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    Soporific - автор популярной и известной сборки Windows XP - LastXP. Данная сборка предназначена для запуска не посредственно прямо с CD-диска. С большим набором утилит на борту: антивирусные сканеры, офисные, графические и мультимедийные приложения, системные(тестирование, разгон и охлаждение и т.п.), софт для работы с жесткими дисками, проги для работы над образами и CD/DVD дисками, софт для работы в интернете(Icq, браузеры, IP шифровалки, менеджеры закачки, удаленное администрирование) и несколько игр(что бы со скуки не "умереть"!). Всего более 300 утилит и это все в одном ISO/CD-образе. Интегрированы драйверпаки от Башрата(driverpacks.net:( Mass-Storage, USB, Audio, Network, Video, etc. Это и делает его очень полезным данный диск, особенно для тех, кому часто приходится заниматься "упавшими" операционками ;).

    Системные требования:
    512 MB ОЗУ, 256 MB только на работу системы и 384 нужно только на старт системы ...
    1024 MB ОЗУ рекомендует автор сборки для быстрой работы системы и утилит ...

    * Boots your PC with Windows XP Professional SP2. Most features you are used to are available in terms of Start Menu, Desktop, Windows Explorer, Registry, etc.

    * Video support is provided by the VBEMP x86 Project which produced the Universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver for Windows NT x86 Architecture that drives the video in the PE. This means that most people will see something, even if its not the highest resolution you are used to. For example, i have a 1440 x 900 screen that only gives me a max resolution of 1152 x 864 in the PE due to not supporting widescreen resolutions by default but that's still pretty good considering. The best resolution i've been able to get is 1280 x 1024 x 32 bit color. Those with flat panels with exactly this default resolution will have the best experience.

    * Network and Mass Storage support is via the latest driverpacks from driverpacks.net -- they will work for most of the world's network cards (not wireless though sorry) and also the latest SATA drives. These network card drivers combined with PENetwork 0.39 (automatically starts and asks if you want to start networking) will get 99% of people with LAN network connections onto the net, if that is how you normally connect.

    * Audio support is provided for most systems via the XPE project. The following cards are supported: Realtek AC97 base, kxAudio (SBLive/Audigy), Creative PCI, Creative SB16, Aureal Vortex 8810/8820/8830, VIA AC97, Intel 82801AA/AB/BA/CA AC97, SiS 7018, ALi Audio Accelerator, Crystal WDM, CS4281, ESS Allegro, Maestro, etc., Yamaha DS1, OPL3-SAx, Aztech 2320, NeoMagic MagicMedia, USB Audio, and also MS VMWare, and Virtual PC.

    * USB device support is available for external hard drives, mice and keyboards but please plug-in prior to booting with the CD. All external hard disks should be recognized.

    * Over 300 apps are available from the CD, the shortcuts are dynamically created at boot time. It's easy to add and subtract from this list to make your custom CD, just have a look inside the ppApps folder and work it out. To take out apps, just delete the folder. To add apps, just include the required files - use the existing folders to understand how it works. Then use the file inside the MakeCD folder to re-make the CD image.

    * Boot SDI - The entire system directory for the OS is loaded into your RAM at boot time. This was achieved using the Boot SDI script in WinBuilder. This means you have a limited ability to install programs you wish to use for a PE session. The amount of space isn't huge, you only get 24 MB of free space for your system directories but this should be sufficient for most apps, the program files can go onto another drive. Anything that needs to reboot will not generally work but everything else should.

    * Loading into your RAM also means a relatively short load time. It should only take 2 - 4 minutes, as opposed to 6 - 10 mins if you are booting directly from the CD. It is also a much more responsive system due to operating entirely inside your RAM as opposed to relying on a very slow connection between your CD drive and PC.

    * A RAM disk is also created in addition to loading the system folders into RAM. This was set to allocate the size of the disk using a % based formula that allocates different amounts depending on how much you have actually available. Many applications will make use of this space and will be assigned to the B: drive. This is how it equates:

    - 512 MB installed RAM will have a 60 MB RAM disk;
    - 768 MB - 120 MB
    - 1 GB - 171 MB
    - 2 GB - 375 MB

    * The following apps are integrated into the explorer shell: 7-Zip 4.57, CMD anywhere, Scanner 2.8, and WinRAR 3.71. Also, FoxitReader 2.2 will open PDF files automatically, and Irfan View will open all the files it recognizes which includes audio files and HEAPS of others. Also integrated were Windows Scripting (WSH), Visual Basic (VB6), and AutoIT (au3).

    * The following apps are loaded automatically on booting: Unlocker 1.86, and PowerMenu 1.51.

    System Requirements

    System Minimum Requirements:
    * Any computer that can normally run XP, with at least 512 MB of RAM to have all features available. This may also run on systems with only 384 but it won't be very usable. It defintely won't work on a system with only 256 MB.
    * A CD or DVD drive (the faster the better).

    System Recommended Requirements:

    * Any computer that can normally run XP with at least 1024 MB of RAM. All features and applications will work.

