных Windows системах
    » В Panorama Editor добавлена функция обрезки
    » Функция смешивания стала работать быстрее, она затрагивает меньший объем памяти, а качество смешивания при этом значительно улучшилось
    » Исходное изображение автоматически обновляется, если файл на диске был изменен
    » Генератор контрольных точек стал более чувствительным
    » Добавлена поддержка GPS (корректно работает с JPEG и TIFF)
    » И множество других улучшений и исправлений

    Version 8.2.1 (8 June 2009)
    * Help file updated
    * Included sensor size data for many new cameras
    * Fix: inaccurate sensor size calculation for certain Nikon cameras
    * Fix (Pro:( if in the Project Settings tab 'Do Align images and save the modified project' was enabled, but 'Generate control points' disabled, the batch stitcher would skip some steps if the project has no control points.

    Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
    Язык интерфейса: Английский
    Размер: 6.14 MB
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