Game Script v3.1 Final

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  1. someone

    someone сисадмин сервера 0ed

    3 апр 2006
    Game Script v3.1 Final

    Script Name : Game Script v3.1 Final
    Homepage : _
    Nullified by : Magic E (STN)
    Tested by : Magic E (STN)
    Protection : Domain License, Key Checks
    Demo : N/A
    Release date : 07/12/2006
    Release type : PHP/MySQL
    Price : $249.00

    GameScript is a fully featured online gaming content managment system built completely with revenue in mind.

    Unlike our competition we own large arcades. Nobody has the kind of experience that we do with running an arcade site. Our forum is very active and packed with many users making $100+ a day off of their arcades thanks to our software and our tips..

    When you buy our license you aren't just buying software. You are buying access to our private forum where we talk about many of the things that have helped us get so big.

    Admin login details:
    UserName: admin
    Password: teamstn

    Complete the following installation instructions before attempting to use the system:

    1) Enter your DB login information in config.php

    2) Upload ALL of the files and overwrite EVERYTHING

    3) CHMOD 777 tempswf, avatars, tempicon, swf, swf/upload, images, images/upload, cache, admincp/backup

    4) Run clean_install.php if this is a clean install

    5) Run upgrade.php if you are upgrading but NOT for clean installs

    6) log into /admincp using the default user/pass admin/hook and change things like your site name and site URL

    7) Customize your template! Completely default isn't a good idea because there are hundreds of gamescript customers! Try to personalize it with at least a good logo

    Then, ensure that you add a password to the /admincp directory, as this could cause some nasty problems if you dont! You can usually password protect directories through most web admin panels.

    Upgrading from v3.0

    1) Modify the new config.php with your MySQL login information

    2) Upload ALL of the files including the new cache directory. CHMOD 777 the cache directory

    3) Run upgrade.php!

    4) chmod 777 config2.php

    5) log into your admincp set your cache update to 1 for now to force a cache update. Then load a page outside of your admincp and go ahead and set the cache back to how you had it before.

    If you have any problems please contact us via the forum.

    Good Luck with your new site and thanks for purchasing GameScript.

    Be sure to register on our forums which you can find from the main site and join in the GameScript community!
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    9 июн 2007
    File not found. :( а так хотелось
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