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  1. Lieba

    Lieba Постоялец

    18 ноя 2008

    официальный сайт:

    Онлайновый менеджер проектов. Предназначенный для креативных команд, совместно работающих над базамой клиентов, файлами, проектами т.д. Команда компании всегда сможет работать вместе.
  2. saidxxx


    6 фев 2007
    К сожалению старая версия. 4.0. ни у кого нету?
  3. vivid

    vivid Постоялец

    13 апр 2009
    Ищется новая версия 4.0 Beta :)

    Copper v4.0 What’s New?
    11 March 2009

    Hi Everyone! I’m delighted to announce the arrival of our long awaited Version 4 Beta, available for immediate purchase or demo (in ENTERPRISE format only) at the following:

    TO DEMO: visit
    TO PURCHASE: visit

    SO, WHATS NEW? IN A NUTSHELL () <— nutshell:

    - Completely reworked engine, making transitions/edits/saves/searches faster than ever.
    - Copper now offers all information with intuitive drill downs and merged screens providing 40% fewer clicks/screens
    - A completely reworked UI including AJAX view/edit states, lightbox confirmations, drag/drop reordering
    - New Files function: Includes upload progress and pulldown ease across Project and Springboard modules.
    - New Budgets section: Now you have a list of items from tasks, out of scope items, and the ability to create new once-off items, which can then be checked and pushed to an invoice.
    - New Stopwatch Timer. Set this in the Springboard or Projects section and it is shown in header for quick updating
    - Improved Gantt: Now drop down tasks to allocate/manage resourcing, edge-aware scrolling, and more
    - Email integration: You can now cc your Copper and the email will be stored against the specified project.
    - Better language support (German, Spanish, French). All text items are now tokens.

    - New Header design incorporating Stopwatch/Profile/Search/Breadcrumbs/Titles/Login/Help
    - Profile includes recent history, Hrs logged today/week
    - Search results now in real-time Ajax, quicker calls, with drop down dash.
    - New Logo and BG can be adjusted via Admin (Themes to come)
    - Stopwatch function There are 3 states. 1) user has never used a timer. this displays their name in the top right, and some of the links are gone. 2) users most recent timer is running. when they log in, its running in the top 3) users most recent timer is paused. when they log in, its paused at the top and they can hit resume

    - Now much simpler, mirrors how Project Springboard works, with dropdown tasks and resource management
    - Ajax task comments, including edit/delete
    - Stopwatch action on Tasks (Creates Egg timer in header if none exists, rolls out to allow comment add)
    - ‘Activity’ Tab: Shows pages visited, hours logged, files downloaded, group member stopwatches.
    - New File upload from Springboard

    - A merged UI, better handling of resources, budgets, timelines, contacts, hierarchies, permissions
    - New UI for Project View, showing project List, open a project to go directly to task/tab
    - Merged Tasks and project screen, drop down tasks, grab task name to drag and indent via AJAX.
    - Permission change: if you have read access you can copy the project to make a new one
    - Import MS Project imports hierarchy
    - Current date as title in the JS mini calendar (click date to select)
    - New Budget Tab
    - The budget tab shows tasks, out of scope items (checked as such and shown as subitems for a task within the budget tab), and new line items for any additional things the user wants to charge (tangibles/rooms etc). It shows Cost/Charge pricing. User Charge rates and Tax rates to come. A new invoice can be then created. Users can choose items and amount to invoice. Once invoiced for the tally for each item will be updated.
    - New Email Tab
    - New Gantt Timeline:Click anywhere in the row to select the row (currently you have to click in the named area).If tasks are selected, dragging the end date out changes all of them as a group.An entire project can be rolled up.When dragging reaches left or right point of timeline area can it scroll (two speeds)?New Dependency becomes Add/Remove Dependency. Roll over and click existing dependency to delete.Tasks can now be expanded to show/manage resources, right on the gantt.
    - Mini lines inside the timelineThe thin black line currently represents the same thing as the solid colour (estimated effort). Can you please change it so that the thin black line represents committed hours for that task.
    - Better handling of no start/end date, in Allocator, Timeline, Resource Timeline (Assume S/F is same as S|F)
    - Text labels pulled from PHP, the same way the other labels on the html side do?

    - New UI for Client View, Client List, based on style guide
    - Added Actions to expanded Client [Breakdown, Timeline, Contacts, Files, Billing, Emails, Delete]

    - better client/project/resource filters, more useful event planning, resource availability mgmt)
    - Overhauled Calendar view, all now drag drop AJAX
    - Open any item in Ajax window, click through to edit.
    - Event management to come.
    - New filters now shown in dash
    - New availability overlay is held in calendar, availability wizard switched on in calendar (set all master/tweaked availability for users here)
    - iCal Sync This Calendar (based on filtered state) to come
    - User can select any other user in their group (unless calendar not shared in profile, must be set in admin)

    - Tighter UI, now relational to tasks.
    - New uploader to allow for upload progress bar (finally!)
    - File Versioning Default On in config.php
    - Multiple folders, open file to reveal actions/view, folder actions
    - Deny Files module hides files tab/section in clients/projects/task screen, Write allows upload of files to tasks
    - The General files tab is dropped and we now have a hierarchical structure in the files views across Copper. We have a General Files folder available to anyone with at least Read access to Files

    - Tighter CRM features, relate to client/event.
    - New UI as per v4.0 Style Guide, with Ajax pulldowns
    - Ability to add Events to a contact to come (4.1)
    - Ability to add comments to a contact in this view (rather than having to go to the related task) to come (4.1)
    - Ability to have Contacts to be related to client or their own company (4.1)

    - Implementation of new UI
    - Export to XML, PDF, XLS for any report
    - Sorry guys, this was the one area we had big plans for, but will have to wait until next version for major enhancement.

    - Clean up UI components/links.
    - Add settings:
    - Simple|Advanced Resourcing coming soon (in Task will just have +- format, no resource timeline, no avail.)
    - Add IM field to user form
    - Made ‘User is a resource’ default to on.
    - Add appearance options, options for Header look/feel, Nav, and override logo/bg colour.
    - Force https setting, includes email notifications links.

    Highlight items that are unviewed.
    Import ACT/LDIF files.
    Add Springboard Dash: Filters, and Graph (can choose Saved Reports, then params)
    Gantt Timeline: Add auto-shifting tasks checkbox.
    Admin: In User view, show last 10 places with date/time stamp, current stopwatch
    Calendar: Google Cal integration. Investigate and report on possibilities.
    If calendar set to Sunday/Monday show different template (affects mini-cal)

    We do apologise for the delay in this release, however we’re hoping to recoup the significant expense and continue improving the web’s best project management software!


    – Ben Prendergast
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