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    is a fast, small, user-friendly virtual printer, previewer, and editor.
    It has a nice array of features for preview your print jobs. Of course you can print booklets, posters or just put a lot of pages on the one physical paper sheet.
    Preview it, to be sure how your prints will look like.
    How it works
    New in priPrinter 2
    priPrinter 2 delivers an enhanced interface, new features, and easier printing.

    New User Interface
    priPrinter is based on Ribbons. Ribbon increases discoverability of features and functions, enables quicker learning of the priPrinter as a whole, and makes users feel more in control of their experience with the priPrinter. Each feature is easy to find and use. Just print from any Windows application to priPrinter driver to get print preview and for adjusting your printings. Adjust most of properties by mouse. For example click on margin and drag it in order to reduce or enlarge. Of course you can type exact values in standard way.
    Theme is a combination of page layout, margins, gutters, all print modes, effects, inserted text and images. A theme may be applied to a document as a single selection. It simplifies switching from one workflow to another. Themes may be selected in printer dialog, this allows to select several printers with different settings.
    Crop pages by any rectangle, remove headers, footers or just drop all redundant information. You can crop individual pages, selected ones. priPrinter 2.0 allows you to cut internal parts of pages.
    Custom Layout, Booklets, Posters
    Keep original layout or print 1, 2, 3, 4 or any number of pages on a single paper. <li>Adjustable margins and gutters. <li>Custom scaling. <li>Drag your pages with mouse. Just select booklet or poster mode and print document to poster or booklet.
    3D Preview is not just for fun. With complex documents (e.g. multiple sheets per page, duplex printing, gutter enabled etc.) it allows you to clearly see how they will come out. Of course you are able to do all the same things as in ordinary 2d mode.

    Any print job can be used as form. Just save desired document to the list of forms and use it as form.

    magnifies pages from 10 to 6000 percent. Use it to zoom pages in main preview window or in thumbnails area. Loupe tool works in measurement and crop modes as well.
    You can undone almost any action.
    Add your own text comments with transparency and optional macros on the pages. It is easy to create watermarks, comments and page numbers.

    Print to bitmaps. Print pages into image files. JPEG,TIFF, PNG, TGA formats are supported. Measurements. Horizontal and vertical rulers, measurement tool - you will be sure about exact position of each part of your prints. Of course you can resize and reposition pages on the paper.

    Full Screen preview. priPrinter allows you to view all your pages in full-screen mode. To view the pages in full-screen mode, just click the corresponding button or press "F11".

    Text selection. Select block of text directly in the print preview area and copy it to clipboard.

    Job Information: List of fonts and bitmaps were used in print job

    Transparent mode - easy to understand which parts are filled by printing applications and which are not.

    Text search - search text in document.

    Image export - click on any picture in page and save it to image file. Also you may open Document Properties dialog and go to the list of pictures.

    Small and fast. priPrinter is designed as a fast and small virtual printer driver and previewer. Printer driver's components are just about hundred Kbytes. Rest parts are loaded only during printing or previewing. It does not eat your system resources.


  2. bob-130

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    14 май 2009
    priPrinter v2.5.1.846 (x32x64) Rus

    priPrinter v2.5.1.846 (x32x64) Rus
    priPrinter – чудесный виртуальный пред-принтер, который превращает вывод на реальную печать в настоящее творчество, где пользователи могут проводить допечатную проверку и внесение изменений в свои макеты, без сложных и дорогих продуктов промышленного уровня..
    Встраивается на пути следования файла перед реальным принтером и автоматически запускает окно редактирования, ощутимой правки и дополнения документа различными элементами. Это и настройка вида страницы, добавление эффектов документу, точная обрезка документа, вставка новых графических элементов, количество страниц на одном листе, двустороння печать, компоновка брошюр и постеров, масштабирование, эффект "лупа" и многое другое. Что безмерно радует, это то, что выполненный интерфейс программы в современном стиле Office 2007 представлен на нескольких языках, включая русский.

    Основные возможности:
    » Пред-просмотр документов перед выводом на конечную печать несколькими способами
    » Печать документов в графические файлы
    » Буклеты и постеры
    » Двусторонняя печать
    » Изменение размера
    » Применение тем для печати
    » Инструмент "лупы"
    » Обрезание и резка документа
    » Удаление пустых участков страниц и излишней информации
    » Функция отмены и повтора действий
    » Небольшой размер дистрибутива и быстрая работа
    » Сохранение рабочего места печати в файл
    » Управление из системного трея
    » Многоязычный интерфейс

    priPrinter change
    · Croatian translation is added.
    · Fixed a bug with saving priPrinter file.

    Год выпуска - 2009
    Платформа - Windows 32|64
    Язык - имеется русский

    Размер 5,2 Mb
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