DPI 1.1 Final - Image Hosting Script

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Публиковать (для всех) нуленые версии, особенно от modulesgarden КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ не стоит. Тема мониторится оным разработчиком, а к нам приходят абузы которые нельзя игнорировать.
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Модераторы: Amazko, Aste
  1. baltazorg


    7 авг 2008
    Image Hosting Script - DPI 1.1 Final
    Core Features:
    * NO MySQL (No Database)
    * Fastest among all imagehosting scripts on internet (yes it is claimed)
    * 100% FREE
    Package is provided alongwith automated installer that requires just one click to go. Secondly installer creates and verifies the sub-folders itself, so you do not need to chmod everything. Besides a help file HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt is also dispatched with the zip package that entails almsot every action needed to perform safe install.
    Detailed Features
    * Claimed to be Most Speedy Application on internet (most pages load in 2 milliseconds means 0.002 = 2/1000 milliseconds)
    o WHY ?
    o Brand new idea of Template-Caching through sessions
    o GZip Output buffering makes output smaller
    o No SQL, just plain files to store data
    o Security of files on Linux/Unix server
    o Very fast access to required pattern file
    o Images and thumbs caching
    o Pages caching for faster response
    o Animated images support
    o Images Rating
    o Images Archive
    o Datewise Archive
    o Galleries Archive
    o User registration
    o ZIP upload
    o Integrated Drawin API
    o Integrated Skin Editor
    o Remoted url Images transfer options
    o and more, read below
    * User registration / Login / Validation / Settings
    * Unbreakable Captcha for security (true type fonts based)
    * Galleries
    * Password Protected Galleries
    * Profiles / User biodata / gallery listing
    * User to User Messaging
    * Image Watermarking
    * multiple / single / from url uploads
    * Thumbs maintain aspect ratio
    * Admin Panel
    o Update Manager - Lets admin install updates / patches from image-host-script.com directly (no up/downloading)
    o Alexa Traffic Graph
    o User control - Edit / Suspend / Unlock
    o Image control
    o Gallery control Edit / Delete / Filter / Protect / Unprotect
    o Archived Images / Galleries
    o Full Flood Control
    o Server CPU control
    o Time limit for remote images migration
    o IP Blocking with Wildcard support
    o Install Updates directly from mother site - no mess of downloading and uploading or modifying scripts/templates
    * Full search Engine Optimization
    * Paging almost everywhere to prevent scattered view
    * User-end gallery maintenance
    o Add
    o Edit
    o Delete
    o Set / Remove Password
    o Move images between galleries easily
    o Set gallery custom icon image
    o Quick select/deselect all images in gallery
    o Get paste code for selected images
    * Full track of images
    * Visitor to track recently uploaded images if goes login or registers
    * All pages include script execution time.
    * Very easy to edit templates to add custom text or ads thoughout the site
    * Featured images' option for administrator easily accessible
    * And Secure as much as possible.
    * Report Abuse
    * Gallery custom tags for seo
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  2. dat


    31 окт 2007
    А я не против, пусть модер переместит.

    После абличения-то полегчало хоть?
    Еще один олень...
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