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  1. pk2002


    14 ноя 2006

    This program allows you to view remote computers live, transfer files, chat, transfer the clipboard to and from the remote computer, and power on the remote computer. Beyond Remote also fully supports Microsoft Terminal Server and Windows XP Remote Desktop. Telecommute, travel and remotely access your programs and files. Provide remote support through firewalls in seconds using the support e-mail invitation function. Fast, powerful remote access and support software for individuals, businesses, and service providers. Entirely new GUI comes in 6 new themes and 9 languages. Other features include secure 128 bit encryption, remote Wake On LAN/reboot/shutdown, Host status-polling and more.

    Here are some key features of "Beyond Remote":

    · Live viewing of the remote computer
    · Copy the clipboard to and from the remote computer
    · Transfer files and directories to and from the remote computer
    · Chat with the person at the remote computer
    · Client interface that allows organizing of remote connections in folders
    · All data is encrypted and compresses for maximum saftey and speed
    · Wake-On-Lan (Remote computer must support this feature and be enabled in the BIOS)
    · Full support for Microsoft Terminal Services
    · Full support for Windows XP Remote Desktop

    - Updated the Dutch translation
    - Fixed a bug with the status bar scrolling off of the screen after the "Host Discovery" or "ReverseConnect IP Tools" tab has collapsed
    - When adding a new connection it was possible to create that connection without entering a hostname by pressing the enter key after typing in the connection name. This issue is now fixed.
    - After adding a new connection it is now highlighted and scrolled in to view automatically

    New Features
    - Added partial Windows Vista Support. The host now functions under Windows Vista only when someone is logged in to the computer. When at the login screen, you will not be able to control the remote computer; we are still working on this issue.
    - Added command line support to the console allowing you to shutdown, reboot and logoff the current user on a remote computer.

    DREAMkin нравится это.
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    Very good programm! :)
  3. DREAMkin

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    4 май 2007
    remote admin в топку =)
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