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    GemX do-Organizer v3.1 Build 20080201

    do-Organizer, by GemX Software, is a Multi-Dimensional Information Management System for capturing, organizing and managing your:

    Tasks and Todo's
    Rich Text Notes
    Emails and RSS Feeds
    Mind Mapping
    URL Bookmarks
    Resources and much More...

    Take the lead and manage the events of your life with style. Use do-Organizer's collection of tools for personal and business information management. Control the flow with tools that make a difference. Define and retrieve data relationships with a unique linking system. Enjoy an intuitive organizer that makes it so simple. After all, you deserve it!
    do-Organizer includes useful tools to improve your experience and qualify you as an achiever. Store valuable information with a versatile, elegant, and customizable data manager. Creatively highlight information with a huge library of quality clipart, icons, and pictures that will enhance every presentation. Prioritize and maintain data views with appointments, bookmarks, brain storming and mind maps, contacts, daily personal and business journals, finance records, full email client with rss feeds, notes, planner events, reports, resources for multiple users, tasks, vault or password manager for keeping all your sensitive information in a highly secure environment.
    do-Organizer's innovative ability to multi-link your valuable data, record-to-record, promotes a user-friendly environment for your conveniance. You can link almost all records to other records in the same database, or files on disks, with a click of a button.
    Aside from its exciting innovations, do-Organizer still offers more with the added conveniance of user-friendly tools that will assist you in managing your information needs: built-in features including a home page summary, full text indexing with a powerful global search, quotes and phrase manager, icon library manager, built-in files explorer, a file encrypt/decrypt tool, file archiver, password generator, expression calculator, mini-bar for optimal navigation, and a networkable doNote system for timely communications.
    In addition to the single user lisence, do-Organizer is also designed to work in multiuser mode. If you wish to use do-Organizer in an office environment and share selected database files with other users, then the multiuser edition is available for you.

    do-ORGANIZER - Features
    do-Organizer packed with extensive amount of features for enabling you to managa and use all the information you want efeectively.
    Perhaps, not all the features you'll use or need at first but they are there for you, ready to utilize as and when you need.

    Clean and intuitive user-friendly interface.
    Full graphical standard Windows interface.
    Low system resource requirements.
    Main window snapping to the desktop.
    Can import TexNotes™, WizQuote™ and Outlook™ data.
    Can import and export to a PocketPC.
    File storage and structure supported with an internal industrial strength GemX DobermanDB™ database engine.
    Non traditional focused based, multi linked data management.
    Support for large database files subject to your storage device capacity.

    USB Capable
    Settings and Preferences are not stored in the registry. Install directly to a USB / Flash Memory Stick. An easy way to carry your do-Organizer application with you.

    Email and RSS Feed Reader
    Easy access and management of your email messages within structured tree views. POP3 compatible. Built-in RSS Feed Reader for RSS, XML, Atom and RDF data feeds. Automatic spam checking by use of DNSBL (Black Listed domains).
    Whitelist and Blacklist facilities Send messages as Rich Formatted text, Plain Text, or both. HTML rendering of messages is not prone to scripting viruses, making email reading safer. External images are automatically blocked from messages.

    Full Text Search
    Fast and easy indexing. Index every word in your database. Search options to direct search into any or all sections. Automatic indexing after changes or manual indexing.

    Productivity Tools to make the difference
    Generous amount of menu keyboard shortcuts. Quick access to functions with a variety of context specific right click menus. Can launch default web browser from do-Organizer. Ability to launch email client directly from do-Organizer. Ability to launch your default telephone dialer from do-Organizer.
    Generous amount of clipart for use in the Mindscape, Notes and Contacts (for registered users).
    Generous amount of icons to customize the look and feel of do-Organizer (for registered users).
    Commonly used phrases for speedy text entry.
    Home Page gives instant summary of your data.
    Many output reports and pages, including the Home Page or records details, can be printed.
    Search the Web by selecting text.

    Resources and Users
    Manage your important resources in a dedicated section. Resources can be sign-in users with access control adn permisisons.
    Resource may be Stock items, Books, Cars, Rooms, anything... Assign an image to a resource. Create an automatic calendar for a resource. Direct Linking of Resources in Finance Transactions.

    Manage money transactions in a dedicated section. Resources and Contacts can be directly linked to a transaction. Create linked sales, purchases and banking transactions.

    Built-in Power Tools to help
    Spell Check with over 30 dictionaries available.
    Powerful Rogets Thesaurus.
    Icon Library to store your own custom icons
    ClipArt Explorer.
    Protect your database with a Password facility.
    Common Phrase Repository for frequently used words and text saves time re-typing them.
    Character Symbols Grid.

