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    This is a site rip of all of the monthly Search Engine News Newsletters for 2008.
    January Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for January 2008
    Featured Reports
    Wikia Search Launch
    There's a cute new Search Engine Puppy on the block! ...brought to you by the people at Wikipedia.
    Three Easy Steps to Protect Your Site from Spambots that can Hijack your Site’s Content!
    Here's what you need to do in advance to avoid being deindexed when someone steals your content.
    Your 4 Week Step-by-Step Link Building Task Planner
    Follow these guidelines and have your link building assembly line in high gear within a single month netting you hundreds of links.
    Search Engine Bytes
    Where to focus your optimization efforts now for optimum results.
    Why it’s really worth the time to port your PDF documents over to HTML.
    Is private registration a bad thing in Google’s eyes?
    Is it safe to cross-link my various domains to boost link popularity?
    How to make sure Google lists your page titles and descriptions correctly in their search results.
    How to know exactly where on your web page is the most valuable space to place your best offe
    Fabruary Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for February 2008
    Featured Reports
    The EngineMaster Chart is Back!
    Revised and updated, covering each of the major search engines
    How to Use Flash in Top Ranking Pages
    ...and prevent your design team from messing up your SEO
    Search Engine Bytes
    How long should you expect to wait before your newly-acquired links start boosting your rankings?
    Find which of your pages are in Google’s second-class index - and how to get them in the main index
    Mobile SEO: How to optimize your site for mobile phone users.
    How to redirect your existing RSS feed and subscribers to a new domain.
    3 strategies to prevent your tracking URLs from creating duplicate content.
    How to perform better in Google’s Refined Results.
    March Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for March 2008
    Featured Reports
    The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Google Penalties
    and how to remove them if you ever *do* get penalized!
    Search Engine Bytes
    Why is Google telling users my site contains malicious software?
    Should we include our company phone number on our site’s PPC landing pages?
    Is Google changing the way they handle stop words?
    Any pointers on how to go about choosing a good web host?
    Will I lose my rankings if I rewrite my site in .asp?
    How to get more rank-building .edu and .gov links.
    April Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for April 2008
    Featured Reports
    Proof Positive that Run-of-Site ‘Paid’ Links are BAD for your Website!
    Our case study will show you just how dangerous run-of-site paid links are.
    The SEO’s Guide to Preventing Duplicate Content
    The must have info that will prevent Google from dumping your pages!
    The Top 10 Google AdWords Quality Score Myths-EXPOSED!
    We'll show you how to get the lowest possible Google advertising costs
    Search Engine Bytes
    Do Spelling or Grammar Influence Rankings at Google?
    How To Estimate How Much Traffic Your Competitors Are Getting
    The Importance of Keywords In The URL
    Google’s Upper vs. Lower Case Searches
    How To Handle Negative Reviews In Google Local
    Will Google Allow Multiple XML Site Maps?
    May Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for May 2008
    Featured Reports
    How to Build Links and Drive Massive Traffic with StumbleUpon!
    – If you haven't heard of StumbleUpon, get ready for a shock. We'll show you how to get hundreds, even thousands of new visitors every day.
    9 Critical Steps to Evaluating Incoming Link Quality
    – Not all links are created equal. This report shows you how to separate the GOOD LINKS from the BAD links.
    Search Engine Bytes
    Why is Google ignoring my reconsideration request?
    Why did my Google AdWords cost-per-click suddenly become 30 times more expensive?
    How do I move my site to a new domain while still preserving my rankings?
    Is it acceptable to add a link back to my site when leaving comments on other blogs?
    Which is the best blogging platform for SEO?
    It is safe to use paid blog posts to build links to my site?
    June Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for June 2008
    Featured Reports
    7 Ways to Boost Your Sales and Build More Links By Increasing Your Site’s Speed!
    How to create lightning-fast-loading webpages that will boost your sales and help you build more links.
    The Advanced SEO’s Guide to Choosing the Right Domain Name
    This report reveals the top strategies for locating and securing the perfect domain name for your business.
    Search Engine Bytes
    How do I make my Facebook business page go viral?
    Can PageRank sculpting get my site penalized?
    Will validating the HTML on my site’s pages help me rank better?
    Will frequently updating my web pages improve my rankings?
    How to guarantee Google AdSense always shows revenue-generating ads on your site.
    How to get multiple deep-links from a single banner advertisement.
    July Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for July 2008
    Featured Reports
    How to Get A Flood of Pre-Qualified Customers Knocking Down Your Door Using Local Search
    ...and get local search engines to list your site exactly where you want them to!
