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    17 июн 2006

    Learning XHTML
    with: William E. Weinman

    In the fast-paced world of web development XHTML is becoming as important as HTML. Whether you are already familiar with HTML or just learning, whether you use an authoring system or write by hand, you need to know XHTML and how it works. Learning XHTML is designed to help you understand XHTML, why it is replacing HTML for many new applications, and how to make it work for you. More than just a tutorial, Learning XHTML covers the how and the why of XHTML documents, including document structure, block and inline level tags, floating images, controlling white space, phrase and font markup, and much more! From setting up a simple web page to adding Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript rollovers, Learning XHTML gives you the skills you need to take control of your web pages.

    Table of contents

    Introduction and Overview

    welcome 0:17 2.1 MB
    introduction 11:49 14.97 MB
    what is xml? 2:38 4.85 MB
    conversion 3:00 4.65 MB
    overview 10:30 18.95 MB

    XHTML Structure and Tags

    structure of an XHTML document 7:53 11.4 MB
    outer document containers 5:54 10.5 MB
    creating and using templates 2:33 4 MB
    XHTML and text 5:15 8.1 MB
    paragraphs 7:34 13.2 MB
    block and inline tags 3:58 5.8 MB
    controlling line breaks and spaces 7:00 11.6 MB
    phrase elements 3:54 7.4 MB
    font-markup elements 3:00 5.5 MB
    headings 3:30 5.1 MB
    quotations and quote marks 5:29 9.9 MB
    pre-formatted text using the PRE tag 1:36 2.1 MB
    selecting a type face using the FONT tag 4:32 7 MB
    selecting a type size using the FONT tag 4:11 6.7 MB
    XHTML lists 10:57 17.9 MB
    introduction to hyperlinks 6:23 11.2 MB
    relative URLs 10:16 14 MB
    specifying a base for relative URLs 3:09 4.3 MB
    fragments 4:51 8.6 MB
    inline images 5:17 6.8 MB
    flowing text around an image 7:03 13.1 MB

    Cascading Style Sheets

    introduction to CSS 3:44 6.8 MB
    levels of inheritance 6:34 11.6 MB
    syntax overview 7:24 13.9 MB
    using selectors to create classes of styles 3:04 5.9 MB
    some CSS units of measure 11:02 18.5 MB


    introduction to XHTML tables 9:23 16.6 MB
    aligning images with tables 5:30 9.7 MB


    frames overview 8:19 13.8 MB


    forms overview 10:45 18.9 MB

    JavaScript Rollovers

    JavaScript rollovers 11:42 21 MB


    goodbye 0:16 2.1 MB

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    26 авг 2006
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