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  1. anorax

    anorax Прохожие

    Hi everyone!!

    I found this hosting company, it seems to ve very stable (I need a server that dosn't complain about CPU levels)...

    My website is entierly make with PHP and mySQL...

    I tried BlueHost (Its cheap but in Argentina is very slower)..

    Suggestions anyone??

    Thank you all..
  2. -Зверик-

    -Зверик- Прохожие

    At least you could've provided a weblink.

    based on my experience, argentina does have very limited bandwidth.. I am am not sure if thats due to small external pipe (i.e. from the country to outside world), but the speed is uttermost crap. I've dealt with "free hosting" in argentina once.
    (to everyone else: don't do it!!)

    I don't think you should even look at any other, non local hostings. You wouldn't see the difference anyways. (my speed from is about 500-700 kb/sec).

    I've never heard of . In any case, you should ask at or even better yet, take a local hosting company!

    Good luck.
  3. anorax

    anorax Прохожие

    Well sorry for the link, it was my first post and i was unable to post links... but the address is the same as the name (

    Here in Argentina we have ADSL or CableModem (i don't know how you call this... is internet from the TV Company)...

    The speed is up to 6Mbits/ps in the best case... Right now im in Villa Gesell (A town in Buenos Aires... near to the beach).. And i have only 1.5Mbits for $120 pesos (about U$S 40).. The upload is always 128kbits/ps...

    I guess that the best will be, like you said, a local hosting.. I have been looking for local hosting and i think that the best is: ... Im going to test it and see what happends..

    What speed do you have in your country (upload/download) ?
  4. -Зверик-

    -Зверик- Прохожие

    1.5? hey, things aren't that bad afterall.
    up to 6 mb... thats a pretty speedy connection you've got there! :0)

    try looking at, I've posted some promocodes in a couple of topics, relatated to that hosting (you could pay $22 for first year, $~120 afterwards).

    ok. your next step should be to find someone who is hosted there and check out the load speeds and such.
    you should do this with any other hosting.

    if you want to get an honest and actual picture as of to what the hosting is really like (end-user experience, speed, support, etc) the best way is to start reading user forums and support forums. (You should always take all those 'press releases' and pr-ed reviews with a grain of salt, no one's gonna tell you if they suck, heh :))) looks like a rip off. $24 bucks for 5 gb space/25 transfer? I've seen free hostings that offer that much..

    Once again - read the forums! if a lot of people are calling certain hosting a rip off or slow or unreliable or crappy (in general topics or in "black hosting" topics), you should probably avoid it.

    I don't know why bluehost didn't work for you. Must be connection to U.S. in general.. try this one.

    NY mirror gives me ~15 megabits per second
    Dallas gives ~8.
    If you consistently get crappy speeds, that means your country's outgoing line is either slow or overloaded.. or it might be your provider. but most likely a combination of both.

    if your visitors are going to be coming from Argentina, well, you should hit the local discussion forums and start asking. It will probably take you a week of talks to pin down a couple of likely candidates.
    But that way you would know for sure you're not getting a lemon! :)

    Good luck.
  5. hidden03

    hidden03 Постоялец

    22 мар 2007
    anorax i have hosted with DTH three sites since summer 2006. I haven't any problem with this hosting company, support fast and reliable.
    Server Uptime is 99.92%-99.98% since July 2006 (all services monitored every 5 mins by
    Also you can check their forum and you will see that there is not so much posts becos all services work stable and nobody blame DTH.
    Also you can chat with Jorge Catena, he will reply to all your questions. (try online chat on their web site)
    DTH is not so cheap like others, but it's stable, think what is best for you ;)

    So if you will stay with downtownhost i think you will be happy.

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