Plesk v8.0 for Linux Multi-Domains [Including Working Key] Options

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  1. someone

    someone сисадмин сервера 0ed

    3 апр 2006
    Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix marks a major milestone in the development of the software. The Plesk Desktop feature is a significant enhancement to the user interface. In this new release, the interface is designed to be task oriented and fully customizable.

    Developed for professional hosting service providers, Plesk is comprehensive server management software designed to install and manage all systems and applications for Web-Hosting on a single server. The benefits Plesk provides set the standard for hosting automation and control panels. ...

    Try the online demo and experience for yourself Plesk 8.0's innovative enhancement to the user interface - Plesk Desktop. The new release is designed to increase the administrator, client, and user interface experience. Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, Plesk 8.0 offers Administrators the flexibility to customize their offerings to meet a broad range of customer needs.

    Developed for Professional Hosting Service Providers (HSP) and Corporate IT Professionals, Plesk v8.0 provides the most complete and stable set of features in the industry. Plesk v8.0 provides the perfect solution for IT service providers to increase clientele and customize their systems to meet their corporate customers growing needs for self administration.

    Switch to Plesk
    Using a competitor's control panel software and considering a switch to Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix? SWsoft has developed the tools to assist you with data migration quickly, easily and with minimal downtime.

    Enhance the versatility of your Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix control panel using our integrated "Add-ons". Commercially offer a list of applications for your customers to purchase and use. Quickly add value to your service offerings with Plesk Anti-Virus by Dr.Web, JSP and PostgreSQL support and several other valuable add-ons.

    Multilanguage Support
    The Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix user interface is completely localized for viewing in many different languages. The software allows users at every level to view and work in multiple languages simultaneously. Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix enables resellers to work in one language while selling domains in another. An unlimited number of languages can be viewed on a single system.

    Plesk v8.0 for Linux/Unix has specific system requirements that when followed can help you maximize your "return on investment (ROI)". SWsoft has posted these simple guidelines to show you how to maximize space and host up to 2,000 domains on a single system. Use our domain calculation table to determine your minimum hardware needs.

    Customer Testimonials
    The strong customer base Plesk has built over the years proves that Plesk has earned its reputation as a rock solid, productive control panel. This tradition continues with the release of Plesk v8.0. See what our customers are saying about Plesk v8.0.



    REALiSTiC нравится это.
  2. sspy

    sspy Постоялец

    8 июн 2006
    у кого работает отпишитесь
  3. msa

    msa Прохожие

    Есть подозрение, что это триальный ключ на 1 домен
  4. miker


    31 июл 2006
    Также интересна надёжность скрипта, не могу за него платить каждый месяц :(
  5. lntu2000

    lntu2000 Прохожие

    у кого работает отпишитесь, за него платить каждый месяц
  6. FintMax

    FintMax Постоялец

    19 июл 2006
    Все молчат
  7. Dik

    Dik Прохожие

    Не кто не знает :)
  8. alex_keks

    alex_keks Прохожие

    точно знаю что работает на Plesk v.8.0

    ребята говорят что неплохая вещь
  9. freeman

    freeman Прохожие

    suse 10.1, инстраляторы от 10 и 9,выдают ошибку при работе,rpmlib
  10. n3o

    n3o Прохожие

    Складывается такое впечатление, что это старый ключик, блуждающий по инету. Либо он, как говорилиось выше, на 1домен..либо просто уже не работающий..отпишитесь кто-нить, кто поставил!
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