    List of apps
    - all apps have a description you can read when you hover your mouse over the shortcut icon.

    ** Accessories
    Registry Editor
    Task Manager
    Windows Explorer

    ** Audio
    Audacity 1.3.5
    BonkEnc 1.06
    CDex 1.70
    CoolPlayer 2.16
    Easy CDDA Extractor Professional 11.1.0
    Exact Audio Copy 0.99 pb4
    LameXP 2.03
    MP3 Splitter & Joiner 3.03
    Mp3tag 2.39c
    mp3Trim Pro 1.90

    ** CD & DVD
    Nero Burning ROM
    VisualSubst 2.6.3
    Nero CD-DVD Speed
    Infra Recorder 0.44.1
    Infra Express 0.44.1
    DiskCheck 1.00.0075
    Recovery Toolbox for CD 1.0
    LC ISO Creator v1.1
    HT-Fireman 0.4 (1.4)
    Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1
    Media Checker 2.03
    Nero DriveSpeed 3.0
    EasyDVDBurner 3.0
    ExpressBurn 4.08
    WinImage 6.10.6100

    ** Development
    010 HexEditor 2.01
    AutoIT 3.4.9
    Dependency Walker 2.2
    FileExtInfo 2.0
    GhostMouse 2.0
    InstallWatch Pro 3.5c
    PE Module Explorer
    ResizeEnable 1.4
    Showin 2.0
    SysExporter 1.39
    Thinstall 3.387
    WhatChanged 1.06

    ** Disk
    7Tools Image Explorer 2.0
    7Tools Partition Manager 2005
    A43 File Manager 2.52
    Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1
    ActiveUndelete 5.0.015
    ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1.02
    AgentRansack 1.7.3
    Ant Renamer 2.09
    AusLogics Defrag 1.4.13
    Bulk Rename Utility
    Defragger 3.0
    Defraggler 1.01.073 beta
    DefragNT 1.9
    Directory Lister 0.9.1
    Directory Snoop 5.02 (FAT)
    Directory Snoop 5.02 (NTFS)
    Dirms 1.2.2
    Disk Explorer for NTFS 2.31
    Disk Investigator 1.4
    Disktective 4.0
    Drive Manager 3.31
    DriveImage XML 1.21
    DSynchronize 2.30.1
    Dupe File Finder 2.0
    EasyCleaner 2.0
    EasyRecovery Professional 6.10
    Effective File Search 3.3
    Explore2fs 1.07
    Fab's AutoBackup 2.1
    File List Generator 1.0
    Floppy Bad Sector Repair
    FolderSize 1.4
    Free Commander 2007
    GUI for MBRFIX 1.01
    Hasher 1.00
    HDDScan 2.8
    HDTune Pro 3.0
    ICE ECC 2.4
    IDSuite 2.1
    ImageMaker 1.1
    IZARC 3.81
    JR Directory Printer 1.2
    Kgb Archiver 1.2.1
    Linux Reader 1.1
    MD5verifier 1.05
    MiTec Windows File Analyser 1.0
    Norton Disk Doctor 2005
    NTFSLink 1.00
    OverDisk 0.11b
    Partition Find & Mount 2.2
    Partition Magic 8.05
    Partition Table Doctor 3.5
    PC INSPECTOR File Recovery 4
    Pocket KillBox
    Power Data Recovery Pro 4.1.1
    PowerDefrag GUI 2.0
    PowerDesk Pro 5
    RAID Reconstructor 2.31
    Recover It All Professional 3.2.3264
    Recover My Files 2.29
    Recovery Manager 1.5
    Recuva 1.13.304
    Restoration 2.5.14
    R-Linux 1.0
    Roadkils Undelete 1.2
    Scanner 2.8
    SectorSpyXP 2.1
    Smart Data Recovery (mobile edition)
    Smart Driver Backup 2.11
    Snapshot 1.38
    Soft Perfect File Recovery 1.1
    SwissKnife 3.21
    Symantec Ghost32 11.0
    Symantec Ghost32 Explorer
    Symantec GhostCast Server
    SynchronizeIt 3.3
    TestDisk 6.5
    Total Commander 6.52
    TreeSize Professional 3.3
    Turbo File Uneraser
    U&U Recover Files 2.0
    Ultimate Data Recovery 5.0
    Ultimate Defrag 2008
    Undelete Plus 2.9
    Universal Extractor 1.6
    Unstoppable Copier 3.1
    Upx Frontend
    Upx GUI 1.8
    Visual File Information 4.2
    WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics 1.09
    winMd5Sum 1.01.55
    WinMerge 2.8
    WinRAR 3.71
    Ycopy 1.0d
    Zip Repair 1.0

    ** Games
    Classic Arcade Pack
    PokerTH 0.6.1
    Sudoku 1.1.7a
    Mines Perfect 1.4
    Uno 1.6
    SameGame 1.11

    ** Graphics
    Advanced JPEG Compress 5.0
    FastStone Capture 5.3
    FastStone Viewer 3.5
    Icons From File 3.32
    IrfanView 4.10
    PhotoFiltre 6.3.1
    PTGui 7.8
    WinSnap 2.0.3
    X-Gimp 2.4.2

