[MST] SubDreamer Pro v2.4.1

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  1. SNap!

    SNap! Прохожие

    ----------------==MAFiASCRiPTS OFFICIAL RELEASE==----------------
    | NAME        : SubDreamer Pro
    | VERSION     : 2.4.1
    | TYPE        : CMS
    | SUPPLIER    : MST member                                  
    | NULLIFIER   : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | PACKER      : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | TESTED      : MAFiASCRiPTS                                  
    | RELEASE     : 04/15/2007                                    
    | LANGUAGE    : PHP/MySQL                                    
    | PROTECTION  : Removed                  
    | WEBSITE     : www.subdreamer.com
    | AUTHUR      : Subdreamer, LLC
    | RETAIL      : $99.95                                                          
    | MST PRICE   : $FREE  
    | DISTRO      : via MST                                      
    | DEMO        : _http://
    | ADDONS      : N/A
    | XTRA NOTE   : Props to the contributors of this project.
    | DOCS        : Check "readme.html" file
    | REQUIREMENTS: Below are the requirements:
    * Apache running Linux
    * PHP 4.1 or Greater
    * MySQL 3.23 or greater
    * GD Graphics Library2 (GD2)
    Subdreamer CMS is a powerful yet simple program used for creating
    websites. With it's quick installation and easy to use admin
    interface you will have your website up and running within minutes.
    Whether your goal is creating a simple website with a couple pages
    or a larger website with hundreds of pages, Subdreamer CMS will get
    you there by providing unbeatable content management tools.
    Download today and join the thousands of members that are already
    using Subdreamer CMS to power their websites!
    a. unpack
    b. check readme.html
    c. install
    d. enjoy!
    * Experienced nuller/coder/programmer:
    (Knowledgeable in ionCube, SourceGaurdian, Codelock, phplock, base64
    SourceCop and Zend encoded scripts is a plus)
    * Retail scripts supplier
    * Quality Assurance Testers
    contact us if you fit any of the above categories.
    We held no responsibility for any releases.
    Use it at your own risk. If you like it. You buy it!
    We don't do tech support.
    Remember, this for recreational and educational purposes only!


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