[На английском] The MindValley Way to Ecommerce Success -$197

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    30 янв 2008
    The MindValley Way to Ecommerce Success -$197
    Продающая страница:
    Creating Products that Sell Online
    1. How to Design Products that Sell Well Online 3
    2. Setting the Right Price to Maximize Profits 17
    3. Using Free Samples to Double Sales 25
    4. Using Bonus Offers to Boost Your Product's Appeal 37
    5. Designing Guarantees that Eliminate Buyer Doubt 45
    Setting Up Your Site for Success
    6. How to Design Your Site for Success 57
    7. The Secret to Writing Great Sales Copy 69
    8. Psychological Triggers: Designing Your Product to Arouse Desire 82
    9. Expert Readability Design 96
    10.Designing for Search Engine Optimization 103
    Creating a Bond with Email Marketing
    11.Designing the Sign Up Form 113
    12.The Art of Sign Up Confirmation 122
    13.Getting More of Your Emails Delivered 133
    14.Getting More of Your Emails Read 143
    15.Using Newsletters to Convert More Subscribers 155
    Pay-Per-Click Advertising Secrets
    16.Finding the Right Keywords 167
    17.How to Write Effective PPC Ads for Google 180
    18.Bidding Strategies to Drive the Competition Nuts 190
    19.Advanced PPC Tactics for Google 200
    20.Using Yahoo! Search Marketing 213
    Turning Browsers into Buyers
    21.How to Create and Test Captivating Headlines 221
    22.Using Landing Pages to Rapidly Boost Conversion 227
    23.Using Multimedia to Increase Conversion 239
    24.Using Pop-Ups and Focus Generators 249
    25.Using Virtual Covers to Boost Appeal 258
    Closing the Sale
    26.How to Create Trust 269
    27.The Art of Getting and Using Testimonials 284
    28.Designing a Loss-Resistant Checkout Process 293
    29.Capturing Abandoned Shopping Carts 249
    30.How to Use Customer Support to Close Sales 258
    Profiting from Untapped Channels
    31.Using Web Analytics to Boost Your Sales Rapidly 321
    32.The Power of Blog Marketing 328
    33.Using Content to Drive Traffic from Search Engines 335
    34.Viral Marketing Tactics 351
    35.Using Online Communities to Develop Sales 359
    Growing into a Million Dollar Business
    36.Multivariable Testing for Rapid Improvement 366
    37.Gaining Revenue through Up-Selling and Cross-Selling 378
    38.Using eBay to Generate More Sales 385
    39.Creating and Running an Affiliate Program 403
    40.Productivity: Getting More Done in Less Time 417

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