    Customize do-Organizer
    User defined coloring for data displays. The main window can attach itself neatly to the edges of the desktop. Ability to show or hide various parts of the window to save more screen space. Toolbars and be moved and info panels can be hidden to save valuable desktop space. Main Toolbars can show small, medium or large icons. With or without captions. Customizable Home Page to display a snapshot of your day-to-day activities. Folder and record Flag Markers, Categories and Types can be added as to your need.

    Comprehensive and powerful calendar. Can be shown as a single day, a week, a whole month or a custom number of days. Appointments can be moved and resized, in the calendar, easily with the mouse. Appointments can be colored, categorized and flagged with markers for better recognition. Allows all-day appointments and events that run over more than one day. Time Bar intervals for a day view can be customized from hourly to every single minute. Multiple users or resources can be added and shown as individual calendars. Users can be customized with different colors and icons. Users are integrated with the tasks section to show a summary of current or all due tasks. Appointments can be linked to other database records, such as contacts or notes. Appointments can be shared with more than one user. Quick access navigation buttons to jump to a particular day, previous or next appointment. Mini month calendar can be resized showing only one month or more. Calendar can be customized with working day start and end time.
    Printing facility enables you to obtain a hard copy of the visual calendar. Appointments can be assigned a reminder to automatically go off at a particular time with an optional sound effect. Appointments can be categorized and typed with customizable items. Appointments can be recurring with comprehensive recurring settings. Search facility to find an appointment with optional search modes.

    Comprehensive and powerful contacts management. Unlimited number of contacts can be added. Contacts can be added and managed within folders. Two different views, Card View or List View. Views can be sorted and customized by showing columns or selected fields. Contacts can be colored and flagged with a marker for instant visual recognition. A reference image can be embedded into a contact record. Unlimited Email addresses can be added to a contact. Unlimited URLs can be added to a contact. Unlimited telephone numbers can be added to a contact. Unlimited extra fields can be added to a contact. Emails, URLs and telephone numbers can be launched and dialed easily from the details or the list view. Quick key search to find a contact quickly. List view search facility to find a contact with optional search modes. Contacts can be linked to other database records such as appointments or notes. Comprehensive address and personal detail fields.

    Comprehensive and powerful tasks management. Unlimited number of tasks can be added. Tasks can be added and managed within folders. Tasks can be assigned directly to a calendar user. Quick tasks can be added and edited without the need for the details windows. List view can be customized by showing selective columns. Tasks can be colored and flagged with a marker for instant visual recognition. Tasks can be categorized and typed with customizable items. List view facility search to find tasks with optional search modes. Tasks can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes. Comprehensive task detail fields. Tasks progress and done status can be quickly marked from the list view. List view can filter all due tasks today, due this week, this month or all tasks. Tasks can have sub-tasks.

    Comprehensive and powerful notes management. Unlimited number of notes can be added. Notes can be added and managed within folders. Highly comprehensive Notes Editor gives a vast array of formatting facilities including tables, images, paragraph settings and auto-enumerated lists. Notes can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or other notes. Auto Correct facility can automatically correct miss-spelt words. Spell Check As You Type can mark words automatically that are miss-spelt without the need for you to issue a spell check command. Text and images can be moved and dragged around the editor with the mouse. OLE compliant so you can drag text, URLs, Email addresses or images from other OLE applications such as Internet Explorer. Integrated editor ruler gives interactive control to position and create tabulation markers, alter the columns of a table, adjusting page margins and paragraph indentation. Images can be resized interactively with the mouse.
    Hyperlinks can be added with control over color and style. Automatic URL and Email detection auto-marks recognized addresses. Insertion of editor data including multiple width divider lines, current date and time. Notes editor is opened as a separate window so you can work on more than one note at a time, or work on notes while accessing contacts for example. Can import TexNotes, RTF, Word or plain text files. Can import images such as JPG, PNG or BMP files Printing facility with print preview.

    Comprehensive and powerful daily journal management.
    Unlimited number of journals can be added for a day.
    Journals can be added and managed within a navigational month calendar.
    Journal Editor uses the Notes Editor to give you a comprehensive editing facilities.
    Journals can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
    Journals entries can be dragged and moved to different days in the navigational month calendar.

    Mind Mapping and Brain Storming
    Unlimited number of Mindscapes can be added. Mindscapes can be added and managed within folders. Mindscape Editor offers comprehensive editing facilities. Free floating Note Blocks can contain rich formatted text and image. Note Blocks can be moved anywhere around the canvas. Blocks can be linked to other Blocks with customizable connector lines. Mindscape Blocks can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes. A Mindscape canvas can be as large as you want. Mindscape Editor gives Note Block arrangement facilities such as random scatter and rotate. Blocks can be customized with different colors and shadow effects. Text in a Block can be edited quickly in place. Mindscape document can be exported as a bitmap or a HTML file.

