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    Namo WebEditor v8.0

    Namo WebEditor v8.0
    Namo WebEditor 8 is an HTML-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) multimedia web authoring tool. It maximizes user convenience with a ¡®ribbon¡¯ menu user interface, provides ICT tools for online learning and has standard web features for creating content quickly and easily.
    New User Interface
    Namo WebEditor 8 provides a ribbon menu so that often-used commands can be accessed easily. On the ribbon menu, commands are grouped according to task so that needed commands can be found quickly, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks.

    Effective Presentation Features
    Presentations can be made into HTML documents and displayed using your web browser¡¯s full screen feature. Existing presentation files (*.ppt) can be converted into HTML form or image form. In presentation mode, you can use a remote control or the automatic slide show feature to easily move from one slide to another.

    Teaching Plan Wizard Feature
    A wizard feature is provided for making basic teaching plans easily. Users with a knowledge of XML can use WebEditor¡¯s XML editing features to create their own lesson plan forms.
    A Variety of Quiz Features
    Namo WebEditor 8 uses javascript to create simple quizzes. A variety of different questions can be added to the quizzes including multiple choice, true/false, short answer and essay questions. If a quiz is published on a web site, students can take it and teachers can check the results from anywhere that has an internet connection. The results can also be sent to a specified email address.

    Easy Statistics Learning Features
    Even without using Excel, you can use WebEditor¡¯s statistics functions to easily calculate sums, averages, etc. from data that has been inserted into a table. Also, you can use the chart features to easily create graphs from which you can see trends and patterns in the data at a glance.

    DIV Tag Features
    Areas in a web page can be selected and grouped with DIV tags. Before, DIV tags could be inserted in the HTML source editing window, but now they can be inserted directly from the visual editing window.

    Rich Design Resources
    Namo WebEditor 8 provides variety of new clip art and themes designed by professional designers. Using the design resources provided by WebEditor, you can create a professional-looking site with just a few clicks or update the look of an existing site.

    Connect to a blog
    Documents edited in Namo WebEditor 8 can be posted directly onto a blog. In addition, existing blog posts can be imported into WebEditor, edited as needed and then posted back on the blog again

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    Это что за бреД?
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    В общем подобрал пароль, случайно в первый раз в жизни))
    может кому пригодится.
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