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  1. goodvin

    goodvin Человек-Волшебник

    27 июн 2006
    Description: The 0DayDB Script has many great features and includes all of the warez webmaster's staples needed in order to run a warez site!

    This is the second stable release of 0DayDB. The 2.0.x line is essentially feature frozen, point releases will see only bugs and such like fixed. Our next major release will be 0DayDB 3.0 and work is progressing on this. Please do not post questions asking when 3.0 will be available, no release date has been set. 0DayDB 3.0 is now feature frozen, please feel free to suggest new features for 0DayDB by contacting us via msn messengerr. We do not guarantee that all these will appear in 3.2 but we will do our best!:

    Version: 2.3
    Date Of Release: november, 5 2005

    Platform(s:( linux, freebsd
    Date Added: Nov 3, 2005
    Last Updated: Nov 14, 2005
    Author: d0xScripts

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