Guide to Blogs and the New Web. Seth Godin

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    12 сен 2006
    Seth Godin's Incompleet Guide to Blogs and the New Web.

    Just If you’re confused, join the club. The rules are different and everything is new.

    Every few years, it seems, some pundit announces that this time it’s different, that all the rules have changed and the big guys should watch out.

    Let’s see, the last time that happened was seven years ago. And we saw the music industry tank, politics change forever, JetBlue mop the floor with Delta and American, Amazon continue to give agita to retailers in the real world and, oh,
    yes, the TV networks destroyed.

    Well, it’s happening again. This time you’re ready. I wrote this ebook to help you understand a few simple rules that will make it crystal-clear what’s at stake and how it works.

    How’s that for a promise?

    This is not a faq and it’s not the blogging bible and it’s incomplete and you may very well already realize everything that’s in here. But my guess is that you and your team haven’t focused all your energy and all your efforts on maximizing along some of these principles. That’s why I wrote them down.


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