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    30 янв 2008
    Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (The New Rules of Social Media)
    By Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah

    * Publisher: Wiley
    * Number Of Pages: 256
    * Publication Date: 2009-10-19
    * ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0470499311
    * ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780470499313

    "If you′ve been looking for a trustworthy primer on getting found online, here′s a great place to start. Buy one for your clueless colleague too."—Seth Godin, author of Meatball Sundae

    "If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing by reading this book."—Guy Kawasaki, cofounder of Alltop, and author of Reality Check

    Product Description Stop pushing your message out and start pulling your customers in

    Traditional "outbound" marketing methods like cold–calling, email blasts, advertising, and direct mail are increasingly less effective. People are getting better at blocking these interruptions out using Caller ID, spam protection, TiVo, etc. People are now increasingly turning to Google, social media, and blogs to find products and services. Inbound Marketing helps you take advantage of this change by showing you how to get found by customers online.

    Inbound Marketing is a how–to guide to getting found via Google, the blogosphere, and social media sites.

    • Improve your rankings in Google to get more traffic
    • Build and promote a blog for your business
    • Grow and nurture a community in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
    • Measure what matters and do more of what works online

    The rules of marketing have changed, and your business can benefit from this change. Inbound Marketing shows you how to get found by more prospects already looking for what you have to sell.

    Summary: Must Read for Marketers
    Rating: 4

    I thought the book provides a strong foundation for what marketers should know about using the tools of SEO, blogging, and social media to attract good leads to your website and then converting those leads into customers. Inbound Marketing provides tons of useful tips and examples. If you are already experienced in this area, some of the book may seem too basic but you still can learn a lot of practical tips to be more effective at getting found by potential customers. I would definitely recommend it to marketers who are new to this area and as a good book to give to a client who needs convincing about the benefits of the new tools of marketing.

    Summary: This book should be inbound for your brain
    Rating: 5

    If you are going to read one marketing book related to the internet, read this book.

    There are plenty of great marketing books out there. But none address the emerging trends that are becoming more and more important as social media (whether you like that term or not) has a greater and greater impact on marketing. If you think social media is not important to your business, then you absolutely need to read this book. I had some preconceived ideas about Facebook and Twitter which I now no longer hold. Its not that I've been brainwashed, just that I now understand the value of these mediums whereas before, I did not (no shame in admitting that).

    Also, surveys indicate most entrepreneurs are in their later 30s or 40s. With that in mind, the book has been printed in a sensible, larger type font. This makes it a joy to read. As someone who has just (reluctantly) started wearing glasses at age 45 I found this most refreshing. So annoying dealing with a book that has good content but which is needlessly hard to read due to small typefaces - this book does not fall at this hurdle, instead it excels.

    Additionally, the concepts and insights are tackled in sensible, bite size chunks (no 50 page chapters here) with everything explained in simple straightforward language that anyone could understand. They don't try to impress with buzzwords and fancy language. Its all straight down to business, nuts and bolts advice. Including in a few case very strong indications of what not to do as well as what to do.

    Finally, that last and important bit. Its an easy read. If you are a busy person you will appreciate this. Just because its easy that doesn't mean it is valueless. Quite the contrary.

    Oh, if you're one of my competitors, don't read this book. Alice in Wonderland is a much better read, go buy that!

    Summary: [...] review on the book Inbound Marketing
    Rating: 5

    Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (The New Rules of Social Media)

    Having worked in some form of marketing or another for the last 20 years culminating in the Co-Founding of [...] in 2008, I have always felt advertisers had too much control over consumers. Ever since I first learned of the internet in 1994, I knew the dynamics of business would be changed forever.

    Clear in vision, I was never able to articulate fully the significance of the evolution in marketing we are experiencing now, especially what has happened in the last 2 years. One book in particular has captured the essence of what I truly feel is a revolution in marketing which is the book - Inbound Marketing by the Co-Founders of[...], Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.

    Dharmesh and Brian have written a book I consider a reference manual for the transformation we are currently witnessing from the information age to the communication age. The read is very straight forward and simple to digest but most importantly packed full of tips and case studies demonstrating the sea change we are witnessing in the marketing industry.

    What struck me most was the contrast between traditional marketing methods (Interruption Marketing) vs. new marketing methods (Inbound Marketing). They lay out a case that we are in the beginning of a 50 year cycle which will drastically impact how businesses connect with customers and argue traditional advertising agencies will go by the wayside to be replaced with business models focusing on helping businesses communicate effectively
    with their marketplace - not pitch to them (which I believe to be true as well).

    Don't get me wrong, this book is not just the philosophical argument to be made but gives equal share to the current science of participating in the new age of marketing.

    I have listed a number of key points below I feel should give you insight into the nuggets of gold you will find.

    * Who moved my customers?
    * It's not what you say - It's what others say about you
    * Creating a remarkable strategy
    * Tracking your progress
    * Getting your blog started right
    * Making your articles infectious
    * Help Google help you
    * Why blogs sometimes fail
    * Contribute to the conversation
    * Google - Paid vs. Free
    * On page SEO
    * Off page SEO
    * Getting fans on Facebook
    * Creating connections on LinkedIn
    * Gathering followers on Twitter
    * Getting found on YouTube
    * Converting visitors to leads
    * Converting leads to customers

    Whether you are a business owner or a marketer, you need to grab a copy of this book and start highlighting. I even had my 8 year old son read a couple of pages to me driving into school the other day which inspired a couple of very relevant questions from him. You know if you can grab the attention of an 8 year old - it must be good!

    Summary: An Instant Classic, Bravo!
    Rating: 5

    Easy read, great marketing content, practical, to the point! If you don't get found on the Internet after reading this book, read-it again! Thank you Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah for sharing your incommensurable knowledge.

    Summary: Great Internet Marketing Guide!
    Rating: 5

    This is the best book I have read concerning all the different ways to effectively market your website. There is a consistent and logical structure to the book and each key tool. The explanations for each tool are effective and include practical suggestions for implementation. I have had nice growth in my Internet business and this book will definitely help more continue to grow

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    30 янв 2008
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