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  1. Vetaln


    8 фев 2007
    iJoomla SideBars

    iJoomla SideBars lets you place advertising banners directly on your article pages, which frees you from having to depend on the placement and positioning of separate modules. Just create a Banner SideBars and add it to your article, anywhere you like. You can control whether it is aligned to the right or left margin of the article, and you can add borders to set the Banner SideBar apart from the article and make the SideBar more attractive.

    AutoStand Pro 3.0

    AutoStand alows you to manage vehicles in your website in an easy way. Requires Joomla! or Mambo, and as been tested in Joomla 1.0
    * Capable of managing multiple categories, and sub categories
    * Multilanguage support
    * Search...and much more.

    iJoomla Magazine 2.1.0

    Joomla Magazine Component enables you to easily create a magazine layout for your Joomla website without tricky programming.

    1-2-3 FormBuilder 1.0

    With 1-2-3 Form Builder you don't need to watch or read any tutorial. You can start building your forms SIMPLE and Hassle-FREE from the beginning. Even if you just new using Joomla or never heard about XTHML or PHP. With 1-2-3 Form Builder, you don’t have to learn anything complex. Instead, it can do all the work for you - making it easy and fun to create all the forms, questionnaires and surveys you need and helping you get what you want the easiest and most effective way.

    Joomla Casino 1.0

    Casino Base is a base component for a series of casino games we have
    available for the future. This component is required before you install any of our
    casino games.
    Installation of com_casinobase is required to allow the Joomla Casino to operate. To install
    individual games, install the appropriate sub_module after installing the base,
    com_casino_slot for slots, com_casino_baccarat for

    IE Double Page Load & Hover Flicker Fix PLUS Speed Loader v1.00

    IE Double Page Load & Hover Flicker Fix PLUS Speed Loader is a highly compatible bot that will speed up your site load time to be one of the fastest. This bot also fixes two major IE issues that many users come across with IE.
    IE Double Page Load
    The IE Double Page Load issue is caused by an IE error where IE does not properly cache the site. If you have a large CSS or multiple CSS files in your site it will load all the images, then reload them again from the CSS. This is the cause for these sites to load twice. With this bot - it takes the double loading out of the equation and properly loads your site...once.
    IE Hover Flicker Issue
    If your users don't have their cache setting to Automatic it can cause IE Flicker issues on CSS image hovers in your site. This bot resolves this issue and applies a fix so that this will not happen.

    Google Translation Professional 0.3

    Google Translation Module Professional Version enables auto translation of your Joomla! website in English to NINE other languages. The languages available when writing this documentation are: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Arabic.
    1. Supports NINE Languages
    2. Users can SELECT which buttons to be made available on their website front-end.
    3. Selection of different variations of flag appearance! US or UK flag choice for English Language!
    4. Change to a different language even from already translated pages!
    5. Instantaneous translation of a web page. When an appropriate button is clicked on a web page, that page is translated and any further surfing from there also presents translated pages. Most other modules start the translation at the which may sometimes be annoying.
    6. No frame is presented at the top of the browser, hence it appears very natural to the users.
    7. XHTML 1.0 Compliant.
    8. Interlanguage translations available.
    9. Choice of opening translated pages in same window or new window.
    10. Option of include a message under the flags.
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