[На английском] Amir Rimer's Flip Course - $49,555.00 in One Day

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  1. morfey2005


    30 янв 2008
    Amir Rimer's Flip Course - $49,555.00 in One Day!

    Продающая страница

    I earned $49,555.00 in literally seconds
    from one "automatic" transaction with a
    simple webpage I made in ONE DAY!

    Watch how I created a website in two hours
    and sold it for $49,555.00 I do it again & again
    and you can too!

    What Is Included in the Flip Course?

    * You get 8 WEEKS of top notch lessons
    YES, you heard me right, this step by step Flip Course will
    last for 8 weeks, and will teach you everything there is to
    know about creating and selling PLR websites.

    * You are personally trained by ME - you will have access
    to me directly when you invest in my Flip Course. You will
    not simply get a bunch of information without any human
    to human support. You will have full access to me via my
    personal email + messengers.

    * You get FRESH material - I am always updating the
    content to suit the latest changes.


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