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  1. Hander


    19 ноя 2007
    RealTime Landscaping architect 2.04


    Программный пакет для профессионального проектирования ландшафта в 2D и 3D
    Ландшафтный дизайнер, без сомнения, должен обладать не только хорошим вкусом, но и знанием архитектурных стилей - как исторических так и современных направлений, законами композиции, цветоведения, колористики, формообразования, биологии, дендрологии, ландшафтной графики и компьютерным моделированием.

    RealTime Architect - программный пакет для профессионального проектирования ландшафта в 2D и 3D. Предоставляет возможность создания дендраплана, рельефов, трехмерного изображения объектов, а также эффект реального путешествия по территории. Вы создадите дендроплан, вида участка с вы-соты птичьего полета, 3D-изображения уча-стка с возможностью передвижения по тер-ритории, создание видеопрогулки.

    Версия 2.0 содержит более 200 новых аксессуаров, 12.800 объектов, 5700 эксклюзивных планировок и 1200 атрибутов дизайна.

    На сайте программы имеется внушительная фотогалерея готовых проектов и скриншотов программы, а также просмотр небольших видеороликов дизайнерских работ,созданных при помощи RealTime Architect.

    Designed for landscape professionals, sell more jobs with stunning landscape plans and presentations. Create plans with a hand-drawn look in a fraction of the time. Produce 3D movies and walkthroughs to communicate your landscaping ideas. No CAD experience required.

    New Objects.
    Added over 200 new accessories and other objects, such as greenhouses, barbeques, and lawn furniture. Total is now 12,800 objects, including 5700 plants and 1200 accessories.

    Plant Row and Fill Tools
    Easily landscape large areas using the new Plant Fill tool. Multiple plant varieties can be used per area, making it easy to create planting beds with dozens or even hundreds of plants. Use the new Plant Row tool to easily add rows of plants, such as trees lining a driveway, flowers along the edging, and more.

    Plant Labels
    Use the new Plant Label object to show clients a 3D view of key plants. This is now an option in the Plant Label Wizard, so you can easily add these advanced labels with just a few clicks.

    3D Callouts
    Add impact to your Plan view using 3D callouts. These add a 3D rendering of your landscape from any viewpoint, and help make your plan view look even more polished and professional.

    Integrated 3D Modeling Tools
    Create your own custom models using the new integrated 3D modeling tools. Create models from scratch, or use any of Pro’s existing models as a starting point. Create boxes, ramps, cylinders, extrusions, lathes, and more. Edit points and polygons, set shaders and textures, and more. The tools are surprisingly easy to use, and several tutorials are provided to help you get started. No prior CAD or modeling experience is

    Offset and Mirror Tools
    Design more complex shapes easily using the new Offset and Mirror tools. Mirror single objects, groups of objects, or even your whole design with a few mouse clicks.

    Advanced Lighting and Rendering
    Create more realistic 3D renderings using the new advanced lighting features (3D video card required). Specular highlights and improved soft shadows ensure your walkthroughs and presentations are more realistic than ever.

    Impressionistic Rendering Styles
    Create impressionistic renderings of your Realtime Walkthrough screenshots with effects such as watercolor and colored pencil. Use the new Preview feature for a quick preview before rendering at full size.

    Easier Archiving
    Easily transfer landscapes with custom data to other computers via the new Archive command. Save archives of your landscapes which include all custom data for fast and easy retrieval

    Enhanced Snap Options
    Gain new levels of accuracy with the new snap options, including point, edge, perpendicular, and more.

    Unicode Support
    Place text in a variety of languages using the new Unicode support. Foreign currency symbols are also supported.

    3D Nav Wheel
    Quickly adjust the Perspective view using the new 3D Nav Wheel. This is especially useful for helping new users learn how to navigate in 3D
    Save and Restore Viewpoints
    Save viewpoints for easy access using the new Edit Viewpoints feature. Save important viewpoints such as gardens, decks, and birds-eye views. Restore them while designing or during client presentations with a few mouse clicks. The number of viewpoints is unlimited, so you can use as many as needed.

    Improved SketchUp Support
    Import more complex models with improved SketchUp support. Textures, colors, transparency, smoothing, and more are now imported more accurately than ever.

    Panorama Support
    Create fast 3D views from a stationary point using the new 3D Panorama option. This super-fast presentation option works especially well when showing clients your designs on a slower computer.

    Realtime Landscaping Photo 5
    The software includes the full version of Realtime Landscaping Photo 5, which has also been enhanced and updated

    User Interface Improvements
    The help window has been redesigned and now includes symbols for mouse and keyboard actions, making it easier to see at a glance what the available options are. The software also includes many other improvements based on customer feedback.

    Год выпуска: 2009
    Компания: Idea Spectrum
    Комплект: полный (full) (3 ISO файла в RAR)




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