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  1. maximus

    maximus Постоялец

    23 мар 2007
    IlohaMail (pronounced: e-lo-ha-mail) is a light weight yet full featured multilingual webmail program that is easy to use and install. It runs on a stock build of PHP, and does not require databases (although database support is available) or the IMAP library (it is powered by a custom IMAP/POP3 library).

    IlohaMail is released under the General Public License (GPL). You may download it, use it, deploy it, re-distribute it, or feed it to your dog as you wish, free of charge

    POP3 & IMAP Support
    Send, receive, file, delete messages
    Create, rename, delete folders (requires IMAP)
    Send/receive attachments
    Message threading (Group related messages together)(requires IMAP) [development]
    Filter messages based on any header field or content [development]
    View images/html inline
    Search messages (requires IMAP)
    User defined colors
    GPG/PGP support (requires GPG) [development]
    Full featured Contacts list
    Multiple sender identities
    Spell checker (requires aspell)
    Calendar/scheduler with repeat events (requires MySQL)
    Bookmarks manager
    Integrated RSS aggregator (news reader) [development]
    Customizable - Over 2 dozen user preferences
    Support for over 30 languages


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