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  1. ArtemZ

    ArtemZ Прохожие

    Profile Manager Premium 3 ($199)

    Profile Manager Premium is a complete membership & subscription management cgi script for web sites. Designed for flexibility and easy site integration, PM Premium helps you build an active community by making it easy to join your site, browse and communicate with other users, and access your protected content.
    Build a professional site. Membership made easy. Even has phpBBS intergration.

    Customize membership database fields easily. In minutes.
    Use your favorite HTML editor to blend your membership section into your site.
    Manage users, send newsletters and make your own custom registration forms.
    Create advanced member search forms and result pages.
    Let your members upload pictures.
    Allow your members communicate using forum, internal messenger and blogs.

    Paid subscriptions icon_biggrin.gif made easy.
    Receive recurring subscription payments.
    Receive one-time fixed amount or donation payments.
    Support multiple membership types using Template Rules.
    Protect your products or documents under password protected folders.

    Novice users will find comprehensive and intuitive tools that make building an online membership database easy. Experienced web developers can focus on what really matters: providing a valuable and professional service to their clients or their community.

    How to Install:
    1. Create a directory under your web site. Let's call it "members".
    It should be possible to access to this directory by going to
    Перейти по ссылке
    2. Upload all files in this zip to this directory.
    Important Note: All non-image files must be uploaded in ASCII mode.
    Make sure your FTP client upload html, htm, cgi, cfg, lib extension
    files in ASCII mode.
    3. Set these permissions:
    - /members to chmod 777
    - /member/cgi/data and everything inside to chmod 766
    - All .cgi files under /members/cgi directory to chmod 755
    4. Open your browser and go to Перейти по ссылке.
    Follow the installation wizard and complete installation.
    5. Go to Перейти по ссылке to test everything.
    6. Go to your admin panel Перейти по ссылке and bookmark it.

  2. grimusm

    grimusm Писатель

    17 июл 2007
    Anyone able to re-upload this one? link is broken. Thanks.
  3. ArtemZ

    ArtemZ Прохожие

    I'm sorry, but I already format my third hard drive where it's was placed for use for freebsd)
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