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Публиковать (для всех) нуленые версии, особенно от modulesgarden КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ не стоит. Тема мониторится оным разработчиком, а к нам приходят абузы которые нельзя игнорировать.
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    High 5 - The Web 2.0 Review and Rating PHP Script version 3.1.
    Официальный сайт: http://www.designmind.co.uk/Для скачивания нужен ваучер!
    На буржуйских форумах видел ссылки (уже битые) на нуленую версию 3.0

    Словом, вещь весьма пользительная.
    Вот один из примеров использования, демонстрация с оф.сайта: http://www.designmind.co.uk/review-script/
    Описание с оф.сайта:

    new features
    to be the best.

    * Multi-Tier Categories
    * Unlimited Rating Criteria
    * User Registration & Profiles
    * Full SEO for Maximum Traffic

    discover all script features
    for everyone.

    * Easy to Install
    * Can integrate into existing site
    * Review any topic under the sun
    * Customizable Fresh Design

    About the Review Script.

    The High 5 review script produces dynamic and informative review communities.

    Your users are able to choose the topics they want reviewed. And they could be on anything you like; products, web hosts, articles, places, websites, people.. Your users can then rate and submit reviews for those topics. It's a completely self-fulfilling system that complies with an internet age of user generated content.

    With the recent birth of Web 2.0, we have implemented countless fashionable and effective solutions into the review script - all within a flexible, clean layout. Get ready to experience Ajax on your own website automatically. How about an automated tag cloud for your topics? And of course the whole website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to push your content to the top of the rankings.

    High 5 review script is versitile. You can utilize it within your existing website. But it has also been designed as a stand-alone content management system (CMS), a full website for people who are looking to combine a unique idea with a niche to deliver maximum traffic and consequent revenue. Niche static content has been well over-done. You need a dynamic, growing niche community. Prospective webmasters spend days coming up with a niche, writing or obtaining content for it and then realizing everyone else has done the same thing.

    Niches soon become mainstream. What you need is a review website that is niche orientated as well as being unique, dynamic and involving. Read below to realize the power of review sites.
    Review and Rating PHP Script

    The Power of Review Websites.

    You are the average consumer, looking to purchase a new digital camera.

    There's that new one all over the TV commercials, but is it really worth the high asking price. Almost instinctively, you Google for product reviews on the camera, looking for feedback from other consumers who have already used it.

    A result within the top 10 has a title and description that stands out as being the most relevant link. This well designed product review site provides you with some useful information on the product, followed up with five reviews and detailed ratings from owners of the camera.

    With a full 5-star rating, everything sounds fantastic and the attached photo of it looks great. You notice a few links on the review page advertising the camera that you now want to purchase. One seems to offer an unbeatable deal so you click it and then make an order.

    Without knowing any different, the owner of the review site just earned $30US from your informed purchase!

    Why are Review applications and websites so popular?

    Reviews are powerful and important for all consumers, and they influence their consumer behaviour. Review websites host a very valuble resource - a vast array of independent knowledge that helps people make the best decision, almost aways financial. A good array of reviews about a product is far more influential than a list of generic testimonials.

    In the established age of Web 2.0, user interaction and contribution is incredibly popular and in demand. Review sites organically create a sense of community, like a discussion forum, but at a much more focussed and pratical level. They make money in their very nature.
    More simply, it may be that you want feedback on articles or items on your website from your users.

    How do Review sites attract traffic and generate revenue?

    Review websites naturally attract a large amount of targetted traffic. Web users search for a review on a specific item and are taken directly to your page dedicated to that item. The reviews are written by your users who have experience with that item.

    A Niche within a Niche.

    All webmasters need a niche. It helps when you are given a head start with a pre-coded and designed website, which is a niche within itself. Review websites are very popular with web users, understandably. However, there are not many that go beyond general and popular products. There is a huge market for reviewing niche topics. High 5 review script presents to you the opportunity to effortlessly develop your own niche Review website.
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