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    JAM Software SmartBackup Retail Portable

    Эта утилита используется для резервного копирования и автоматического обновления файлов. SmartBackup может проводить копирование по заданному графику (раз в сутки или раз в неделю в указанное вами время) либо при запуске Windows. Реализована возможность копировать файлы на локальный диск, ноутбук или по локальной сети. Утилита осуществляет синхронизацию версий и сохраняет файлы по мере их изменения, а также может записывать резервные копии на CD-R/RW, если в системе установлен пакет типа DirectCD или PacketCD. Отслеживаются функции drag&drop и Install/Uninstall
    JAM Software SmartBackup Retail Portable | 6.47 Mb

    SmartBackup is an inexpensive, fast and easy to use backup software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. On the one hand it helps you to select your important files for backup, which results in a short time needed for a backup. On the other hand it automatically keeps your backups up to date and copies only files which really have changed since the last backup.

    Additionally it allows you to synchronize your backup source and destination, which makes it easy to keep your data files and documents on your PC and your laptop synchronized. SmartBackup offers detailed options to specify which files should be copied. You can also specify an FTP Server or an ZIP File as backup destination.

    Main Features:

    - The directory structure is preserved on the backup volume.

    - Files which are already present on the backup volume and has not changed will not be copied. This results in extremely short backup times if backups are done regularly. An Explorer like interface makes SmartBackup easy to use.

    - You can mark any file for backup from the Explorer context menu. This allows you to decide which files should be backup up while you are opening, saving or copying them, without starting SmartBackup.

    - SmartBackup is able to refresh a backup automatically once a day or once a week, either at a given time or on Windows startup.

    - You can use SmartBackup to replicate your documents and data files to a Notebook, a second harddisk or another PC in your local network.

    - Multiple backup jobs can be combined and executed in one sequence. After finishing the sequence various actions like "reboot" or "power off" can be performed.

    - SmartBackup can write your backups to a CD or DVD without any additional burning software.

    - An online help file and a user's manual as PDF file are included.

    - A search function for your harddisks helps you to find your documents and data files.

    - SmartBackup can save your backup directly to an FTP server, which is at a different geographical location.

    - Files or folders can be restored using drag & drop in the Windows Explorer

    - Install & Uninstall support

    - Technical support by e-mail for registered users



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