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    17 июн 2006

    Search Engine Optimization
    with: Richard John Jenkins

    If you’re out of sight on the Web, says Search Engine Optimization specialist Richard John Jenkins, you’re out of mind. Braving the wilds of search engine myths and facts, Richard offers essential tips on how to appear at the top of search results in Yahoo!, Google, and other popular search engines. From purchasing placement to optimizing keyword variations, from avoiding "black hat" SEO practices to setting up a search-friendly site, Richard covers it all. He also shares how to best submit your Web pages for indexing, how to monitor page rank, and how to build a solid base of links to your site. A must-watch video tutorial for experienced website publishers and for those just getting into the Web game.

    Table of contents

    1. Getting Started

    Overview 2:57 2.6 MB
    What is Search Engine Optimization? 9:37 19.5 MB
    What is Search Engine Marketing? 7:35 15.1 MB
    Target audience, goals, and skills required 5:54 3.7 MB
    Patience is a keyword to SEO success 3:42 3.1 MB

    2. Black Hat SEO/White Hat SEO

    What is white hat SEO? 7:19 14.8 MB
    What is black hat SEO? 7:18 10.1 MB

    3. The Search Magician's Three Linking Rings

    Searchers, search engines, and web sites 7:38 9.1 MB
    What kind of web theme are you? 4:02 6.9 MB

    4. The First Linking Ring: Know Your Searchers

    Get inside the mind of the searcher 5:43 11.5 MB
    Secret searcher agent mind reading gizmo! 6:53 13.9 MB
    How searchers search (from broad to targeted) 6:21 12.5 MB
    The search needs of the searcher 3:08 4.6 MB
    See your site through your searcher's eyes 2:20 4.7 MB
    Searchers are not experts 7:03 12.1 MB
    Summary 3:51 7.4 MB

    5. The Second Linking Ring: Know the Search Engines & Directories

    Quick overview: how search engines crawl, index, and rank pages 8:17 16.9 MB
    Directory landscape 8:56 17.1 MB
    Search engine landscape 8:50 17.6 MB
    No search engine is an island 8:56 14.7 MB
    An SEO perspective of the major search engines and directories 14:27 31.5 MB
    Searching locally 7:46 15.6 MB
    Searching from mobile devices 8:30 13.5 MB

    6. SEO Tools: Browser Bars

    Browser search tool bars 7:46 14.9 MB
    Google's search tool bar and page rank 13:40 20.9 MB

    7. SEO Tools: Keyword Research/Project Management

    Google's suggest, term tool, and AdWord's keyword tools 9:13 16.8 MB
    Keyword Tracker and Keyword Discovery 11:43 18 MB
    Yahoo's keyword selector and view bids tools 4:05 7.9 MB
    Reference and organization tools 9:29 16.7 MB
    SEO project management tools 2:30 3.2 MB

    8. SEO Tools: Links, KDA, and Rank Checkers

    MarketLeap's tools 10:54 17.8 MB
    Enquiro's search engine intelligence tools 4:05 7.6 MB
    Bruce Clay's SEO toolset part 1 11:37 24.9 MB
    Bruce Clay's SEO toolset part 2 7:18 15.2 MB
    We build pages' neat-o back link checker tool 3:08 5.4 MB

    9. SEO Tools: Code Checkers, & Web Site Analytics

    WC3 HTML code validation tool 4:04 8.3 MB
    Web site analytics tools 10:53 19 MB

    10. Keywords: The Golden Key to Outstanding SEO

    Keyword research 7:38 9.7 MB
    Types of keywords 7:05 14.5 MB
    Stop words 2:48 5.9 MB
    Keywords' best friends are landing pages 5:16 10.5 MB
    Keywords and the long tail principle 7:11 14 MB
    Keyword competitive intelligence 5:25 10.5 MB
    Copyrighted material and cyber-plagiarism 4:43 7.5 MB

    11. The Third Linking Ring: Creating Search Friendly Web Sites

    Putting it all together! 3:43 7.3 MB
    A trip to Los Angeles with web searchers, John and Julie 3:04 6.2 MB
    John and Julie's search keywords 3:53 7 MB
    John's search goal 3:08 6.7 MB
    Julie's search goal 3:01 1.9 MB
    Santa Monica carousel, a fan's site (SEO training site) 3:31 7.4 MB

    12. Before We Begin: Site Setup the Wrong Way

    How not to set up a search friendly site 4:11 4.4 MB
    Spiders can't click, they're blind too! 4:00 7.6 MB
    Text! Text! Did I mention text? 3:41 3.9 MB

    13. SEO Hands-On: Site Setup in a Search Friendly Way

    Introducing Dreamweaver 7:37 6.8 MB
    Santa Monica carousel fan site keyword research 5:50 9.2 MB
    Picking search friendly domain names 3:28 6.2 MB
    Dreamweaver setup 14:00 17.2 MB
    Search-friendly page titles 7:55 9.8 MB
    Search-friendly meta keywords and descriptions 11:04 12.8 MB
    Search-friendly body text 9:31 17 MB
    Search-friendly headings and specialized text 7:07 12.5 MB
    Search-friendly images 10:30 19.9 MB
    Search-friendly internal links 8:37 16 MB
    Search-friendly navigation 7:42 14.6 MB
    Search-friendly resources and site map page 6:04 11.7 MB
    Search-friendly landing pages 12:13 22.5 MB
    HTML code validation / KDA check 7:21 15.5 MB
    Summary 4:05 7.9 MB

    14. Optimized Web Pages: Submitting and Monitoring Page Rank

    Track and log submissions ahead of time 7:23 7.3 MB
    Using site operator to check for indexing 6:22 13.5 MB
    Submitting to search engines 8:42 9.9 MB
    Submitting to directories 5:44 8.7 MB
    Monitoring page the hard and easy way 4:20 9 MB

    15. Santa Monica Carousel Fan Web Site

    How is it ranking in the SERPs? 10:07 21.9 MB

    16. Link Building: The Company You Keep

    It's not who you know, it's who recommends you! 5:55 10.6 MB
    Hubs and authorities 8:40 10.4 MB
    Keyword rich anchor text is key 6:33 12.2 MB
    How to request inbound links 4:52 4.9 MB
    Add URL trick 1:48 3.5 MB

    17. Top Ten SEO Lists

    Top ten SEO tips, tools, mentors, and resource lists! 2:04 2.8 MB

    18. Errata, Corrections, & Updates

    Errata, corrections, and updates 2:04 1.1 MB
    Our live site ranks! 5:19 12.4 MB

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