[Операционки] Windows Vista™ Ultimate Mix® SP2_32 Bit

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    Оригинальная сборка Windows Vista SP2, c кучей интегрированных программ, внешний вид сильно изменен, изменены звуки, иконки, курсоры, добавлены темы и т.п.

    ((System Requirements!))
    2GHz CPU (800MHz Minimum)- I recommend 2.8GHz or higher!
    512MB RAM (256MB Minimum)- I recommend 1GB or more!
    10 GBs of Hard disk space!
    Minimum Pixel Shader 2.0 graphics card.

    NOTE: Burn the ISZ image at low speeds using Ultraiso for best results and also make sure DVD is clean before installing!
    NOTE: I DO NOT recommend installing this version on P3 systems and older.
    NOTE: Vista doesn't takes advantage of the true L2 Cache of your processor!
    The Registry setting for the processor Level 2 Cache can also be tweaked for better performance! Contact me for more information!

    ((Modifications & Extras))

    *Faster Browsing With IE!
    *Latest Direct X Version!
    *Dreamscene Update Integrated!
    *Upgrade and Repair Options Are Available!
    *4GB Of Ram Is Supported In This Version!
    *All System Files Are Optomized For Best Performance!
    *Registry Tweaks For Better performance and Many Other Useful
    Registry Tweaks: "Take Ownership" in context menu, search in context
    menu, Additional Avlon Effects ( DWM ), Slow Motion Effect ( DWM
    Enabled Glass Effect without a supported graphic card,
    Useraccounts 2 on ControlPanel, Enabled ClearType, etc.........)

    *Customized Default Sounds!
    *Customized Default Aero Theme!
    *Customized Default Mouse Cursor!
    *Customized Default Logon Screen!
    *Customized Default Icons!
    *Customized Default Media Center Skin!
    *Customized Default Windows Media Player Skin!
    *Customized Explorer!

    *Vista Mix Extras folder! (This Folder Contains Download
    Links For More Themes, Wallpapers, Sidebar Gadgets, etc...!)
    *340 Coolest HD Wallpapers!
    *92 Sidebar Skins!
    *1000 Sidebar Gadgets!
    *2,450 Useraccount Pictures!
    *5,000 Vista Fonts!
    *130 High Quality Logon Screens!
    *65 High Quality Dreamscenes!
    *80 Hih Quality Bootskins!
    *140 Windows Media Player Skins!
    *14 New Screen Savers!
    *100 Best Themes!
    *60 Icon Packages!
    *20 Mosuse Cursor Sets!
    *33 Very Useful Applications!
    *4 Sound Schemes!

    *Windows 7 Calculator!
    *Transparent CMD Look!
    *Blue Task Manager!
    *Animated User Picture!
    *Cool Orb Animation and Sound!
    *New Animated Shell Color!

    7-zip v4.65!
    Bitlord v1.1
    FileHippo Software Update Checker v1.03!
    Internet Explorer 8!
    Nero 9.2.6 micro Multi-Language!
    Adobe Flash Player 10!
    BootSkin Vista 1.02!
    CrystalDiskMark 2.2!
    CrystalCPUID 4.14!
    GPU-Z GPU-Z v0.3.4!
    Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier v13.0!
    Firefox 3.0.10!
    Foxit Reader 3 Build 1506!
    Java 6 update 13!
    IconPackager 4.2!
    Vista Logon studio!
    LimeWire PRO 5.1.2!
    Notepad++ v5.3!
    Adobe Photoshop CS4!
    Microsoft Office 2007 Entterprise!
    RocketDock 1.35!
    Crap Cleaner V2.19!
    Sidebar Styler!
    Silverlight 2.0!
    UltraIso Premium v9.32!
    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.80!
    SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4!
    Yahoo messenger 9.0!
    Winrar 3.90!
    Windows Live Messenger 2009!
    Winamp Pro 5.5!
    Nod32 Antivirus Bussiness v4.0.417!

    What's gone? / Что удалено?

    Printers (752/MBs!)

    ((Languages))(keyboard languages support Still Included!)
    Japanese (227/MBs!)
    Korean (140/MBs!)
    Simplified Chinese (366/MBs!)
    Table Driven text Input Processor
    Traditional Chinese (341/MBs!)

    Music and video samples (405/MBs!)

    Disk defragmenter
    Malicious software removal
    Remote differential compression
    Security center
    Windows defender (Trash!)

    ИНФО(RU) / INFO(EN):
    Платформа / Platform: x86 (32bit)
    Язык / Language: По умолчанию - английский / English default
    Активация / The Crack: Смотрите ACTiV.rar / use ACTiV.rar
    Размер / Size: 3.1 GB

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