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    Pointdev Ideal Dispatch 2009 v4.1.1

    DEAL Dispatch provides remote installing and uninstalling of software, remote running of scripts and programs, and remote actions (view, copy, rename).

    With the help of IDEAL Dispatch, you can remotely install Windows patches, run scripts and msi files, uninstall programs, or update software on all the servers and client workstations on your network.

    General description of the software:

    IDEAL Dispatch offers you a wide range of usage possibilities, thanks to the various types of actions it offers:

    * Script: Makes it possible to run a local or remote script file (.bat, .cmd, VB Script, .msi, .exe, .com, etc.).

    * VBScript: Makes it possible to run a local or remote VBScript file (.vbs).

    * Software update: Makes it possible to install service packs or software updates.

    * MSI: Makes it possible to install,repair, remove and announce a MSI file (.msi)
    * Uninstall : Makes it possible to uninstall software in classic or slient mode.

    * File: Makes it possible to copy, move, delete, edite of both files and directories.

    * System: Makes it possible to close a session, restart, shut-down, lock, put into extended stand-by, or cancel a direct action.

    Its intuitive interface, documentation, as well as the management provided when adding a distribution server and creating a new distribution, make IDEAL Dispatch a very easy-to-use tool.

    IDEAL Dispatch is installed in two minutes on any PC or server connected to your network.

    So, IDEAL Dispatch offers many functions providing many advantages in the management of all your computers:

    * Planning the installation and running of distributions on a large number of servers and workstations.
    * Selecting computers by group (All computers, All servers, All workstations, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server...), or by name.
    * Possibility of refining the selection of computers by applying fully customizable filters.
    * Displaying clear and detailed error and event reports.
    * Possibility of easily copying, modifying, and rescheduling a distribution.
    * Simplified rescheduling of failed actions or computers with one click.

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