[MST] EZRealty v4.2.3

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  1. SNap!

    SNap! Прохожие

    ----------------==MAFiASCRiPTS OFFICIAL RELEASE==----------------
    ======================[Proudly Presents]=========================
    | NAME        : EZRealty
    | VERSION     : 4.2.3
    | TYPE        : Realty Component for Joomla! CMS
    | SUPPLIER    : MST member                                  
    | NULLIFIER   : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | PACKER      : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | TESTED      : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | RELEASE     : 4/15/2007                                    
    | LANGUAGE    : PHP                                    
    | PROTECTION  : Removed                  
    | WEBSITE     : http://www.raptorservices.com.au
    | AUTHUR      : Kathy Strickland
    | RETAIL      : $79.95                                                          
    | MST PRICE   : $FREE  
    | DISTRO      : via MST                                      
    | DEMO        : http://www.ezrealty.info/
    | ADDONS      : Mods and Plugins
    | XTRA NOTE   : Props to the contributors of this project.
    | DOCS        : Check "readme.txt" file
    EZ Realty is not a "stand-alone" script - it's a component developed
    for use with the Joomla! 1.0x content management system. As a
    "database-driven" PHP script, EZ Realty requires:-
    * Joomla! content management system - all 1.0x versions of
    Joomla! are supported, but you should always use the most recent
    version PayPal account if wanting to offer paid member's listings
    * MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 3.23.54 - 4.1.13
    * PHP scripting support - tested on servers running versions
    4.2.2 - 5.0.4
    * The ability to send email using the built-in mosMail() function.
    This should make EZ Realty suitable for both Windows and
    *nix-type operating systems.
    * Zend Optimizer - a free application available from Zend.
    This is required to run files encrypted by the Zend Guard system.
    EZ Realty is a simple property listing component and multi-module
    combo for the Joomla! content management system. Although it's
    simple to use - it comes with a huge list of features to make your
    listings look great - and it's all very configurable via the admin
    a. unpack
    b. check readme.txt
    c. install
    1. Experienced nuller/coder/programmer:
    * Able to remove license, domain or certificate checks
    * Able to remove hotlinks, image links or copyright
    * Able to do simple base64 decode
    2. Retail scripts supplier
    3. Quality Assurance Testers (QAT):
    * Able to test scripts in a local and live environments
    * Test to make sure there are no callbacks
    * Check for bugs and fix them as needed.
    * Make sure scripts are working correctly and etc...
    If u got skillz in: ionCube, SourceGaurdian, Codelock, phplock,
    SourceCop and Zend encoded scripts are a major PLUS+++!!!.
    We held no responsibility for any releases.
    Use it at your own discretion. If you like it, then please buy it!
    We don't do tech support.
    Remember, this is for recreational and educational purposes only!


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