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    14 ноя 2009
    Basic Features
    * Unbranded. You are not required to display any copyright notice or other indication of WSN Directory to your visitors.
    * Well-maintained. Reported bugs are fixed promptly and maintenance releases are issued regularly. A change log is available.
    * Setup takes seconds. The setup script asks for your database info, asks you which languages you wish to install, and then automatically sets up your web directory for you. If you supply your FTP info all CHMOD matters are handled for you as well. If you don't find it easy, professional installation is free.
    * Choose your complexity: simple, recommended or kitchen sink. You can pick and choose which features to enable with more detail in your switches later.
    * The 'Switches' area in the admin panel allows turning features on and off instantly without needing to edit them out of the templates.
    * One-click automated upgrades. It's never been easier to stay current. No more downloading and uploading files.
    * The common tasks list helps you prioritize the administrative tasks you do the most.
    * Load management. If the server load goes over a certain level, lock out search engine spiders. Use the caching system to serve selected usergroups (such as guests) blazing-fast cached versions of pages, optionally depending on the server load level.
    * Administration help browser. All around your admin panel there are help icons which you can click to read an article about the applicable option.
    * Free support via email and forum. All support is handled by the script's author, not relayed through customer service reps who would lack sufficient knowledge of the software. Get help and advice with anything related to the script, not just troubleshooting.
    * Available services. WSN offers a variety of services to help you complete and maintain your project.

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