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  1. satih


    19 сен 2008
    От себя: Часто выскакивает в поиске по php этот сайт на первых местах, что конечно говорит об оптимизации, но также что его мануал наверное неплохой. Для новичков, понятно описывают базовые знания, если дружите с инглишем, уклон именно на базово и просто.

    С сайта:
    Thousands of people view Tizag.com's PHP Tutorial everyday, which is why it was the first of many tutorials at Tizag.com to be converted into an electronic book.
    PHP continues to grow in popularity, as it allows web developers to create sophisticated tools and a great user experience for their website. If you're developing websites and have yet to introduce yourself to PHP, now is the time!
    Our PHP eBook covers the basics of PHP from installing and running your first script to processing user submitted information with PHP. There is also a section on basic programming in PHP including: conditional statements, arrays, string manipulation and loops. This PHP Tutorial is meant for newbies and not experienced programmers.

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