[Дизайн] Arcsoft 3D Text Factory 1.0

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  1. megaleech

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    13 окт 2009

    Create awesome animated text for Web pages, presentations, and more.
    * Choose from an assortment of animations
    * Modify text color and background
    * Adjust text depth, bevel, width, height, etc.
    * Set three different light sources for limitless shading options
    * Perfect for Web pages, presentations, and more

    Built-in style sheets
    The built-in style sheets make the program ideal for users of all experience levels. Beginners get a quick start on any project, while advanced users choose custom options for more creative control.

    Powerful text controls
    You’ll select from a variety of font types, styles, colors, and sizes. The built-in Character Map displays tons of alphanumeric fonts and symbol libraries, helping you find precisely what you need.

    Quick access features
    It’s easy to find the right effects with one click on your customizable palette. Just choose the bevel, lighting, texture, background, shadow, or animation you want from an album-like gallery.

    Versatile background and texture options
    Manipulate the color and pattern of the background and text surface, or import your own images to be used as backgrounds or textures on the text.

    Interactive animation controls
    Adding animation to your text has never been more simple, or more fun! You have complete control over your animations as you adjust the frame rate, speed, pause duration, and number of loops.

    Manage your workspace
    The Control Tabs Palette and Toolbar are located right on your desktop, making it easy for you to show or hide, float or dock, or reposition your desktop components any way you want.

    Multiple exporting options
    Export your finished work in static form for print, or animated form for PC presentations, videos or Web pages. Create simple, high-quality AVIs and MPEGs in no time.

    Supports popular image files
    3D Text Factory supports most commonly used image file formats such as JPG, BMP, PCX, FPX, TGA, and PSF (PhotoStudio), making it easy to export to other image programs.

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