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  1. to0x

    to0x V.I.P.

    9 апр 2006
    X-tract management is a professional content management system for adult paysites. From local picture galleries and videos to remote and leased items, X-tract management is a powerful solution which will allow you to drastically boost your productivity! Schedule your web site items, create thumbnails, extract video frames, apply watermarks, create zip files of your galleries, view detailed reports... these are few of the numerous X-tract management features. Using a very powerful template engine, everything is possible using X-tract management. X-tract management is used by hundred of adult web sites all over the world, don't hesitate to visit our web site for more information about the different X-tract management packages.


    General :
    • Manage an unlimited number of web sites from a single X-tract management location
    • X-tract management will resize, create your thumbnails and watermark the pictures for you
    • X-tract management can generate zip files of your galleries!
    • Create operators and give them specific rights! Ie : an operator having the right to only edit the announcements won't be allowed to manage the site content etc.
    • X-tract management is compatible with all billing systems
    • Manage your whole site pages using X-tract management or only your web site content
    • X-tract management takes care of your nerves, it generates and install the configuration files for you!
    • Using it's own cache system, X-tract management generates your site pages up to 300% faster than its competitors
    • Unlike it's competitors, you have full access to the X-tract management source code! + X-tract management doesn't require Zend Optimizer
    • ...
    Pages design :
    • You design your own pages/templates! X-tract management takes care of the rest
    • Templates containing their own php codes/scripts are totally compatible with X-tract management
    • Add navigation systems to your galleries with ease
    • X-tract management uses easy to understand tags to put inside your template files, no programming skills required!
    • Templates are organized into groups to manage them very easily
    • Edit your templates using your own HTML editor or using the built-in template editor
    • ...
    Content management :
    • Add picture galleries, videos and even leased/remote feeds to your site
    • In-built directory browser to add/create new galleries very easily
    • Content is organized in categories which can be managed using the built-in category browser
    • You can add 1 or many galleries at the same time! X-tract management contains many increment options
    • X-tract management allows you to perform batch operations to your content such as batch scheduling, batch transfer..
    • Content can be set visible, invisible, deleted, transferred.. in 3 mouse clicks!
    • X-tract management can use your own thumbnail pictures or create them for you
    • Thumbnails size, quality.. can be defined for each gallery or for the whole site
    • Add description, keywords, and even your own defined information for each gallery, category and videos! X-tract management will past them inside your templates for you
    • Inform your visitors about the upcoming/previous/most popular/top rated items directly on your pages!
    • Allow your visitors to rate your galleries and videos!
    • ...
    Announcements :
    • Write announcements on your pages to inform your visitors about special events without even editing a single line of code!
    • Keep trace of all your announcements using a "News" page
    • ...
    Reports :
    • Site map : check directly your site items status (visible, scheduled, out dated...) using explicit and easy to understand icons
    • Events report : inform you about all your site events (content addition, remove content, new announcement..) using a calendar style page! The events report will help you to schedule your updates quickly and perfectly!
    • Popularity report : check various stats about your galleries, videos and even leased feeds
    • ...
    Screenshots: _http://s93884956.onlinehome.us/products.php?page=xman#screenshots

    Price: $250

    Pass: Перейти по ссылке
  2. basura

    basura Создатель

    26 июн 2007
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