[Дизайн] AAA Logo 2009 Business Edition 3.0 - Создание Логотипов

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    AAA Logo 2009 Business Edition 3.0 - Создание Логотипов


    This logo design software will help you to design professional logo image for printing or the Web in minutes! Choose one of 100+ pre-made logo templates as a start point for your logo project or create a blank logo project and make your own logo from scratch.

    AAA Logo has it’s own vector-based logo objects library with more then 2000 customizable logo elements. Exactly the same technique to create logo images using pre-designed logo elements is used by almost all professional logo designers to create logos for their clients.


    - Not just for Logo Design !
    - Design logos / business graphics in any industry
    - Create professional, high resolution images in clicks
    - Get started without having to open a manual
    - Get a lean, slim business graphics design machine

    Create Your Own Unique Logos in Minutes:

    This logo creation process is simple and saves your time:
    1. Download and install AAA Logo - logo design software. Click Here
    2. Choose logo template from library or start a blank logo
    3. Add new logo objects, customize/replace objects from template
    4. Customize colors and effects
    5. Adjust overall logo colors
    6. Export you new logo for the Web or printing

    System Requirements

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/98/Me/NT/2000
    CPU: Pentium processor minimum
    Memory: 128Mb or more
    Free hard drive space: 50Mb

    Size: 7.7 MB

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    enterupload.com -
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    easy-share.com -
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