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Тема в разделе "Скрипты", создана пользователем difour, 17 июн 2006.

XEvil 4.0 Релиз Состоялся!
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  1. difour

    difour Прохожие

         __    __                   __
        / / /\ \ \__ _ _ __ ___ ___/ _\ ___ _ __(_)_ __ | |_ ____
        \ \/  \/ / _` | '__/ _ \_  | \ / __| '__| | '_ \| __/ __|
     ____\  /\  / (_| | | |  __// /_\ \ (__| |  | | |_) | |_\__ \
    /__   \/__\/_\__,_|_| _\___/___\__/\___|_|  |_| .__/ \__|___/
      / /\/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \                    |_|
     / / |  __/ (_| | | | | | |
     \/   \___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|
    ® official release
    Another Fine Release by Warez Scripts Team Members
    Nulled by: alex2k[WST]
    Program Name	: phpWordPress
    Release Version	: 2006.3.11 Enterprise
    Release Type	: Article Management
    Prog Author	: Spoonlabs Ltd.
    Home Page	: [url][/url]
    Retail Price	: US $195
    WST Price	: Always 100% Free
    Supplied by	: insanegod[WST]
    Nulled/Rel Date	: February 08, 2006
    Nulllied by	: alex2k[WST]
    Tested by 	: alex2k[WST]
    Project by 	: [WST]
    Distribution	: via WST distros/dumps
    Protection	: Links, Copyright, Call Homes
    Compatibility	: Unix/Linux
    Server Req.	: PHP 4+, MySQL 3+, mod_rewrite
    Language	: PHP
    Extra Note	: Automatic SiteMap Generation & Link Directory module included
    Online Demo	: [url][/url]
    Documentation	: [url][/url]
    Script Info:
    phpWordPress is an article management software that
    helps you create a full article website easily.
    Not only you will be able to create different
    layouts easily, you can also have different groups
    of people to help you manage your content with
    the built-in privilege system. 
    Greets to: Everyone in script scene!
    WDYL | DGT | SCRIPTMAFIA and the rest of bad fuckers!
    1. You may NOT redistribute ANY releases that have been 
    posted in WS forum for 21 days after release date. 
    2. After the 21 days, you may share, post/upload anywhere.
    3. If script releaser (poster) does not want the script 
    he has provided to leave WST forum, he must mark in topic 
    "WSO" -WS Only. Script marked "WSO" must not be redis-
    tributed or shared no matter the time passed.
    4. We, WS Team reserve our rights to redistrubute our own 
    WST releases as we see fit. If WST release is marked as 
    "WSO" then "WSO" policies apply.
    5. Do not sell, trade, barter or exchange our releases.
    6. Do not delete or edit the comments that come in the nfo 
    file or rename the archived file.
    WS Team has been the top script releasing group for close 
    to two years. We are a team of professional nullifiers
    with other supportive members covering other areas with
    a goal to maintain the quality of CGI/Perl/PHP/ASP 
    script releases as well as learn about coding, new
    scripting technologies, vulnerabilities and have best
    understanding of the script scene as a whole.
    At present you may send any scripts for private nulling to 
    email below. We know the importance you place on your 
    purchased script and rest assured it will be handled with 
    great discretion and care by our professional team.
    We are always lQQing for:
    - script owners who work for any script developer or
    manage their websites or you work in hosting service
    and have access to customer hosting accounts, etc.
    - supplier of new unreleased scripts (maybe you work
    in script/programming magazine and you receive scripts
    for magazine or online review/advertising, maybe you
    can intercept email or you can hack into script
    developer sites? Maybe you work in Web development
    firm with access to new scripts, design firm or
    language translation company, we'd like to hear from you.
    - you are coder who can nullify scripts, by pass install
    routines, remove call backs, decode base 32-64/etc, 
    you can decode or make Ioncube/Zend protected scripts
    to work, you are able to remove Codelock, phpLock, etc.
    - Coders with experience in PHP/Perl/ASP
    - Carders or
    - Supplier of cc's databases
    - Hacker that can grab scripts from developer web sites
    If you can meet one or more of the above request and want
    to be part of the fun, send us email to [email][/email].
    Remember, we do this just for fun :)
    We are a non-profit organization and do not condone the sale 
    of pirated software. If you like the software, please 
    SUPPORT THE AUTHOR AND BUY IT! We do not condone piracy.
    We do NOT spread any releases, others do that.
    Do not use our email(s) in this nfo to send mails regarding 
    any of the following topics:
    -Missing files
    -Non-understood instructions
    -Non-working Scripts
    -New version of a Scripts
    We are not a company, that's why we do not have a customer 
    support division. If you want help, support, manuals, etc., 
    go buy the software you want to use.
    Emails from the above category, will simply be ignored.
    Email Address 1 ....... []
    Web Page 1 ............ [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    ICQ ................... [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    Irc Channel/EFnet ..... [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    Other ................. [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    - End-User License Agreement -
    The user assumes the entire risk of using the program.
    nfo by Sacrosam
    updated 10/15/05

    что думаете если парсер прикрутить, будет круто

    SERIAL Админ

    5 апр 2006
    Слава яйцам и Дифуру! Оно тут!
  3. parfumer

    parfumer Постоялец

    3 апр 2006
    Спасибо только ссылка не пашет
  4. zero20


    23 апр 2006
    Линк битый, перезалейте куда-нибудь!
  5. difour

    difour Прохожие

  6. stOkoN

    stOkoN Постоялец

    10 май 2006
    Братцы имейте совесть!!!! этот скрипт на софт-форуме неделю назад выложили в паблик а вы тут флуд разводите и посты накручиваете!!! зачем!
    Не сами же нулили!!! (((((
  7. difour

    difour Прохожие

    я его нашел вчера по причине того что на софт форуме не сижу.
    а вообще, что то позжно он и на софт форуме раз уж заговорили о време релиза.
    Nulled/Rel Date	: February 08, 2006
    я просто сам искал, а тут все говорят, дайте двиг для новостного, ну вот.
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