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    Norton Ghost Multilanguage | 370Mb
    Norton Ghost provides advanced backup and recovery for your computer. Protect your documents, financial records, presentations, photos, music, videos, historical documents, or any other kinds of data you keep on your computer by making a backup of your computer's entire hard disk. Or, limit your backup to include only those files and folders that mean the most to you.

    You can schedule backups to capture your changes automatically as you work from day to day. Or start a backup manually at any time. You can also easily configure Norton Ghost to run a backup in response to specific events. For example, a backup can be started when a particular application is started, or when a specified amount of new data has been added to the drive.

    When you experience a problem with your computer, you can restore a file, folder, or an entire drive, to return your computer to a previous, working state with the operating system, applications, and data files intact. Or when you happen to accidently erase a valuable document, you will be able to restore it with a few simple steps.

    Using easy-to-follow wizards, set up fast and reliable backups that run while you continue to work. Or schedule your backups to run after hours when you are no longer using your computer.

  2. mistr-t


    4 окт 2006
    Norton Ghost +Видео урок переустановки windows за 3 мин

    Norton Ghost + Видео урок переустановки windows за 3 мин


    Norton Ghost дает возможность выполнять резервное копирование всех данных на жестком диске или в разделе.
    Программное обеспечение поддерживает широкий диапазон моделей жестких дисков и съемных устройств, в т. ч. дисководы CDR/RW и DVD+-R/RW, устройства USB и FireWire® (IEEE 1394), накопители Iomega® Zip® и Jaz®.

    Видео урок который научит вас переустанавливать операционную систему на 3 минуты!!

    Потом напишите Ваши результаты экспериментов.

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