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    AdminToys Suite 2009 1.4.1408

    AdminToys Suite is a collection of administration utilities for remote management of Windows Servers and Workstations.
    Supports Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.

    Save time on everyday administrative tasks with AdminToys Suite
    Monitor computers performance and reliability on your network
    Manage running processes remotely
    Inventory computers in your corporate networks for hardware configuration
    Track and limit disk space usage on remote machines
    Synchronize computer clock all over your network
    Perform a planning restart/shutdown or power on network computers
    Execute commands remotely on a stand-alone computer, group of computers or in the entire domain
    Configure network adapters remotely
    View or change Windows Registry keys and values on remote computers
    Control services on remote machine
    View logged events
    Gather your network computer's statistic and export it to CSV, TXT or HTML

    Top 5 key features that sets AdminToys Suite apart from competitors
    “All-in-one”. AdminToys Suite is a complex solution with increasing functionality from version to version
    No client-side software at all. You do not need to go and install any special software on computers that you will be remotely connecting to
    Batch processing. Perform the same operation on 1,000 remote computers as easy as on the local one
    Highest security level. For administrator authentication AdminToys Suite uses Windows security with Active Directory® support
    Ease and convenience. Modern Vista-like graphical interface

    Remote Performance Expert
    Remote Performance Expert monitors in-depth system performance metrics for Windows workstations and servers to help you easily and effectively manage and troubleshoot your computers.
    Provides an intuitive interface with graphical representation of the monitored parameters.
    Enables e-mail and network message alerting in real-time if any performance parameter is out of normal range.
    Built-in diagnostic tool allows to quick troubleshoot and resolve some common performance problems

    Remote Process Manager
    Remote Process Manager is an enhanced Windows Task Manager, that provides the ability to display processes running on remote computers.
    Allows you to terminate existing process or run a new one. Added the ability to search information about interesting process on the web.
    Performance Monitoring displays a detailed information for advanced purposes

    Network performance
    Multiple instances of Remote Process Manager helps you to monitor workstations and servers performance on your network

    Remote System Manager
    Remote System Manager lists key information about the remote system. This includes the uptime, memory size, installed baseboard, BIOS, processors, video adapters and much more.
    Allows to view remote desktop, change computer description, synchronize the clock, optimize performance, adjust recovery and debugging options.
    Remote power off, restart and log off are also supported

    Data Storage Information
    Data Storage Information enumerates all types of storage devices installed on the remote computer.
    Displays information about hard disk drives (including HDD health diagnostic and failure prediction), CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray disk drives, floppy drives, tape drives, USB flash devices, logical and mapped disks.
    Allows to view, copy, rename or delete files on remote storage devices. Opens devices without mapping them as network drives

    Get S.M.A.R.T. remotely
    Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology is a monitoring system for computer hard disks to detect and report on various indicators of reliability.
    This screen shows the results of the remote HDD diagnostic

    Logical Disk Space Usage
    In this picture Data Storage Information displays properties of remote hard disk partition.
    Disk type, file system, serial number, free space, used space, disk size, diagram, compression flag and disk quota settings are shown.

    Remote Disk Quota Manager
    Remote Disk Quota Manager allows to control how much space a user may take on the disk(s) on the remote machine

    Remote Disk Quota Manager
    You can configure the system to prevent further disk space use when a user exceeds a specified disk space limit.
    Also an event can be logged when a user exceeds the limit and/or exceeds a specified disk space warning level

    Remote Disk Quota Entries
    Remote Disk Quota Manager helps you to manage disk quota entries. You can add new quota entries for remote users, delete quota entries, modify user disk space limits and warning levels

    Remote Registry Manager
    Remote Registry Manager displays the system registry database of the remote computer and allows to view and delete existing keys and values, or to create new ones

    Remote Daemon Manager
    Remote Daemon Manager is a service viewer and controller utility for your network.
    It displays the name, description, status, startup type of a service and the account name under which a service runs.
    Allows you to start, stop, pause, resume and restart a service, change service startup type

    Remote Event Log Manager
    Remote Event Log Manager displays the contents of Event Logs on the remote computer.
    Allows you to filter events by the level, name of the log file, date and time, source, event ID or by task category.
    As all the AdminToys Suite modules, lets you dump the result to TXT or CSV file, or create a printable HTML report.
    Provides the ability to clear all records in the specified Event Log file

    Remote IP Configuration
    Unlike console “ipconfig” Windows utility, Remote IP Configuration has a stylish graphical interface and allows to connect to remote computers and configure network adapters remotely!
    Provides the ability to enable or disable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), change IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, ping and trace IPs, DNS, release and renew DHCP lease

    Remote Console
    Remote Console is a light-weight application that lets you execute console commands, programs and batches on other systems, complete with full interactivity, without having to manually install client software

    Batch Clock Synchronization
    Batch Clock Synchronization allows you to synchronize computer's clock on your network.
    Keeps system time accurate by synchronizing it with Atomic Clock Servers on the Internet. Supports synchronization with the clock on the host computer (if no Internet connection available)

    Batch Remote Power Off
    Batch Remote Power Off provides the ability to turn off computers remotely.
    It doesn''t mean, two or two hundred computers you want to shutdown, with Batch Remote Power Off you can do it sitting on a chair

    Batch Wake-on-LAN
    Batch Wake-on-LAN allows the computers to be turned on or woken up remotely by sending a special network message

    Batch Remote Restart
    Batch Remote Restart helps you to perform a planned restart of network computers.
    With the use of Batch Remote Restart you will save a lot of time

    Batch Remote Log Off
    Batch Remote Log Off allows to log current user off on the remote computers.

    Batch Command Execution
    Batch Remote Execution provides the ability to execute command remotely.
    Just select network computers and specify the command to execute, and Batch Remote Execution will run the command on all the computers. Afterwards, a detailed report log can be exported to a printable HTML file, CSV or TXT file.

    Batch Service Control
    Batch Service Control allows you to control services on network computers at once.
    Helps you to start, stop, pause, resume or change the startup type of specified service on computers over your network.

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