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    30 янв 2008
    Digital Engagement: Internet Marketing That Captures Customers and Builds Intense Brand Loyalty
    By Leland Harden, Bob Heyman

    •Publisher: AMACOM
    •Number Of Pages: 256
    •Publication Date: 2009-01-14
    •ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0814410723
    •ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780814410721

    Product Description:

    In an age of overwhelming Internet competition and rampant takeovers, marketers face the very real challenge of understanding how to engage customers online. Leland Harden and Bob Heyman, online marketing pioneers and authors of the popular book Net Results, team up again to teach marketers how to use search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and all of the Web 2.0 tools they need to compete in the digital marketplace. Filled with up-to-date information on the best venues for online marketing, as well as explanations of social networking, virtual worlds, widgets, wikis, and emerging media, Digital Engagement shows marketers how to:stop burning money on web advertising campaigns that don't deliver - tweak websites to improve conversions and traffic flow - master proven strategies for consumer-generated media to generate buzz and improve brand recognitionFeaturing case studies from companies like Toyota and Tommy Hilfiger as well as lists of key vendors for online marketing software, this is the only book that offers a truly comprehensive guide to all of the new online marketing tools.

    Summary: Any library strong in business or computer marketing strategies needs this!
    Rating: 5

    DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT: INTERNET MARKETING THAT CAPTURES CUSTOMERS AND BUILDS BRAND LOYALTY is for marketing managers and startup entrepreneurs who want to stay current in cyber-marketing. Tips on how to more effectively use the latest technologies come from online marketing gurus who cover everything from building the better website to keeping connected through phone screens and more. Any library strong in business or computer marketing strategies needs this!

    Summary: Incredible insight into marketing through new media
    Rating: 5

    Digital Engagement is well crafted and highly respected in leading areas of global commerce. It is critical in our Internet-driven marketplace to understand how to effectively leverage new media. This book hits a homerun with winning strategies for those who are just beginning on this road and also for those of us who are trying to stay ahead of the pack. This book shows that Leland is still on the cutting edge of new media and his insight can make a big difference in marketing strategies. I highly recommend this book.

    Summary: Truths to Online Marketing
    Rating: 5

    I encourage everyone to read Digital Engagement. This book sets forth a path for anyone to understand cost efficient ways to market their products and services in our digital age. This book will reveal value tools in building brand loyalty among customers that can't be missed. I commend the authors in making this an easy and fun book to read.

    Summary: Internet Harbingers Do It Again
    Rating: 5

    Harden & Heyman were harbingers of the internet age with their book NetResults and the updated, NetResults.2. Keeping up with the "faster than lightspeed" internet world, they have "hit another one out of the park" with Digital Engagement. As a direct response marketing consultant, I'm fairly well versed with internet marketing, but they gave me many tips, sites and strategies to use for my clients. Just one insight: If you think Facebook, YouTube, Google & Yahoo Video as well as MySpace are just social sites for teens and twenty-somethings -- WRONG! There's definitely a major coup for businesses savvy enough to use them before their competition catches on.

    Summary: Perfect Example of Marketing Genius
    Rating: 5

    Leland and Bob really hit the nail on the head with their newest book Digital Engagement. Their in-depth and real world applications of innovative marketing techniques make this book a must read for any marketer or entrepreneur.

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