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    Auto Audio Mastering System 2.2.002

    As a musician or technician working on music sound material, you need the best sound possible when material is released towards the public. How do you know when audio material is equalized, compressed and maximised correctly and plays as loud and evenly on all audio-systems when its has been mastered ? To master a mix in general takes a lot of time and this procedure is mostly done after the mix is finished off and polished enough to go trough the audio mastering process. To make a master that sounds equal on all speaker systems and also sounds like a real professional commercial recording is a difficult and time consuming task.
    This is where AAMS steps in and takes control! AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System, Goal.

    Providing a software package that supplies you with Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. Featuring suggestions for Equalizer, Multiband Compression and Loudness settings, internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections done purely inside the AAMS Program. Making the Mastering Process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall sound quality, to process a Mix to a great sounding Master. Turn your mix into an commercial great sounding master. Now you can listen what you expect!

    AAMS features Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. This wil take little instruction and processing time only. The user has got just few things to do. Basically this means when you import your audio material as Source and choose a Reference to match, AAMS is setup and ready to Go!
    Eighter a user can use Fully Automatic Audio Mastering or Manual Mastering with the AAMS Program, the basic functions for getting started are about the same;

    Audio material first needs to be analyzed to make a new Source Preset.
    Load the newly analyzed Source Preset file as a Source.
    Load a Reference from the database (100+ Musical Reference Styles).
    AAMS will then automaticly generate the mastered audio file, all you need to do is wait for the outcome.

    This is where AAMS steps in and takes control!
    Also you can see all suggestions and corrections AAMS has calculated in Charts and Grids. You can export a Firium Preset for use with Firium EQ Vst Plugin. You can also do all work manually or in semi-automatic mode. Eigther you are a user that just want to do things fast-and-easy or you are more into the mastering process, AAMS can be a solution for all mastering purpoces. Making the AAMS program a good learning tool for Mixing and Mastering audio.
    When Source and Reference are loaded, AAMS will automaticly calculate Parametric EQ Settings, Graphic EQ Settings, Multiband Compression Settings, Loudness Settings and processes all information displays. AAMS will display and give information how to master the Source towards any Reference chosen. AAMS takes control and presents this information automaticly for you.

    Automatic Mastering.
    When you choose to let AAMS automaticly process (with a click of a button) your audio material automaticly, AAMS will generate a new audio file by using it's internal DSP-Processing functions. When AAMS is finished, another audio file named _Master.wav is created and this is the Mastered Audio File. All you have to do is wait for AAMS to finish up the master. Then listen to it.

    All Kinds of purposes.
    AAMS offers the solution to users for mastering their audio material good, fast and easy. AAMS is a real timesaver and produces very accurate results in minimum amount of time with easyness in mind. The learning curve of AAMS is easy. For users who like more information and suggestions about how to get a better sound (mix), AAMS is a worthfull tool. With AAMS Suggestions for masterig you can learn to master and help making your mix sound more equal. AAMS has got features for all users in mind, eigther fully automatic or in any manual fashion. AAMS displays are very accurate and help you learn and understand more about your music, AAMS is a great learning tool as well as an automatic mastering tool.

    Auto Audio Master Single Audio File
    Batch Auto Audio Master Multiple Audio Files
    Musical Analyzer with Output Suggestions and Auto Masting Features.
    Reference Parametric EQ, to manually adjust the Reference.
    Main Audio Format Wav 16 / 24 Bit Integer and 32 Bit Float
    Convert MP3 and WAV files.
    DSP-EQ with 1 to 100 Graphic Equalizer Bands and Automatic Seyup.
    DSP-Compressor with 1 to 8 Multiband Compression and Automatic Setup.
    DSP-Loudness with RMS, Peak and Brickwall Limiters and Automatic Setup.
    Visualizations with Wave, Spectrum, Spectrogram and Metering.
    Different setups for Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual Mastering.
    The AAMS program features an complete internal Manual.
    Save all Manual documents to a file for reading and printing purposes.
    Options, change the way AAMS behaves.
    About, Registration and Version Revision information.

    The AAMS Program is a processor and memory hungry application. AAMS Runs best on a Fast computer with Lots of memory. The AAMS Analyzer will take some time to analyze an audiofile, with the recommended setup it will take about 3 to 10 Minutes before AAMS Analyzer finishes up. AAMS Does also use memory to store the audiofile that is processed, this memory space needed depends and the length and size of the loaded audiofile. The DSP-Processors all need less time and less memory, but having a good processor speed and free memory will improve windows from using the swapfile and use memory instead. Again AAMS is a processor and memory hungry application, please wait out the timeperiod AAMS takes for processing and you will end up with a good sounding master in the end.

    System Requirements:
    Processor - Pentium 4
    Processor Speed - 3 Ghz
    Ram Memory - 1 Gbyte
    Hard Disk Space - 1Gb
    OS : Windows All
    Tested on Vista. Vista Compatible.


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