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  1. Archiby

    Archiby Ангел с яблоком

    17 июн 2006

    Go Media's ARSENAL Set 14
    7 ai & cdr | + JPG Preview | 45 Mb rar

    Package Contents

    156 high quality and detailed vector pieces, in 7 sets.

    Ornate Patterns - Ornate Patterns is really a double dose of the most hyper-detailed original ornate vector flourishes
    available. You get 13 ornate flourishes AND 13 seamless vector patterns to go along. That's 26 ornate flourishes with
    hard-to-find attention to detail.

    Hand Drawn Wings - Hand Drawn Wings is a beautiful collection of original vector wings hand crafted by Go Media artists.
    A great deal of care & passion was poured into this pack and it really shows in the crisp & fluid linework.

    Skeletons - Skeletons has stand-out centerpiece bones, rib cages, teeth, animal skulls, anatomy silhouettes,
    spinal cords, claws, and even some angst ridden full skeletons.

    Textile Patterns (In Color) - Textile Patterns is a collection of 29 of the most requested patterns used in
    apparel design - houndstooth, herringbone, argyle, plaid, zebra, stripes! These patterns are great for adding purpose
    to backgrounds in all kinds of print applications too. They're all seamless & vector, which means easy customization & use.

    Superheroes - Superheroes is the skilled handiwork of master illustrator William Beachy and includes 10 easily
    customizable superhero templates in dynamic, foreshortened poses, plus 24 speech bubbles.
    Add your own costumes or use them just the way they are!

    Sketchbook - Don't miss out on Sketchbook! It's got 40 really useful deign elements like sketchy halftones,
    cross-hatching, gradients, sketch line brushes - everything you need to soften the digital side of your designs.

    Fight - We've received many requests for a Fight pack, so we listened. Fight is a collection of 26 fists,
    karate kicks, rabid dogs, wrestling rings & brass knuckles for serious design damage.

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