    Year Planners
    Unlimited number of different planners can be added.
    Different Planners can be added and managed within folders.
    Comprehensive planner customization including colors and borders.
    Planner events can be added directly into the planner.
    Events can be categorized for instant visual recognition.
    Events key guide can be customized with different colors and names.
    Planner Events can be linked to other database records such as appointments, contacts or notes.
    Customizable view to show a single month upto a full year.

    Reports give you on-screen details of your data. Report can be printed. Text on a report can be selected and copied to the clipboard. Flexible report parameters. Built in reports include a list of birthdays, anniversaries, list of tasks and contacts list.

    Common Phrases
    Unlimited number of phrases can be added. Phrases can be added and managed within folders. OLE compliant so text can be dragged into the common phrases from OLE applications, such as Internet Explorer.

    Icon Library
    Unlimited number of icons can be added. Icons can be added and managed within folders. Icons can be used in the Navigator folders for contacts, notes, journals, planners and Mindscapes.

    Unlimited number of databases can be created. Database size is limited only by disk space. Database files are specially optimized single file databases. (uses the same technology as the operating system's file/folder structure for greater stability) Optional password option encrypts the data for total security. Automatic data recovery in case of database corruption. Backup and restore facility with further encryption to protect the security of your backup files.

    Flexible Folders Navigator
    Easy access and management of your data within structured tree views.
    Choose from supplied art, different folder icons to spice up folders
    The text of Folder Properties can be edited.
    Automatic or manual Navigator tree sorting.
    Navigator items can be moved up or down, overriding the automatic sorting.
    You can have practically unlimited number of folders and sub-folders.
    Comprehensive user-defined folder naming facility.
    Customizable folder font style, size, face and color.



  2. bertolai


    21 янв 2008
    GemX do-Organizer 3.2 - феноменальный органайзер с запредельной функциональностью!

    GemX do-Organizer 3.2 - феноменальный органайзер с запредельной функциональностью. Для быстрого доступа в ней есть панель mini-bar, которую можно прикрепить к любой части экрана. В свернутом состоянии она представляет собой узкую полоску, которая при наведении курсора раскрывается и предоставляет доступ к основным функциям:

    • Home - аналог Today в Outlook’e, представляющем список текущих дел, а также новые письма в почтовом ящике.
    • Calendar – очень практичный календарь на два месяца в правой верхней части окна и исчерпывающее информационное окно по каждому событию с четырьмя табуляторами - Appointment, Comments, Links и Tasks.
    • Contacts - раздел контактов также доведен до совершенства: адреса URL и почты, информация по телефонам, адресам; закладка с подробными комментариями, безграничный список сетевых адресов, настраиваемые маркеры индивидуальной карточки (цвет, флаг и т. п.); а также возможность упорядочить интерфейс базы данных по Контактам до бесконечности, фиксируя в учетной карточке, скажем, цвет глаз, волос, вес, рост, родственные отношения (жена, брат и т.п.) и вообще все, что только ваша душа пожелает.
    • Tasks - интерфейс задач, который объединяет с привычными софтверными решениями других разработчиков одно лишь название. Глубина, я бы даже сказал, невыносимая дотошливость вивисекции индивидуальной деятельности, предлагаемая GemX, откровенно пугает.
    • Scribe - модуль GemX do-Organizer, отдаленно напоминающий аутглючные Notes. Но только отдаленно: ни о каких убогих ASCII-листочках-липучках в Scribe речи не идет - полноценные записи, выполненные в полноценном редакторе, с поддержкой таблиц, форматирования и - главное! - мощнейшей системой взаимного увязывания заметок со всеми остальными элементами информационной базы нашего органайзера. Любой элемент программы можно связать друг с другом, причем выполняется это в отдельном эргономичном окне.
    • Journal - - это личный дневник, в котором вы учитываете все текущие мысли в их привязке ко времени.
    • Planner - визуальная система годового планирования, оперирующая тематическими блоками (проектами).
    • Links - коллекция интернет закладок с множеством маркеров, рейтинговой системой и подробнейшими полноформатными комментариями.
    • Reports - несколько сотен встроенных отчетов, позволяющих анализировать любую информацию, которую вы вводите в GemX do-Organizer.
    • Mindscape - система карт памяти. В общем контексте органайзера Mindscape смотрится чрезвычайно уместно и претендует на подлинное ноу-хау. Mindscape поддерживает все системы взаимной увязки всех элементов программы.
    • Mailer - добротная встроенная почтовая программа, весьма напоминающая Outlook.
    • Resources - база данных для учета пользователей органайзера.
    • Vault - криптозащищенная система для хранения конфиденциальной информации - паролей, заметок, логинов, финансовых реквизитов и т. П
    • Finance - мини-система учета личных финансов.

    Версия: 3.2
    Операционная система: Windows All
    Язык интерфейса: Русский/Английский
    Лекарство: Есть
    Размер: 27.49 MB

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