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    DBPoweramp Music Converter v13.2

    Our areas of expertise:
    Audio conversion perfected, effortlessly convert between formats. dBpoweramp Music Convertera^„? has become a^ˆ~the standarda^ˆ™ tool for audio conversions, over 20 million users worldwide rely on dBpoweramp

    Convert audio files with elegant simplicity. mp3, mp4, m4a (iTunes / iPod), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) to name a few!
    Multi CPU Encoding Support,
    Rip digitally record audio CDs (with CD Ripper),
    Batch Convert large numbers of files with 1 click,
    Windows Integration popup info tips, audio properties, columns, edit ID-Tags,
    DSP Effects such as Volume Normalize, or Graphic EQ [Power Pack Option],

    Multi CPU Support encode using the full potential of your multi-CPU system:

    Multi CPU Encoding
    Modern computers have multiple cores, a 2 core system is effectively 2 computers and any program which can take advantage of multi-core encoding can encode twice as fast (on a 2 core system), or 4x faster on a quad core system.

    Rip: Secure & Fast surely secure & fast are not mutually compatible?, dBpoweramp throws away the rule book and achieves the impossible!, Read why dBpowerampa^ˆ™s CD Ripper should be your first choice when ripping.
    Batch Convert large numbers of files, be them in folders and sub-folders, with 1 click. It is also possible to selectively convert just one type of audio file from a mixed audio folder, or even a certain bit-rate.

    Windows Integration popup info tips, audio properties, columns, edit ID-Tags. Popup info tips show detailed information about the contents of an audio file, ID Tag type, bit rate, compression factor, even audio quality is calculated based on bitrate, frequency, bit-depth and encoder used.

    Edit ID Tags of audio files, embed album art all from within Explorer, tag multiple files in a single action.

    DSP digital signal processing, effects which can be applied whilst converting, many effects straight from pro-audio with internal 32 bit floating point processing, complete DSP effect listing.

    Windows Compatibility dBpoweramp works across a broad range of Windows versions, from Windows 98 to Windows Vista (64 bit versions included). Linux is catered for with Wine. Fully Unicode compatible.

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