[Офис] Microsoft Office 2007. Видеокурс 2009 (RU/EN)

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    30 сен 2009

    Полный видео курс по работе Microsoft Office 2007, на русском и на английском языке.
    Производитель: Teachvideo
    Год выпуска: 2009
    Язык: русский
    Описание: Это DVD диск который прилагается к книге "Виртуальный курс. Microsoft Office 2007".
    Работа с Microsoft Word 2007
    1.Лента команд
    2.Старые диалоги настроек
    3.Кнопка "Office"
    4.Строка заголовка
    5.Строка состояния
    6.Всплывающие подсказки
    7.Настройки Word
    8.Справка и подсказки
    9.Настройка внешнего вида программы
    10.Установка параметров страницы
    11.Ввод текста
    12.Ввод заглавных букв
    13.Вставка специальных символов
    14.Поиск текста
    15.Замена текста
    16.Проверка правописания и исправление ошибок
    17.Нумерация страниц
    18.Перемещение и копирование текста
    20.Дополнительные возможности выделения
    21.Выбор и замена формата шрифта
    22.Изменение, начертания, цвета и вида шрифта. Подчеркивание текста
    23.Межбуквенные интервалы
    24.Выравнивание текста
    25.Изменение межстрочных интервалов
    26.Очистка форматирования
    Работа с Microsoft Excel 2007
    1.Интерфейс программы
    2.Установка параметров листа
    3.Работа с листами
    4.Ввод данных. Работа со строками, столбцами и ячейками
    5.Ввод рядов данных
    6.Сортировка данных
    8.Пример работы с формулами
    9.Форматирование текста
    10.Использование стилей и тем
    11.Условное форматирование
    Работа с Microsoft Power Point 2007
    1.Обзор интерфейса
    2.Настройка презентации
    3.Работа со вспомогательными элементами
    4.Работа с текстом
    5.Работа с графикой
    6.Настройка анимации
    Работа с Microsoft Outlook 2007
    1.Обзор интерфейса
    2.Настройка внешнего вида программы
    3.Список дел
    5.Цветовые категории
    6.Просмотр вложений в папке "Входящие"
    Видео кодек: Flash
    Видео: Flash SWF 800x600
    Аудио: Flash Русский
    Видео кодек: Flash
    Видео: Flash SWF 800x600
    Аудио: Flash Русский
    Размер: 4.18 Gb
    Информация для восстановления: 5%
    Производитель: VTC Computer Software Training
    Год выпуска: 2007
    Язык: английский
    Уроки в сборнике:
    Microsoft Word 2007
    Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of writing tools, users will be able to create and share great looking documents with ease. In this VTC course, author and Noted Expert, Brian Culp, takes users through the many new features of this essential word processing tool. The focus throughout is on how to leverage the many new features to unlock your creativity, and to make your word processing more efficient than ever before.
    Уроков: 121
    Длительность: 7 ч.
    Microsoft Access 2007
    Microsoft Access 2007 helps you effectively track, report, and share information in a manageable environment. With a library of pre-built tracking applications (database solutions) and the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, Access 2007 does not require deep database knowledge or programming skills. In this VTC course, Author / IT Instructor, Tim Warner introduces users to database design concepts while assisting them in becoming proficient with building and maintaining an Access 2007 database.
    Уроков: 132
    Длительность: 8 ч. 30 мин.
    Microsoft Outlook 2007
    Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts, and more. With its new design and advanced customization features, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is much more than just an e-mail/calendar application. Author Brian Culp guides users through using this exciting new program, from installation to utilizing it as a complete task and communication management program. As a part of Microsoft Office, or as a stand alone program, Brian Culp will show users how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook 2007, and he even includes 10 of his favorite tips / tricks.
    Уроков: 99
    Длительность: 6 ч.
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of creative tools, users will be able to create everything from simple sales presentations to full-blown multimedia productions. In this VTC course, author and noted expert John Kuhlman, takes users through the many new features of this essential presentation tool, including the integration with other Microsoft Office Applications. Work Files are included.
    Уроков: 93
    Длительность: 5 ч. 30 мин.
    Microsoft Project 2007
    Product managers need to track project resources, time and cost, schedule tasks efficiently, exchange project information, and communicate with resources while maintaining control over the project. This can be a daunting task unless you have the right tools, and know how to use them. In this course VTC author, Brian Culp, teaches users Microsoft Project 2007, an invaluable project management tool. Learn how to start projects, create and edit tasks, assign resources to tasks, share project information, and much more.
    Уроков: 90
    Длительность: 5 ч.
    Microsoft Publisher 2007
    Microsoft Publisher 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of creative tools, users will be able to create web sites, forms, business cards, flyers, calendars, greeting cards, signs, posters, email marketing campaigns and much much more! Pre-designed templates allow users to create professional files that can be printed locally, packed for a commercial printer, emailed or uploaded to the Web. This useful "how to" course by Microsoft Office expert Melanie Hedgespeth, uses practical examples for both home and business users. Work Files are included.
    Уроков: 105
    Длительность: 7 ч. 30 мин.
    Microsoft Visio 2007
    Microsoft Visio 2007 makes it easy for IT and business professionals to visualize, explore, and communicate complex ideas. Go from complicated text and tables that are hard to understand to Visio diagrams that communicate information at a glance. Instead of static pictures, create data-connected Visio diagrams that display information and ideas. Whether creating network diagrams, flowcharts, calendars, or organizational charts, Visio can make a professional drafter out of practically anyone. VTC Author and Trainer Timothy Warner provides the user with easy-to-follow instructions for learning this powerful application.
    Уроков: 152
    Длительность: 10 ч.
    Видео: QuickTime MPEG-4 Video, 800x600
    Аудио: MPEG Layer 3, Stereo, 22.050
    Размер: 3.38 Gb
    Информация для восстановления: 5%
    Download / Скачать: Microsoft Office 2007. Видеокурс 2009 (RU/EN)
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