    How to Boost your Rankings by Sculpting Your PageRank with Nofollow
    90% of the websites we see are needlessly *leaking* PageRank. Here's how YOU can circulate your 'link juice' to webpages within your own site!
    Search Engine Bytes
    How do I evaluate an incoming link to my site?
    How do I get Facebook users to accept my friend requests?
    Does embedding a video in a page increase rankings?
    Can changing WHOIS site info result in a PageRank drop?
    Are there SEO benefits to using capital letters in your domain name?
    Should I still be using meta Descriptions on my site pages?
    August Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for August 2008
    Featured Reports
    Your Step by Step Guide to Dramatically Increasing Your Search Engine Exposure with Google Base
    We'll show you how to get maximum exposure for your products in Google Base and Google Product Search.
    A 16-Point Checklist for Evaluating Directory Quality Before You Submit Your Site
    Directory submission can be a wise investment...if you know how to choose the right directories.
    Search Engine Bytes
    Your critical 5 point ‘on-page SEO’ checklist
    The most common causes for any ‘sudden drop’ in PageRank
    Is Google favoring .com over .info domains?
    7 advantages to submitting an XML sitemap ...even when your site is already using an HTML sitemap
    How to buy links that help your rankings without getting your site penalized!
    How registering your domain name for longer periods might help your search rankings.
    September Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for September 2008
    Featured Reports
    LinkBaiting: The #1 *Secret* Art Used By Top SEO’s to Gather Links In Bunches!
    Linkbaiting is no secretbut how the experts are doing it sure is. This month we reveal the *6 Key Characteristics* of the ARTful LinkBait Strategist.
    How to Build Your ‘Friends’ Network on Stumbleupon and Get Hundreds of Visitors Every Single Day!
    Here's a strategy that virtually guarantees all your articles receive hundreds of daily visitors starting the instant you publish them!
    Search Engine Bytes
    What’s the best way to reclaim broken links that are pointing at my site?
    Does the amount of content on my site impact search engine rankings?
    Should I optimize my PPC landing pages for the organic search results?
    Do Google Sitelinks have any impact on where my site ranks?
    How do I delete embarrassing blog posts from online RSS readers?
    Is it still worth the time and effort to get into Google News?
    October Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for October 2008
    Featured Reports
    DoFollow — The nofollow Work-Around For Building Incoming Links by the Truckload!
    Build a Steady Stream of Rank-Boosting Links by Tuning in to the Dofollow Movement!
    The Top 9 Google Glitches That Can Ruin the Rankings of even Great Web Pages
    The must-avoids that every webmaster needs to know.
    Search Engine Bytes
    How to ensure your outgoing links don’t create more competition for your site!
    The easiest, most powerful ranking strategy is…
    What is Global Link Popularity and how important is it?
    How does Google’s ‘site interaction tracking’ affect rankings?
    Does Link Age Matter?
    November Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for November 2008
    Featured Reports
    Basic ‘Search Engine Reputation Management’
    Today's white-hot search engine topic that has vaulted from relative obscurity to the number one mission for businesses on the cutting edge of e-commerce.
    How to Quickly Diagnose and Prevent Website Problems with Google Webmaster Tools
    Whether you need a crash course or a refresher, you'll find this report critical to your success!
    Search Engine Bytes
    How do I protect my blog posts from being scraped or stolen off my blog?
    How can I increase the crawl rate of my site in Google?
    How can I tell if my competitors are cheating and what can I do about it?
    How do I use KML to create customized geo-content for Google Maps?
    Should I be using coupon sites to promote my e-commerce site?
    Is your shopping cart software search engine friendly?
    December Highlights
    Search Engine Strategy & Optimization Updates for December 2008
    Featured Reports
    The Easiest Way to Build a Content-Rich Website
    We'll show you how to create the right kind of content and get it seen by the right people.
    How to Maximize Ad Performance & Boost ROI with Improved Keyword Tracking by HitTail
    An incredible and highly affordable resource that turns unprofitable PPC campaigns into winners!
    Search Engine Bytes
    What are the basic steps for making a search-engine-friendly dynamic site?
    Can an incorrect or negative Google Local Listing ever be removed?
    Why using domain masking or pointer domains is a bad idea!
    Google has indexed my site by my IP address. How can I correct this?
    Google just changed how they index and crawl Flash sites. Here is what you need to know!
    How do I add video annotations to my YouTube videos?
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