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    9 апр 2006
    Ever wanted to run your own video site such as Break.com? Well, we've brought you the perfect fully-loaded solution for all those trying to start their own video sites! With membership, ratings, comments, user upload options, powerful backend, and much more!

    Membership System
    The membership system allows users to sign up at your site. Afterwards, they can post comments, rate videos, private message, create a profile, submit content, submit links, and more!

    Ratings & Comments
    VideoSiteCMS includes a ratings system, so users can vote (1 through 10) on each video. The comment system allows users to post comments on content. Guest and member rating & comment permissions are configurable via the administration panel.

    Profile Pages
    Registered users can set up simple profiles to detail misc. information (name, location, IM handles, etc).

    User Private Messaging
    A must-need for a thriving community, VideoSiteCMS includes a private message system where users can have their very old inbox. They can compose messages aswell.

    VideoSiteCMS allows you to create as many categories as you want for organization of your media.

    Link Management
    VideoSiteCMS is setup so registered users can submit links through an automated system, where they pend approval by the admin. Administration includes a link manager where you can edit and delete archived links.

    Easy Administration
    The admin panel includes an easy portal for managing script configurations, media categories, users, comments, links, and more. It even includes a file manager to manage all your media on your site.

    Simple Theme System
    Our theme system includes a series of easy to understand template files for you to configure. It takes less than 30 minutes to setup a whole new predeveloped theme. Put some advertisements whereever you want, just by editing a template file. Very powerful and very simple.

    SEO Friendly
    VideoSiteCMS includes this optional feature (configurable by the admin panel), which uses mod_rewrite to make SEO friendly links for categories, videos, etc. Each video creates another indexed page, which aids to your search engine ranking.

    Over 4000 videos
    We have a 4000+ video pack available as an upgrade. See below for ordering details!

    Live Demo: _http://complexthought.net/demo/videocms/
    Admin Screenshot:_http://complexthought.net/demo/videocms-admin.jpg

    Download: _http://www.sitegiveaway.com/videocms.zip
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