    ** Internet
    AnalogX Proxy 4.14
    Angry IP Scanner 2.21
    BabyFTP 1.24
    CoreFTP 2.1
    Dynamic Torrent Searcher 3.2
    eMule 0.48a
    eMule MorphXT 10.5
    FlashGet 1.9.4
    HTTP File Server v2.2b
    IP Sniffer 1.8
    Miranda v0.7.4
    MiTec NetMet 1.0
    NetMeter 1.13
    NetStatLive 2.11
    Nicspeed 1.4
    Opera 9.27
    Outlook Express Viewer 3.2
    Portmon 3.02
    Procmon 1.25
    PuTTY 0.60
    Quick 'N Easy FTP Server 3.1
    QuickMailer 2.2
    Radmin Viewer 3.0
    Superscan 3.0
    TCP Optimizer 2.03
    TightVNC 1.3.9
    Trace Route 2.00
    TYPSoft FTP Server 1.10
    uTorrent 1.7.7
    VNC Server Free
    VNC Viewer
    WackGet 1.2.2
    WinHTTrack 3.42

    ** Multimedia
    DVD Shrink 3.2
    FastStone Player 3.2
    GSpot 2.70a
    MediaInfo (May 2008)
    SmartRipper 3.41
    VirtualDub 1.7.8
    VLC Media Player 0.8.6h
    XVid 1.1.3

    ** Office
    AbiWord 2.6.3
    AcroPad 1.3.2
    Atlantis Word
    Centillion Calculator 1.0
    Converber 1.71
    Foxit Reader v2.2 Build 2129
    Moffsoft Calculator 2
    Notepad++ 4.9
    PDF Toolkit 0.48
    SaveMyWork 1.0.45
    Spread32 2.02
    Star Dict 2.4.8
    Texter 0.5
    Tomahawk PDF+ 3.0
    UltraCompare 1.10
    UltraEdit 14.00a

    ** Security
    a2 AntiTrojan 3.5 (updated 1-Jun-08)
    Ad-Aware SE professional 1.06 (updated 1-Jun-08)
    Advanced Outlook Express Recovery 1.1
    CopyWipe 1.14
    CyberShredder 1.10
    Disk Redactor 1.0.148
    DriveEraser 1.11
    KeePass Password Safe 1.09
    LockNote 1.04
    McAfee Rootkit Detective 1.0
    NOD32 Anti-Virus 2.70 (updated 1-Jun-08)
    NTpwEdit 0.3
    Password Renew 1.1 Beta
    PicoCrypt 0.1.1
    SuperAntiSpyware 4.0 (updated 1-Jun-08)
    Trend Micro SysClean (updated 1-Jun-08)
    TrueCrypt 5.0a
    WindowsGate 1.0
    X-Ways Security 1.3
    X-Ways Trace 1.51
    Zone Alarm Pro 5.5.94

    ** System
    Bart's Stuff Test 5.1.3
    CPU Bench
    CPU Clock Utility 2.35
    CPU-Z 1.45
    CurrProcess 1.13
    Dead Pixel Tester 2.30
    DimScreen 1.0
    Double Driver 1.0
    DTaskManager 1.51
    EVEREST Ultimate Edition 4.2.1292
    Glue 1.0
    GPU-Z 0.2.3
    HDD Temperature 1.00
    MemTest 3.6
    MiTec System Information 10.7
    MultiRes 1.58
    On-Screen Keyboard 2.0
    Pitaschio 2.11
    PowerOff 3.0
    Process Explorer 11.20
    Quick Bench 1.1
    RAMTester 2005
    Rebuild Icon Cache 1.0
    Registry Editor PE 0.9c
    Registry Restore Wizard 1.0.4
    RegScanner 1.63
    RegSeeker 1.55
    RegShot (Paraglider)
    RM MemoryAnalyzer 3.72
    ServicesPE 1.4
    ShellWM 0.7
    Shutter 2.90
    SIW 2008-04-02
    SpeedFan 4.33
    StartBtn Renamer 2.02
    StatBar 2.406
    StraightMark 2005 1.2.1
    Stress Prime 2004
    System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit 6
    TaskSwitch XP Pro 2.0.11
    THG Clock 1.2
    Unknown Devices 1.2
    WCPUID 3.3.1092
    Why Reboot 1.01.537
    WinAudit 2.27
    Windows Disk Benchmark 2.02
    Windows Registry Editor PE 2.1.00
    WinFlash 2.61e
    ZoomIT 1.71

    MD5: 14A60E615252B4881522B5EF8AE8D59E * Windows.XP.Live_.May.2008.SoPoRific.iso

    ИНФО(RU) / INFO(EN):
    Разработчик / Developer: MICROSOFT
    Авторы / Authors: S0P0RiFiC-T3AMLXP
    Тип / Type: Операционная система / Operating System
    Язык / Language: английский / English
    Активация / Activation: Не требуется / it is not required
    Размер / Size: 688 MB

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