[На английском] Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Guide

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    All you need to do to begin conversion tracking is place a few lines of code, referred to in this guide as a code snippet, into your website. As a prerequisite, you or someone in your organization must have a working knowledge of HTML and/or web tools in order to successfully place the conversion tracking code snippet. You’ll also need to have access to your website’s code and your company’s Google AdWords account.

    This guide takes you through the code snippet insertion instructions. We recommend that you completely review these setup instructions prior to starting the installation. Additionally, this guide offers specific snippet insertion instructions for the various web programming languages.

    Once you have successfully installed your code snippet, you can access your conversion tracking reports from the Campaign Summary page and Reports Center at least one hour after the first conversion from your AdWords account. You will even be able to see conversion reports down to the keyword level.

    Google conversion tracking allows great flexibility in setting up your tracking preferences. You’ll be able to start tracking aggregate data immediately with the initial code snippet we provide; or, you can take advantage of our advanced tracking settings to get more detailed conversion statistics.


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